The Buried Cities of North America

The U.S. Library of Congress has digitized hundreds of thousands of newspapers ranging back hundreds of years. They are treasure troves of forgotten information. Input “buried cities” for example, and you get hundreds of examples of a reality that has been quite literally covered-up. Many of these articles are more than 100 years old.

Buried Cities and Landscape Grids of New Mexico

Let’s start in New Mexico, said to have been inhabited by the native Anasazi (An-a-Saxi) tribe (see article on native Americans speaking ancient German)

The article provides much to reflect on: New York businessmen looting and selling the goods. The Government competing with the businessmen to get their hands on the loot. And a structure so grand it was called “the largest building ever”.

Today, Chaco Canyon, which is 75 miles from Gallup, shows only few ancient ruins on the surface. It’s been designated a “national park”, much of it is now off-limits. Tourist are herded to the place you see in the image below and there’s no mention of subterranean cities.


A Government document titled “A Brief History of Chaco Culture National Historical Park” admits that subterranean dwellings were built in the area and also that they were looted and vandalized. In 1906 the Federal Antiquities Act was passed which forbid any outsider from further exploration.

A birds-eye-view reveals perfectly straight boxes and lines drawn into the landscape by an unknown civilization:

Explaining these lines is a topic for a future article.

There is some evidence of what I call “molten rock” – structures that look like they were artificial but molten by some unknown means. Perhaps some type of laser or directed energy weapon. I recently posted a video on my Telegram Channel showing how mere sunlight, when focused, can melt and burn rock.

Here’s a photo I pulled from Google titled Chacoan Stairway:

Another one in Chaco, called “Jackson Staircase”:

A now secret subterranean city below Chaco Canyon is not unlikely because New Mexico has many known subterranean structures. Consider these near Santa Fe. This housing leads to an underground city but the tunnels have been sealed off (for reasons presumably to do with things explained in this article: Trade with subterranean people in the middle ages).

Bandelier national monument (notice the melted look of the structure):

The “molten look” is common around the world:


Artefacts of value are quickly carried away. This old news snippet is a reminder:

We keep coming across stories of the Smithsonian Institute removing artefacts that were never seen again, including the skeleton of Giants, Dwarves and Dragons.

The images above show structures attributed to the “pueblo” culture. But this article speaks of buildings that are distinct from that culture:

I spent some time looking for these structures in San Mateo but found only wilderness. There is an Uranium mine nearby. The mine is inactive and off-limits to outsiders due to hazardous conditions and radioactive materials.

I also found no place called “Aguja del Ojo” (eye of the needle) in  todays Valencia County NM. Someone would have to do more digging into the History of Valencia county to find out where that is. But there is evidence of the ancient grid and it can be seen on Google Earth. In my previous article I showed how Australia is overlaid with grid-like cell-lines. Here’s similar in New Mexico:

Sometimes modern streets are built on top of a strange ancient grid:

I’ll focus on the ancient grids in a future article.


Ancient Tunnels under El Paso


Palaces and Castles? White Marble? In 1800s Texas at a time when the place was not even yet fully “discovered” by “civilization”?

The pre-Spanish “Aztec Myths” ascribe the area to a “God” called Tlaloc (Tl-Al-Oc), depicted below.

With all that gear and tech, maybe he was the one who built those now submerged marble castles. It seems that half-buried cities were a common sight in the “wild west”. People felt they were walking the remains of a destroyed civilization.

The stories of locals confirm that there is “something” below El Paso and it’s not only smuggling tunnels of the Cartel. Just two examples.

From El Paso Times 2012:

Chihuahuita resident Beatrice Gomez, 77, has lived in her home on Canal Road her entire life, but discovered the den underneath her home about 30 years ago. Gomez said she has always been too scared to explore the den’s depths, but told the story of a cousin of hers who dared set foot into the den’s dark, concrete walls.

“He asked me if he could take a look and I told him he could go in to see what was in there and where it led to, and I remember that it smelled,” Gomez said in Spanish. “When he came out he was scared. I didn’t see anything behind him. It was too dark, but he looked so scared…”

Gomez has since sealed the den’s entrance with a concrete slab and moved a storage shed on top of it”

From El Paso News, 2016:

“If you’ve lived in El Paso for long — you’ve probably heard rumors of an elaborate maze of hidden tunnels beneath the city.

Their existence has been the stuff of legend for more than 150 years…”

“According to historian Ken Hudnall, there’s several hundreds of miles of tunnels.

Hudnall is an El Paso historian and author — and perhaps the region’s leading expert on tunnels.

He claims El Paso once had upwards of 900 miles of secret pathways…”

“I’ve had some tell me they’ve been out to Horizon City, up into the Franklins. The gentleman who showed me the tunnel area has been into Mexico a number of times.” Said Hudnall.

Most have since been destroyed or filled in — but you can still find several entrances in some of the city’s older buildings.

 “Over half the buildings downtown are connected. They’ve got openings even the owners don’t know about.”

One of the more notable entrances is located beneath the Turtle House Apartments, in what is now Sunset Heights.

According to legend, people used to walk into this building in the 1800’s, never to be heard or seen from again.

Hudnall explains “The legend says there’s a house on the other side of the river that also has the very unique turtle on the side and the tunnel went to there.”


