Donald Trump’s Shadow Presidency and the Great Awakening

Table of Contents

  1. Enough is Enough
  2. Is Trump a “Nazi”?
  3. Trump’s Level of Consciousness
  4. Trump’s Shadow Presidency


Enough is Enough

For the last 7 years people have been asking me about Donald Trump, but I’ve kept quiet.

No person has received more negative and positive attention in recent History. It’s strange and unnatural and points toward some kind of social engineering playing out in the public theater. The attention guarantees that Trump will continue to be influential. At this point, Trump is a bigger-than-life symbolic figure of love for some, hate for others, where there’s little knowledge of who he is in daily life reality, as a human being. Instead of fixing their inner issues, many project them outward, using the name Trump to get angry or inspired. The name “Trump” has dominated “Twitter Trending” topics for the last 7 years. “Trump is done!” has been falsely proclaimed a hundred times by desperate elites. I’ve kept quiet because the topic of politics usually breaks the peace and I like peace.

Today I’m quiet no more, because I’m fed up with all the hectoring of Trump and his supporters. It’s enough already. At some point, even the most peaceful people need to speak up.

The other day I used Google (which I normally don’t), typing in “election fraud”. The auto-fill showed me this:

Even though hundreds of Millions of people are searching it, Google refuses to acknowledge that the term even exists, by hiding it’s autofill.

Even if I nearly complete the word, it still won’t autofill:

As a researcher, I’ve encountered Google censorship around healing, alternative therapy, consciousness and alternative history. I’ve concluded “If Google censors it, it must be good!”

Everyone knows “Big Tech” (Facebook, Twitter and Google) don’t like Trump. But it’s 2022 and they are still censoring perfectly reasonable and legal viewpoints for no good reason.  Except for Twitter, which has, a little surprisingly, been taken over by more Trump-friendly people. The mass-censorship of the last years is highly anomalous and unnatural. When in History have we ever seen the U.S. President widely censored in public? Nothing like this has ever happened. It points toward something much bigger going on than just a Presidency.

The other day I was watching something on YouTube and kept receiving ads made by YouTube saying:

“Misinformation can be hard to spot. Learn how here” and
“Together we can fight misinformation” and
“United against misinformation!”
It was the same collectivist tone they used with the Covid-hoax. The ads of these totalitarian con-artists were so repugnant to me, they inspired me to write and publish this article.

My view of Donald Trump is generally positive and has been for a long time. There are some things I don’t like about the Trump-Agenda, but these are not informed by the “media”, they’re not even publicly known. I’ll get to those later.

With my positive view, I’ve been mostly alone. My family doesn’t like Trump, some of the publishers and companies I work with loathe Trump and I’ve had Trump-hating friends and students. Many colleagues in the self-improvement and “law of attraction” field post anti-Trump material on their social media. Business groups and Tennis Clubs I’ve attended were populated by very vocal Trump-haters, while I mostly kept polite and quiet, because I prefer peace. Only the cool-headed see clearly.

Is Trump a “Nazi”?

Mainstream Republicans and Democrats claim that Trump-supporters are “right wing extremists” and anti-Trumpers are “liberals”. The hostility toward Trump supporters is owed to daily mass-media campaign where decent, regular folk from all walks of life are called terrorists, right-wing-extremists, Nazis, white supremacists, homophobes and racists. Anyone who does not constantly denounce Trump is also a “Nazi”. An example:


When I moved to Florida to get away from Covid-Tyranny, a student of mine said this: “I’m surprised that a conscious person such as yourself would go to live among Nazis“. It was the first time in 2 years that I could move freely in public, visit other people, pursue my work, do sports outdoors, breathe without a mask and live freely. Even so, the Trump-endorsed Governor of Florida is widely denounced by “conscious and awake” people as a Nazi.

What is a “Nazi”? How do they envision a “Nazi”? The term evokes images of jackboot-wearing, swastika-sporting skinheads who roam the streets with baseball bats, beating up blacks and homosexuals. Anyone who knows me personally would laugh out loud at the idea that I’m a Nazi. Weren’t the Nazis the people who mass-murdered Jews?

So…if I prefer to live among free people rather than in a Pfizer-laboratory, it means I am like the people who mass murder Jews?

