USA is ruled by goddess Columbia

Americans say they are a Christian nation under one God and as of recent, their Christian heritage has gone lost due to modernism.  But neither Christ, God nor Monotheism play any role in the symbolism, names, murals and statues of Government buildings new or old. The primary object of American public buildings is a goddess named Columbia.

The seat of Government is Washington D.C. – The District of Columbia. If the U.S. were a Christian nation, it would be under the jurisdiction of Jesus, not Columbia.

I make no statement on whether this should or shouldn’t be. I’m pointing out a split in what Americans believe America to be and what it actually IS.

This figure is called Lady Columbia. She stands on top of the Salt Lake City and County Building.

Notice one arm stretched upward.

According to Wikipedia, “The building was originally constructed by free masons between 1891 and 1894 to house offices for the city and county of Salt Lake”.

This is the Goddess of Liberty before she was put atop the Texas State Capitol.

Goddess Liberty and Lady Liberty are the same figure as Lady Columbia but official sources are shy to tell you this. Both the Liberty Goddess and Columbia were often depicted with sword to the ground and the other hand reaching upward.

You will soon learn why they shy away from openly telling you what this stuff is about.

There’s an article in Smithsonian Magazine that all but admits that Lady Liberty is modeled after Lady Columbia. There are even coins from the 1700s that call Columbia Goddess Liberty the same name later given to Lady Liberty.


Did you know that Star Spangled Banner was not always our national anthem? Prior to the 1930s the semi-official anthem was Hail Columbia.

This is a figure called “Miss Freedom” atop the Georgia State Capitol.

They don’t call her goddess Columbia, but she is.

They don’t call “Miss Freedom” Columbia, but she is. According to Wikipedia, Miss Freedom “wears a Phrygian cap adorned with a star. It wears a robe and holds a torch in her right hand and a sword in her left. The torch is meant to represent truth or enlightenment while the sword symbolizes authoritative armed liberty or enforced justice”.

When goddess Columbia is not shown with a starry crown or wreath, she wears a phrygian cap on her had. Here’s a museum display of Columbia. We see the cap and as usual, one arm raised.

She often holds a torch, because she’s a light bearer, meant to bring en-light-ment to humankind.

Wikipedia tells us that “Miss Freedom”, atop the Georgia Government building, was originally called Goddess of Liberty and that the torch is a functioning mercury-vapor lamp!

In any case, the lady governing Georgia has all the signs of being Columbia – the phyrgian cap, the sword pointing downward, the torch lifted high – but they no longer call her that. There are many examples of this kind of re-labeling to obscure the meaning of things.

This is a mural inside the Massachusetts Capitol building, affirming that Columbia honors fallen soldiers (again one arm stretched upwards, the other clutching a sword, just like Goddess Liberty).


This statue is officially called Lady Columbia atop the Memorial Hall in Philadelphia, holding a wreath in her hands, one arm stretched upwards.


Atop the State Capitol of Maine, we find The Lady of Wisdom holding a torch in her upwards stretched arm.

With all these Columbia statues atop Government buildings, they changed the names so that people wouldn’t start asking the questions I’m asking here.

The old statehouse of Connecticut was topped by a figure called “the genius of Connecticut”. According to official sources this is an “allegorical winged female figure personifying the state”. Mhm. OK.

This figure is no longer on the building but now inside of it:

Why not call it “the angel of Connecticut” if it’s winged?

The old meaning of the world genius:

In plain English, the woman adorning the State Capitol is a goddess or spirit.

Atop the Capitol Building of Pennsylvania, covered in gold,we have a figurine with one hand stretched upwards, holding a rod (similar to the one on the coin of the Liberty Goddess).

She is called Miss Penn, the Spirit of the Commonwealth.

Official History teaches us that Americans of old were bible-reading Christians who didn’t tolerate idols or polytheism. This is obviously fake History. In reality the most central buildings in America were dedicated to them – and still are!

Whatever tops your Government building – that’s what your Government is ruled by. It’s not just “decorative” and not even just “symbolic” but entirely intentional and of spiritual consequence. No wonder there’s a “disconnect” between your everyday American citizen and the Government.

This is the Montana State Capitol, topped by The Montana Statue. It was previously named Lady Liberty. What’s with all the name changes?

This is a statue of the goddess Ceres of “Roman Mythology”. She stands on top of the State Capitol building of Vermont. She’s presumably a different character than Columbia, but shares with her and Lady Liberty the crown.

However, Ceres is not that far away from Columbia. Consider this statue called “Alma Mater” (Mother Goddess) which stands in front of Columbia University in New York:

According to Wikipedia, “Alma Mater is an honorific title for various mother goddesses, such as Cerus or Cybele“. This is Columbia University hosting Cerus.

