The Ancient Owl Cult that rules the World

In my books I documented a world-empire of ancient-German speaking people. Did these people build the Pyramids, Cathedrals and other grandness? Possibly. Their kingdom was destroyed, their buildings blasted to pieces or buried under water, sand and mud. Only few remain. Here’s a 1572 map showing Cairo (here called Cairo Babylon) with 12 Pyramids atop hills. Only three remain, the rest are destroyed and/or buried.

From the fertile lands turned into barren desert, we get legends about Atlantis, Lemuria and in more recent years,  Tartaria. The defeated people became known as “indigenous tribes” while the French, British, German, Dutch and other armies travelled the world to occupy their territories and erase any remains of their former identity . The native Americans, the Aborigines of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand, the indigenous of Siberia – no matter where I looked, I found traces of the same ancient German language. I learned as much about these forgotten people as I could. Their main theme was that they revered a “Holy Owl”. This Wai  Ulu and Wai Uhu  kept coming up in place names, legends, stories and religious texts of the ancients. You can read about it in my books Extraterrestrial Linguistics and The Secret History of Ancient Polynesia. Or you can find traces of this forgotten truth in very old newspaper articles:

The fascinating thing is that the owl-worshippers are still around! Instead of having been defeated, they seem to have retaken control of the world. In the old days, they ruled the world openly, today they rule it secretly.

The image below is the Owl statue at Bohemian Grove in California. For a long time, the world’s elite from politics, industry, banking and entertainment met here once a year for strange performances and rituals, as if trying to revive the “old religion”.

The image below is the area of the Capitol in Washington D.C. shaped as an Owl, built in 1793.

How many people know that our elites are really into this Owl thing?

Yes, the Owl is also perched on every 1-Dollar Bill:

On May 1st of 1776, a secret society called “The Illuminati” was founded in Ingolstadt, Germany by Adam Weishaupt. Their declared goal was the infiltration of all sectors private and public to final world domination within only a few centuries. This was their Owl-themed Logo:

The Owl Logo can be found across numerous corporate buildings, Government offices and Universities, so it looks like the Illuminati accomplished their mission.

My research in Extraterrestrial Linguistics revealed that the ancients believed Owls are capable of communicating with beings in other realms. This has always been the primary goal of various occultic rituals – the summoning of entities outside of our Dimension.

I first learned about “the Owl thing” in 1992, while watching the TV-Series “Twin Peaks”. There, a Giant appears to FBI Agent Dale Cooper and tells him that “the Owls are not what they seem”.

Later in the show, we see the Owl is a shapeshifting Demon, turning from a possessing entity named Bob into an Owl. In another scene, Owls are associated with extraterrestrials. Finally, a native American Elder sees the Owl symbol and says that it represents a great evil.

The famous TV-Series, poorly understood by mainstream audiences, is really about demonic possession that leads to sadistic murder,  human trafficking and other anti-human behavior. We’re shown an invisible world behind ours from which great evil and great good arise. The Owl rules this underworld (which is a figurative underworld, as in world of crime, and a literal underworld as in below Earth).

The subsequent series, the 2018 “Twin Peaks – The Return”, confirms that the TV-show is really about these nature-of-reality issues and not a mere “crime show”. I posted this on my Twitter timeline recently:


There is a scene in Twin Peaks, where the first atomic explosion, causes legions of entities to crawl onto Earth. The explosion took place at the 33rd Latitude at a place now called the Trinity site. Is there any significance to this number? Yes, a very ancient significance.

It goes back to the Bible where it says that when Lucifer fell to Earth, he took 1/3 of the angels with him. Another way of saying 1/3 is 33% or more specifically 33.33 %. Ever since that event, the fallen ones identify themselves with the number 33.

The Bible says that Lucifer landed on Mount Hermon, which is, of course, also exactly on Latitude 33.33. What a “coincidence”. Where is Mount Hermon? It’s a “U.N. Buffer Zone” between Israel, Syria and Lebanon.  It’s one of the many places on Earth not run by a single nation.