The level of political discourse in this country is truly childish. Journalists classifying normal, middle class people as fascists for opposing covid-fascism is unacceptable. I welcome the day mainstream media outlets are shutdown. “Aha! That’s proof you’re a fascist! You want to shut down freedom of press!” you might say. No. I support real freedom of press. The CIA running 100 newspapers in every city does not constitute “freedom of press”

I support Donald Trump because he addresses what I am really concerned about. He is

  • the first President to call out the Cabal and their actions by name, imposing sanctions on their horrendous human trafficking.
  • the first President in a long time not to start a war or invade other countries and instead to look at issues we have in our own country.
  • the first President in a long time to prioritize the national economy and stop outsourcing abroad.
  • the first President in a long time to talk like a normal human being.
  • the first President who is hated by both Republicans and Democrats.
  • the first President to openly act against corrupt elements within CIA, FBI and DOJ.

None of these important issues have anything to do with race, racism or sexual orientation. I don’t support “leftist” identity-politics. Why not? Because categorizing people by race, gender and sexual orientation and positing them as advantaged and disadvantaged because of their race or gender not only creates low expectations, it divides people. While racism and sexism are real problems, they have been blown out of proportion to distract from much more pressing issues. Here’s a quote by Noam Chomsky – an authentic leftist:


When I first moved to Florida in 2021, I went to see a Trump-talk inside a Stadium. What most impressed me about the event was not Trump himself. His speeches are boring to me because he withholds too much. What impressed me was that nobody was wearing masks. I had just flown in from a country where everyone was wearing masks. The only people wearing masks in the U.S. are self-proclaimed “liberals” – the same folks who support  lockdowns, forced mass vaccination and covid-surveillance. We have also all witnessed that they are willing to censor, cancel and deplatform anyone who has alternative views.

Are these people in fact liberal?



From the dictionary definition it’s easy to see that there is nothing inherently liberal about so-called liberals and there’s nothing inherently anti-liberal in Trump’s policies. Then why do Republicans keep referring to these bludgeoning authoritarians as “liberals”? This kind of misuse of words and definitions over time, makes me cringe. What exactly is “liberal” and “progressive” about suppressing civil liberties, freedom of expression or free enterprise or supporting American bio-labs in the Ukraine?

I’ve heard it say that “election denial” is a favorite topic of “right wing extremists”. A YouTube video of mine was removed because I mentioned the word election denial and a reader of mine was so helpful to explain that “right wing extremism is censored on YouTube”.

Is noticing the painfully obvious election fraud of 2020 a sign of being a “right wing extremist”? How much more dumbed-down is this timeline going to get? What about when the election of Al Gore was stolen by George Bush and when Bernie Sanders votes were stolen by Hillary Clinton? Are those also topics of concern only to “right wing extremists”?

The two people most instrumental in getting Trump elected were both “leftists”. Their names are Julian Assange and Seth Rich. Or are these also Nazis now?

All these labels are used to debase open public conversation and shame people into tyranny. You are none of these labels, you are a divinely created being. But just to make a point and break the habitual programming, I’m going to be using several so-called “leftist” news-sources and quotes in this article.


Trump’s Level of Consciousness

Some remember my old website, the one before From 2000 to 2007 it was (now defunct). There, I had a short list of  “recommended links”. There was one link to a website featuring projects by Elon Musk, who was fairly unknown back then. Another link was to educational websites of Donald Trump.  These two names would later become the two most famous names of our time. How did I know, that long ago? some people have asked me. I didn’t! It’s an example of intuitive foresight.

In the last 7 years, readers kept asking me what the Man’s “consciousness level is” and I referred them to my book “Levels of Energy” (2010) where it’s listed as level 380 (the level of success!). But some aren’t satisfied with the answer. “Hasn’t it changed since then?” they ask. They are confused because there’s so much noise around Trump. If you strip away propaganda, the level was 380. People want it to be lower or higher because they let emotion cloud their judgment. People in the 400s are usually more soft-spoken, Trump is brash. That said, Trump’s consciousness level has increased. That’s normal when a person enters new areas of responsibility. I’d reckon his level is now around 420. Some still won’t be satisfied, but consciousness-levels don’t follow your bias. Not all tasks benefit from super-high-consciousness. Trump is a master of deception, hardly a 500s quality. And he’s not acting alone.