In America we supposedly have a “separation of Religion and State”. This, they say, is why there is no Christian symbolism in Government buildings. However, Governments are loaded with religious symbolism of another kind.

Those ol’ cowboys and protestant pilgrims to America sure loved their goddess.

This is Wisconsin State Capitol.

The statue in front is called Lady Move Forward in memory of the Columbian Exposition. The golden statue on top of the Dome with one arm stretched upward is also called Lady Forward.

Amusing: The image below is the Capitol Building of South Carolina. For once there’s no Columbia-statue to be seen! But then I realized the capital city in which it stands is called…Columbia! If the entire city is dedicated to Columbia, I guess you don’t need a statue of her.

Columbia triumphant atop USS Maine national monument:

I found exactly one image of Columbia with the hand pointing down:

I think I know why. This is at a US Navy facility in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Navy doesn’t operate “in the Heavens” but in and under water. So their “protective idol” is pointing downwards.

Oklahoma State Capitol used to have the Lady atop its dome but it’s meanwhile been replaced with a native American statue.

Even old posters couldn’t help but make sure to have one arm up, one down. What does it mean? I guess it means they wish to be viewed as being the connection between Heaven and Earth.


This is the State Capitol building of Missouri. Atop the dome there is a statue of goddess Ceres with her right arm stretched out.

I looked at every state capitol of the U.S.A. Not all of them have Columbia at their top but many do. Others have Ceres, Lady Liberty, Lady Freedom and other variations. In some towns, Columbia is on other buildings, not the Capitols. Some buildings used to have a statue at their top, meanwhile removed.

Isn’t it interesting how similar all the Capitol buildings look? They are supposedly built by many different architects. They’re supposed to be “modeled after” the U.S. Capitol:

But the building style isn’t unique to the U.S. We have buildings like this across the world. This is St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, said to have been built in 1675:


Let’s now look into the true Identity of Columbia or Lady Liberty and the reason official sources are shy about her.

In Washington D.C., inside of the “George Washington Masonic Memorial” building, we find this apron:

It’s called “The Columbia Apron” because it shows Columbia ruling above all (except the all-seeing-eye).

Official sources claim that “Columbia” is a variation of Columbus who “discovered America”. There is no evidence for that.

A side by side comparison of “Lady Liberty” and “Goddess Columbia”.

Yes, that’s the Logo of Columbia Pictures, one of the first big movie-makers of America.

One of the first big Television Channels of America was CBS – Columbia Broadcasting System:

Their Logo is a single eye.

The Statue of Liberty is Lucifer, also called the light-bearer, the morning star, Helios, Prometheus, Satan and The Devil.

It’s common to depict Lucifer with a crown of light, a torch, one hand raised to the Heavens.

Here’s Lucifer in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Rome:

On this statue, the raised hand is weak and rests on the head and the leg is chained to the Earth.

And these are the feet of “Lady Liberty” at the statue of Liberty.

Now that you’ve seen the chains, the crown and torch make sense:

What they mean by “liberty” here, is the unchaining of Lucifer. The Bible tells us that Lucifer has been kicked out of the higher realm, locked into this realm with his fallen angels. Lucifer tells us another story: He’s been oppressed and victimized because he’s fighting for our enlightenment.

A few years ago I created this poster and shared it on social media. I titled it “Paradoxes of the American Mind”:

The symbol of the Libertarian Movement is a snake that says “Don’t tread on me”, a rebellion against the biblical verse “I have given you authority to tread on snakes”.

Does this mean that the libertarian idea, the rebellious impulse, is “bad”/”satanic” etc.? Of course not. Whether the liberty ideal is good or bad depends on whether the ruling class is benevolent. It’s good to support liberty when the Government is corrupt, but less so when Government is benevolent. The Bible says that the rebellion of Lucifer was rooted in envy but pretended to be “fighting oppression” (similar to communists who also claim to by fighting oppression but once they gain power, become even more oppressive than the oppressor they were supposedly fighting).

Columbia = Lady Liberty = Lucifer

It’s Lucifer sitting atop many Government buildings across the U.S.

At the very least, this reveals a deep oblivion in this country.

Most of the State Capitol buildings in the U.S. follow the dome and column (column – columbia?) architecture. My guess is they were not all suddenly planned and built in the late 1800s, as official sources tell us. Based on years of research, I’m sure they were all excavated from a previous civilization.

I could be wrong, but my theory right now is that Lucifer was added to the top of buildings after the global “revolutionary” phase of the late 1700s and early 1800s. I’ve collected some evidence that these times marked the unchaining and reign of Lucifer (some of this evidence is in my article on the Millennium).

Or the statues were there all along, because America was part of the same Kingdom called “Rome” and “Greece” today.

Here’s what I know for certain: Our Government and ruling classes cannot be fully comprehended without also understanding the spiritual world.




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