In a move that surprised the world, information about the Owl-Cult was broadcast to hundreds of Millions in 2017. Military people around Donald Trump, calling themselves “Q,  started posting about the Owl-folks on a message board called 8Chan. The Q-movement spread like fire and for the first time in hundreds of years, millions of normies got clued in on the ancient ways of the fallen ones. Then, it became the most censored topic of all time. The Government tried to take down the 8chan Internet-Domain. The owner, Jim Watkins, had to go testify before Congress. Ultimately they were not able to take down the site because, as researchers discovered, the Domain was run by the Department of Defense. It’s a case of one branch of Government not knowing what another is doing. Trump and his army of Q-researchers were ultimately removed from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search and many other platforms. The topic was made not to exist, so that the normies could continue living their pampered worldview. It was the first time a sitting President had been aggressively prevented from speaking to the public. The Owl-Cultists awoke to what was going on a little late, but when they did, the backlash was ferocious. Trump’s presidential win in 2020 was taken away and the Covid-plandemic created.

When I read the Q posts back in 2017, I recognized the topic, because I had been studying the Owl-Worship Mythology for years. What struck me the most is that “Q” kept referring to them as Owl / Y.


This is exactly how the ancient German-speaking people referred to their Owl. The word “Wai” pronounced “Y” means “sacred” or “holy” to them. The Y-Owl is the “Holy Owl”. I’m the first and so far only author to discover and share the real and ancient meaning of Y/Owl symbolism. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying it to complain: So few people know or care about this stuff. How do people ever expect to take back their planet if 99% of the people don’t know the first thing about the ones running the show?

The Owl “is a thing” among elites. So is the letter Y. And the number 33. I’ve had several encounters in my life with these people, which I’ll share some time in the distant future. Here’s one of Hillary Clinton’s many very revealing emails that were leaked by Julian Assange, who got a lifelong prison sentence for leaking these matters.


Readers of Extraterrestrial Linguistics will recall my mention of Min-erva, a reference to an extraterrestrial place called Min.

This is Minerva, according to Wikipedia:

And does that image of an owl or an AOL remind you of something? Why yes, the very first big internet company:

The most popular “Illuminati” (Illu-Min-ati) symbol is the eye in the triangle, the second most popular is now the Owl. The first big Internet company somehow managed to get both into the same Logo just to make sure there is absolutely no doubt which team they are on. Every large international company in existence is eager and excited to advertise their allegiance.  I could write a book with thousands of examples of this, but I’ll provide justone more in Paramount, one of the biggest film companies in the world:

Anyone get the reference? Maybe if you count the number of stars.

It’s 22 stars. Get it now? No?

Think Mount Hermon.

Lucifer took 33.33 % of the Angels, which were 22 angels. The Book of Enoch names each of these 22 “superstars” by name. When you’re in a movie theater and watch the Paramount Logo take shape, notice how the stars are falling from the sky and then landing atop the mountain.

Around the time of the Q-postings, the Internet was also flooded with memes, videos and posts about “Tartary” or “Tartaria”. Every time I posted something online about fake History, someone would comment “Tartaria!” or something of that nature. It usually went along with “mud flood” and “flat earth” type information. Just like the Q-stuff, the Tartaria stuff wasn’t organic. I could tell because it was pushed so strongly. All these social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers sprang up. Even if I opened YouTube on a neutral browser (one I wasn’t using), Videos on that topic were being suggested to me. Why is this shown to normies? And why did that same YouTube not allow Videos on the Trump election fraud for years? By seeing what is pushed vs. what is censored by global-power-players you learn the most.

People thought these revelations on Fake History were part of “the Great Awakening” to take down the dark side. But what if it was that very dark-side that was destroyed? If the dark-side were more candid they might come out and say this:

“Yeah, look, we were imprisoned here against our will, by the Creator of this realm. So we said, ok, whatever. Let’s make the best of it and build a really nice world. Utopia. Heaven on Earth. And then he comes down and destroys everything we built, because he can’t tolerate any greatness besides his own. So we’re really pissed off and we’ll now do everything in our power to destroy his people and his creation.”

If the light-side were more candid and quit beating around the bush, they might say:

“Here’s the thing. They hate humans. The Creator imbued them with special powers while at the same time demoting these lizard folk. Ever since then, in their envy, they are trying to debase humanity with different schemes, while imprisoned down here. But the Creator allows that, because it puts humans to the test and helps them exercise their free choice. The Creator wants to see who will choose to side with them vs. him. This realm isn’t even meant to be Paradise anymore, more like a Training camp. So toughen up buttercup.”

With that clarified, everyone would understand what’s going on and we could all move on to something better.

But with no clarifaction from “higher ups” our only option left is that we ourselves BECOME the higher ups and bring a more candid and transparent culture into this world.


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