My wife asked me how I know that Trump is a “good guy” and not part of yet another fake, socially-engineered scheme. The question is legitimate. Everything these days is theatrical media-brainwashing and Trump is not innocent when it comes to manipulating public perception. Isn’t Trump part of the same old nonsense? Didn’t I just admit that Trump is a master deceiver? To answer this question with sincerity, we have to look at the fruits.  The changes the world has undergone under Trump are unlike the changes undergone with previous Presidents. The net result of Trump’s Presidency is that many more people are now self-sufficient when it comes to information and living. They reject fake news, fake wars, fake medicine, etc. He’s exposed politics for what it is. Billions of people have started taking an interest in local and world events, have started researching, etc. All these are very good fruits.  Most people don’t yet realize how much has already changed because it always takes a couple of years before normies catch up with the leading edge of consciousness.

Trump’s Shadow Presidency

I don’t pretend to know most things going on in the world, but one theory that seems plausible, is that Trump is currently running the USA as a President-in-Exile, while pretending otherwise. More precisely, the United States is being run by the Military and a “Democracy” that never was, has been suspended. Only people who follow a strict diet of mainstream-media believe that things are “business as usual”.

Consider this screenshot I took from the White House website a few days ago:


Most people don’t know that the U.S. is in a state of National Emergency since 2018 and that this state was recently continued by “Joe Biden”. So….why would Joe Biden continue a National Emergency on Election Fraud, a thing that the “Democrats” vehemently deny? Why would Joe Biden continue any of Trumps executive orders?

Years before the big fraud of 2020, Trump issued executive orders of what was to happen “in the case of election fraud” (because he already knew it would happen) and how continuity of Government was to occur (military takeover). They are using an actor with the mask of Joe Biden to play President. The fake “Joe Biden” is the “optical President” while Trump is the “acting President” who is governing out Palm Beach, Florida.

If you think this sounds insane, consider how insane it looks to me that Joe Biden is a man wearing a silicone mask, as I’ve already shown in my 2021 article “This man is neither the President, nor Joe Biden“.

Despite the obvious, many Republicans believe it’s really Joe Biden and that Joe Biden is “wrecking the country”. If that is true, how do you explain that this Joe Biden continues to build Trump’s Border Wall?

Article Link: Border Wall Construction Resumes Under President Joe Biden.

The Intercept, by the way, is again a “leftist” news-source.

How do you explain that “Joe Biden” has the exactly same policies toward China that Trump had? Just one of many examples of this here: Biden’s Policies are wreaking havoc on China’s chip industry

A quote from the article:


If “Joe Biden” is not being backed by the same people backing Trump, how do you explain that Guantanamo Bay was not closed, as desired and promised by Democrats? Instead it was expanded!

Obviously, “Biden” follows the agenda of his Democrats in small things only, for the sake of appearance. The big decisions are all Trumpian. Many MAGA-supporters don’t see this because they follow fake-news on Fox, Breitbart, Newsmax, etc.

Almost everything that has been happening since Trump is “no longer President” is in Trump’s interest: The fall of Ukraine, the crackdown on China, lawsuits against vaccine mandates – these are topics Trump has been consistently talking about since the 1980s.

Remember when all those cargo ships were parked in front of California, leading to supply chain problems across America? Don’t you figure this has something to do with Trump’s executive order that banned all companies involved in human trafficking from entering with their cargo ships? And isn’t it interesting that Trump’s order is still being enforced, even during Biden’s reign?

How many people recommended by Trump became Governors of their state vs. how many that Biden recommended? If Biden were really the most voted President in all of History, as claimed by mainstream media, wouldn’t Biden be the Kingmaker of Governors instead of Trump? You see, none of it adds up. You’d have to be dumb, deaf and blind to think Joe Biden is the legitimate President.

The Supreme Court giving abortion laws back to the states is yet another Trump win, post-Trump. Regardless of your stance on abortion, allowing states to decide their own laws is always a victory for-the-people and against one-size-fits-all totalitarianism. Even though the media made it about abortion, it’s really about state sovereignty. It’s good that each state can make their own laws because it supports local sovereignty.

Ever since Trump has “lost power” and appears weaker than ever, his enemies are falling like dominoes. His biggest media foes – the bosses of CNN and Twitter – are already gone! Twitter has been taken over by a Trump ally named “Elon Musk” (another military controlled, masked actor). Isn’t it obvious that Elon Musk is not Elon Musk? How sleepy are people not to notice? Compare the space between the eyes, the lip size, the eyebrows, the earlobes of Elon Musk a few years ago and Elon Musk today. Or simply consider his flippant behavior as he plays twitter like a toy. The real Elon was nothing like this. It sometimes frustrates me how oblivious people are.