The ancient Buried City below Phoenix

From Arizona:

From just a few snippets we find renewed confirmation that:

  1. There were magnificent temples and palaces in old America
  2. Traces of the old civilization have been removed
  3. Others have been destroyed by floods
  4. Vandals and relic hunters have stolen artefacts
  5. The cities are partially subterranean

The Wikipedia page on the History of Phoenix makes no mention of any of this.

The Buried City in Missouri

From Missouri:

I found half a dozen fact-checking articles debunking the idea of a buried city in Moberly, Missouri and zero supportive ones. Apparently some people are very eager to get rid of this idea. Of course the coal mines are not permitted to be viewed by anyone, so there is no way of knowing.


Ancient Buried Cities of California

From San Diego:

Pyramids, Egyptian and Phoenician architecture in San Diego?

The old Stadium of San Diego and other structures carry a hint of antiquity that might warrant a closer look in a separate article:

Other buried cities of California:


And even stranger things have been printed in national newspapers. This is from a 1934 issue of Los Angeles Times: Lizard Peoples Catacomb found:


The article can be read in full in the link above.

And there’s more in California. Quoted from an article titled “Does Death Valley contain a subterranean city?” 

The Paiute Indians have told stories about a vast underground city for centuries. They call this place the Kingdom of Shin-Au-Av, meaning “Ghost Land” and they consider the subterranean city to be portal to the underworld. The legend of this hidden city is full of details…”

“a retired Cincinnati physician, Dr. F. Bruce Russell, moved to the dry climate near Death Valley to try to improve his health. Joining him was a friend, Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, who had experience working at archaeological sites in Mexico. Dr. Russell and Dr. Bovee claim to have accidentally discovered a maze of catacombs underneath the desert sands. Russell had heard of mining operations in Death Valley and decided to try his hand at unearthing riches. While sinking a mine shaft, the bottom suddenly caved in and he found himself in a complex of tunnels”. 

The two doctors set out to explore the tunnel system. Soon, they came upon the mummified remains of three giants, men who were reported to be between eight and nine feet tall. They were wearing odd clothing that was made from the hides of an unknown animal. Surrounding the mummies were peculiar carvings in the rock. Dr. Bovee believed that some of the carvings were Native American symbols while others looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics…”

Despite their failed efforts to get archaeologists to join them in excavating the hidden city beneath Death Valley, Dr. Russell did find a group of investors willing to finance a dig. However, Russell was unable to find his way back to the mine shaft and the entrance to the underground city. He was determined to find it again. Then he disappeared, along with Dr. Bovee. Several months passed by before Russell’s car was discovered broken down in a remote spot in Death Valley.

In the 1920s, an old prospector named White said that he was searching for gold neat the Wingate Pass in the southwest region of Death Valley. He went into an abandoned mine shaft and the floor of the mine gave out from his weight, plunging him into a labyrinth of underground tunnels. As he explored the tunnels, he discovered chambers that were lit with a greenish-yellow glow. He was unable to determine the source of the light, but he did find hundreds of mummified human remains, all wearing odd leather clothing. White says he made two trips back to the caverns, one with his wife and another with his mining partner, Fred Thomason. 

After the old prospector’s story hit the news, Tom Wilson, a Paiute Indian, came forward with his own tale. According to Wilson, his grandfather often spoke of finding a hidden city under Death Valley and his account sounded similar to White’s. Wilson’s grandfather, he stated, had entered the tunnel system via a cave. He followed the passages for several miles until he came upon a subterranean city populated by a group of fair-skinned people who wore strange leather garments and spoke an unknown language. He claims that the entire city was illuminated by greenish-yellow lights that didn’t need to be lit by fire. He also said the inhabitants of the city offered him food, the likes of which he had never seen before. When he returned to the surface to tell his tale, very few people believed him, but when Wilson heard of White’s story and he noticed the similarities, he started to believe that his grandfather had found the hidden city years ago. 

“…Jack and Bill were near the Wingate Pass when one of them descended into an old mine shaft and fell through the bottom. The other immediately followed. The pair found themselves in a passageway, which they followed for more than twenty miles. Throughout the tunnel system, the two came across several chambers filled with mummified human remains, rooms filled with treasures and tunnels lit with an odd glowing light. They described huge, heavy stone doors that were perfectly balanced and would easily swing open. At some point, the tunnel started pointing upward and Bill and Jack exited the cave system half-way up the eastern slope of the Panamint Mountains. Like the others, the two were never able to find their way back to the entrance to the hidden tunnels. 

To read the full article, visit the link.


The Badlands of South Dakota

The Badlands of South Dakota:



I didn’t think them anything but weird rock formations. But from a false history perspective, they could conceivably be the result of a cataclysmic event or even a nuclear war. That’s perhaps why the native Americans called them “macko sicka” (they make you sick), mistranslated as “bad lands”.

The rocks also have that “molten city” feel to them, as if they had been targeted by energy weapons that can melt rock. A few examples:



Google Earth high-altitude photography again reveals perfectly straight lines running hundreds of miles through the landscape. Some of them have been built over by perfectly straight modern roads, others have not yet been developed.



Writing this piece, I learned that every area has legends of subterranean tunnels, cities and secrets. Modern America was built on top of an older civilization that is different from the one we were taught there was. To reclaim our knowledge of the previous civilization, we need to start digging.


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