Bad vibes at Biltmore Estate

Biltmore estate is the largest privately owned house in the U.S. It is said to have been built between 1889 and 1895 by the Vanderbilt family, who still owns it today. The Vanderbilt family allegedly came to the U.S. as a poor working class family who worked their way from rags to riches. Out of nothing, George Vanderbilt soon dominated the market of steamships, railroads and construction companies. The mainstream story doesn’t seem that credible to me.

Photo: Gargoyle sitting on Biltmore Estate

A deeper examination reveals that the Van-der-Bilts really came to America in a ship owned by the Dutch East India company. There is evidence that the Vanderbilt family came as representatives of the company rather than poor servants of the company, as historians claim. The Dutch East India and Dutch West India company were the largest Coproration the world has ever seen.

The corporation was so powerful, they had their own private army, defense forces, fortresses, ship fleet and controlled the slave trade across several countries.

Who knows, maybe they were even the real founders of the modern Corporation we call “United States”.

Their army was present worldwide. Take for example this 1653 design for the star Fort in Capetown, South Africa with the company logo on it:

If there was ever any world government, this company came close to it.

We’re meant to believe that they simply disappeared into obscurity because they got “nationalized”. A company that owned entire fleets, trades and cities “just disappeared”.

Is that so? Maybe. Another possibility is that they went from open, visible power to hidden power.

After the Vanderbilt family arrived in the U.S., they secured funding from the Dutch West India Company, the Rothschild Bank and other global players. How do you do that if you’re merely a “poor family of settlers”?

And how did it happen that the Rockefeller family inherited the title of richest man in America from Vanderbilt, taking over most of the Vanderbilt’s railroad lines?

I’ve visited the Biltmore Estate twice and its botanic garden once on a third, separate occasion. Originally I went there to look into a fake-history theory I had about the estate. I didn’t find the evidence I was looking for. But I found something else perhaps more sinister.

Hidden Books
The estate has a library 23 000 books from around the world, ranging back to the 15th Century. I asked if there is a list of books and was told every single book is catalogued. I asked to SEE the list and was told “it’s not for the public”.
Can you imagine the amount of knowledge this estate is sitting on?
“Why not?” I inquired. “Because the books are very valuable, they’re museum pieces. If they can’t be borrowed or sold, there’s no point in publishing the list”.
How odd. What harm could a list of books do? This is similar to the Vatican that also not only withholds books from the public but also withholds the many of the titles of the books being withheld.Are they afraid the library will be burnt down, as has happened so many times in the past?


The so-called swimming pool

One point of interest was the s0-called “swimming pool” of Biltmore Estate.

I first learned of it in 2016, when the “pizzagate” scandal was being discussed online. It all started when Julian Assange published the pedophilia-themed emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.This is why Assange got removed from public and hasn’t been heard from since. Following the lead, internet-sleuths uncovered much more. They found that John Podesta and his brother, D.C. lobbyist Tony Podesta, owned a large collection of child-abuse-themed art.

The bottom-left image, with the ropes, was said to have been painted in the “swimming pool” of the Biltmore Estate.

For comparison, a picture I took of the “swimming pool”:

Researchers in those days (2015-2017) filled the Internet with images and documents that were aimed at exposing the D.C. Elite and the Vanderbilts as part of the elite human-trafficking, human-sacrificing cabal.

Could it be true? I don’t know. I’m willing to entertain the idea because I’ve seen a lot of weird things in my life, around “celebrities”.

The Dutch East India company used humans as currency, for slave trade, labor trade and sex, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if their heirs were involved in the same.

This is Gloria Vanderbilt with two of her sons in her bedroom. The model above the bed is said to depict a human sacrifice scene. One child is CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. The other child his his brother who died by suicide.

I forgot about the whole thing for years.I entered the building without prejudice. I have a researchers mind that only works if I approach a thing without judgements of a thing being good/bad.

But the exact moment I set foot in this room, I got “the vibe”. It was bad.