There is a 15-part article series titled “Devolution” by a guy named Jon Herold (based on previous work by a guy named Thomas Wictor, who has mysteriously disappeared from the Internet). It provides documentation of a military takeover of our country and how the people who backed Trump are still in charge. It’s a long and tedious read. I only read the first five parts, that was enough for me.

It can be read here: Devolution



There are other sources of this type of information, but I’m providing only this for the sake of brevity.

Truth matters. I may be wrong, but events of the last years make much more sense when viewed from the Devolution perspective. It’s not hard for us regular folk to notice all the weirdness around Trump and his enemies. We may not have access to the secret stuff, but most people realize something has been afoot, a secret war, that’s not entirely secret. One example: What about all those food processing plants burning down in 2021 and 2022 around the world? It’s anomalous. What’s with the extreme hostility of most celebrities toward Trump? It’s not normal. You’d think that, for self-marketing purposes, they’d at least want to stay neutral toward the guy most people voted for. This can only be explained with secret contractual obligations.

The image I posted at the top of this article contains coded symbolism that shows that Trump or the people around him must have been planning the events happening in the last years for many decades in advance.  If you don’t understand the symbolism or how it proves decades-long foreknowledge, that’s too bad. Why do you need others to decode it for you? Did you know there are thousands of fake-shill decoders online waiting to decode world events for you? Exercise the power of thinking for yourself.

Have you ever wondered why in 2021, Biden was operating from a movie stage? Or why there was a fence around the White house from 2020 to 2022, a wall around the Federal Reserve and the IRS was boarded up? Washington D.C. was a ghost town, completely shut down. You didn’t hear it on the news, we find it out from normal citizens walking around filming with their phones. Why might that be? Have you noticed that Biden’s “inauguration” was faked?



Trump opponents ask why Trump isn’t in prison for the “many crimes” he’s committed. Surely he’d have to be locked away for Russian Collusion, saving nuclear secrets at Mar a Lago, banning Muslims from entering the U.S., claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop exists, building cages for migrant kids, using teargas to clear a crowd, causing the January 6 Insurrection and Tax Evasion?

While I lived in New Zealand, because I’m American, people kept asking me why this “horrible criminal” hasn’t been locked away. The ideas listed above are media-hoaxes that have long been debunked or even redacted. Russian Collusion was a Hillary Clinton sponsored hoax. No nuclear secrets were found at Mar a Lago. At no point in time did Trump ban Muslims from entering the U.S. January 6 was organized by the FBI. Hunter Biden’s laptop does exist. Caged migrant children photos predate Donald Trump. It saddens me that people take whatever lies they see on their screen at face-value and parrot them to others.

The American public loves the “great comeback” story. It is possible that they are preparing the story of “underdog” Trump staging a great comeback in 2024. Despite a constant stream of attacks against him, I don’t believe Trump is an underdog or ever was. He was always a member of the elite, a well-connected Billionaire. And he’s also had the solid support of regular folk. That’s not a position of weakness, but Trump’s philosophy is to appear weak to fool his enemies. His enemies are not as plenty as it looks through things like Twitter-bot manipulation. Unfortunately, while fooling his enemies, he’s also fooled many of his supporters. People just aren’t that bright.

I don’t support the deception. Sooner or later the Trump-people need to reveal what has been happening behind the scenes. Not in coded symbolism. Not through anons posting on obscure messaging boards. Not through leaks that look accidental. If they reveal, they are a positive force. If they don’t reveal, they’re not much better than their enemies. The people responsible for a wide variety of crimes, need to be arrested. Most people, even the unaware ones, can sense that we live in times of deception and they are fed up.

Even though I support Donald Trump, I don’t believe that one person or movement can fix our problems. I wouldn’t put too much attention or hope in that. The real problem is that so few people are willing to actively participate in the creation of reality. They sit there saying “tell me what to think and do”. They are waiting for someone to do something. But honestly, no external source is going to come to your rescue. The helping hands you have been looking for all your life are at the end of your arms.

I’ll end this article and let yet another leftist, Michael Moore, speak. It’s from a speech in which Moore denounces Trump. But before he denounces Trump, he shares the truth of why we people would vote for Trump in 2016. It shows that even anti-Trumpers are perfectly capable of understanding.

Luckily for his voters, Trump kept many of his promises in bringing jobs back to the U.S. That’s the reason he got even more votes in 2020 than in 2016. Had it not been for election fraud, he’d have become known as the most voted for President in History.

My guess for the future? My guess for the future is the same as my wish for the future: A lot of corrupt people going to prison, followed by a long phase of peace and prosperity.



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