There’s something about experiencing a place vs. seeing it online. I wasn’t expecting anything remarkable. I’ve walked in many mansions without incident. My hair stood straight and my heart began racing. I had to step back out because my heart was beating so hard it hurt in my chest. There was no rational explanation for it.

Was I intuiting what had happened there? The only way to continue the tour was by walking through it. So I caught my breathe, intended to calm down and I did.

The first thing I realized is that it’s not a swimming pool. From online photos it could be confused for a swimming pool, but it wasn’t. I heard some tourist say “it looks like a slaughterhouse” – and they were exactly right:

  1. It did not have the amenities of a pool. No lounge chairs, no towel hangers, no changing rooms – in fact no space for any of those things. There was one bench in front of the ladder that looked like an add-on from the museum, because it barely fit into the space.
  2. The room is in the basement and there are no windows. Who builds their “swimming pool” in a basement? Do you know any “rich and famous” people who uses a swimming pool without windows? I don’t.
  3. I saw no ventilation except for a small object on the ceiling.
  4. How you get there: You go down stairs, and then through a long basement hallway around corners. It’s a gloomy atmosphere, nothing to do with wellness or relaxation.
  5. How you get out: You enter through the hallway and exit through another door that leads to a dark and uninviting room that some random gym-equipment was put into (in my view the gym equipment are additions to make the dark tile room look like a gym). Adjacent to that, we find a kitchen with large basins and cooking spits.

Yes, there is a  very large kitchen in this basement, encompassing several rooms. And the kitchen is adjacent to the “swimming pool”. I was reminded of my book “What do you know about Human Harvesting?”

These are some of the photos I took of the “facilities” at the “swimming pool”:


Of course my “having a bad feeling” is not evidence of a satanic slaughterhouse where human meat is processed and eaten. I acknowledge that.

However, the place is no swimming pool. Could it be for animals? Sure. But how do you climb down those flimsy stairs with large animals? That’s not how animals are slaughtered.

This is the hallway that leads to the “swimming pool”:

It turns around a corner and goes on like that for a while.

This is the so-called gym directly beside the “pool”:

It’s such a gloomy room it’s hard to imagine anyone working out there, much less rich folks.


Esoteric Symbolism

In my article “The Ancient Owl Cult that runs the world” I discussed the Y and Owl-Symbolism of ruling elite. That kind of symbolism is is abundant – not at Biltmore Estate, but all around it.

This is Biltmore Estate’s first Forrester, Gifford Pinchot. The photo is displayed in the Estate’s Botany area.

Speaking of Botany, there are a lot of plants and trees there that have been forced into shape. For example (I took this photo at the Botany House of Biltmore, there are dozens of other plants like this):

The secret Luciferian religion holds that living things need to be molded and shaped rather than letting them grow as God created them. The idea is that God’s work is not sufficient and that, living beings can become superhuman, superanimal or superplant by bending them into different shapes through force. I agree there’s some merit to the training and shaping of living beings, but Luciferian types follow this kind of thing to the extreme.

The street leading to Biltmore Estate and through Biltmore village is called “All Souls Crescent”. I believe this is a reference to an esoteric teaching about the Soul being recycled to Earth through the moon, instead of ascending to Heaven. The teaching is unknown to the general public, so I doubt you’ll find anything on it, but it’s important to some of them.

For the same reason, we see crescent moon on this bell at an old elite wedding held in the Biltmore Estate:

Right across from Biltmore we find the “Grand Bohemian Hotel“.

A two hour drive away, there is another “Grand Bohemian Hotel“, in Greenville SC:

The esoteric symbolism in these Hotels would delight any conspiracy-theorist if they actually understood it. I’m not going to spoon feed everything here, it’s something people can figure out for themselves if they want to.

The Bohemian Grove is where the world-elite used to meet, gathered under a gigantic Owl-statue. The Grand Bohemian Hotels, with it’s Owls and references to spirit-summonings were part of the same brand (you read it here first).

Why do I use past-tense? Because it appears Bohemian Grove is shut down. It would seem that the Owl-cult is defeated, for now. And that’s would be really good news – except most people didn’t even know they existed in the first place.


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