There’s something shady about CERN

Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.

Sergio Bertolucci, the Director for Research and Scientific Computing at
CERN in 2009


CERN with their Large Hadron Collider is the most illustrious, prominent, celebrated, renowned, respected and distinguished scientific institution in the world.

So why has Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, Tesla and X called it “demonic technology”?

Well, it’s a meme. He’s only joking, right? I guess. I don’t know. But every joke has some basis in reality. The folks at CERN don’t seem to appreciate humor, so they didn’t respond to the post.

Their logo is a thinly disguised 666, which, the Bible tells us, is the number of Satan, the King of the demonic hordes.


Isn’t CERN the foremost authority on particle physics? Why the thinly veiled religious reference?

I’m asking because “the scientific community” is quick to distance themselves from religion.

Can a company really be this bad in PR?

“Well, you can read anything into a Logo if you look hard enough” a skeptic might say. And I’d accept that explanation if there weren’t so much more.

CERN is credited with inventing the world wide web. They also came up with the www. abbreviation that goes before every website. In Hebrew Gematria, the letter W equals 6. WWW therefore, translates to 666.


Of all the letters they could have chosen!

By now, hundreds of millions of people have come across conspiracy-theories referencing CERN. The PR-Department at CERN could have said “Oh…this is not a good look. Maybe it’s time we change our Logo?”. But that didn’t happen.

The most powerful magnet used by the company is called CERN Axion Solar Telescope, which is abbreviated CAST. The original name of the device was Solar Axion Telescoping Antenna (SATAN).

Did someone finally conclude that directly calling it “Satan” might be a little too direct?

Why even start out with that name?

CERN was involved in the making of the movie “Angels and Demons”. It has a webpage that proudly talks about it. On that page CERN displays an illuminated angel (a symbol of Lucifer, the shining one).


How many coincidences do we need before we say “Maybe the folks at CERN are really into all this Satan stuff”?

My first hint that there’s something shady about CERN was their close association and cooperation with NASA, a company that is fake as it gets.

What a coincidence that both organizations seem to be fired up about the eclipse on April 8, 2024:

Prior to the eclipse, their “Large Hadron Collider” (LHC) had been dormant for two years.

The article in the Daily Mail does not explain why the Collider is powered up on the same day as the eclipse, nor what they hope to discover. It merely says that the LHC is going to “smash together protons”.

Hasn’t it already done this? How many more times are they going to “smash together protons”? To what ends?

Isn’t there something more positive one can do than perpetually shooting two things at each other?

Fire three rockets AT the eclipse?

I get the sense that this eclipse means more to CERN and NASA than the public is aware of.

Seeing how CERN is obsessed with satanic symbolism, it could have something to do with this:


Or this:



The horned devil of christian teaching is closely related to the horned god of the underworld which the ancient Celts called Cernonnus. 

The “Cern” in Cernonnus means “horned”. This Celtic plate shows Cernonnus is the lord of the ring and holder of the serpent:

CERN is mostly 300 feet underground. Not too far away from that underworld.

CERN is located in the town Saint-Genis-Pouilly, near Geneva. This might seem like a stretch, but linguistically speaking Pouilly looks like the modern rendering of the Latin and Greek Appollyon. Appollyon is a deity known as “the destroyer”. Mythologists equate “the destroyer” with Satan.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that CERN features a statue of “Shiva the Destroyer” on their grounds.

A Bible-verse comes to mind:

“…to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened
the bottomless pit …And they had a king over them, which is the
angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is
Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” –
Rev 9:1-2,11


CERNs self-description is “Gateway to the Universe”. In their publications they say they are interested in detecting and creating black holes. One could argue that’s another word for “bottomless pit”.

They have also stated, publicly, that the electromagnets on their Large Hadron Collider are 100 000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field. Wow!

There are plenty of online videos by conspiracists, claiming that CERN “opens the abyss”, creates portals for demons to enter, messes with timelines, creates the mandela-effect, strange electromagnetic and sky phenomena above CERN, etc. The idea is that fallen angels are somehow trapped in what Jesus called “the outer darkness” and that CERN is attempting to let them out of their trap and into our world.

I have no way to prove or disprove any of these ideas. I like to stick with what’s known. But what’s known is more than enough to conclude there’s something shady about CERN.

Even without the satanic angle, something is off. Let’s deconstruct CERN from a purely scientific angle.

I was interested in physics during my teenage years. I read Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr and Richard Feynman. I even read some of the mind-crushingly boring books of Stephen Hawking, believe it or not. I have some idea of what physicists sound like and the CERN people do not sound, look or feel like physicists.

CERN’s biggest accomplishment is the “discovery of the God particle”, the Higgs Boson. But nobody seems to know what this is or how it might be of practical use. According to the CERN website, the current “Director for Accelerators and Technology”, the highest scientific position at CERN is a guy named Mike Lamont. I found one printed interview with him online.

Do you know how you can tell a liar?

They speak in generalities.

Here’s the interview, interspersed with my commentary.

What fascinates you concerning your work and the LHC?

The Large Hardron Collider is a fascinating machine and immensly complicated. The fact that it works at all is because we managed to canton the expertise. So we have a cryogenics team, a vacuum team,  a power converter team, a radio frequency team, a beam instrumentation team. The machine has to work excellently in order to push the boundaries and to produce as many collissions as possible. The goal is to give the experiments a big size of data outputs so that they can start answering questions like: is there any new physics at this new energy?

The Collider is fascinating and complicated!

It works excellently to push boundaries!

A big size of data outputs!

Is there any new physics at this new energy?

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people throughout my career. When a person starts talking in vague generalities I know they have absolutely no clue of the subject matter.

What do you do to stay motivated?

We are problem solving and curiosity driven almost on a daily basis. It is absorbing itself, you don‘t have to motivate yourself because every day is different. I work with incredible people. We are allowed to express ourselves, you can bring humanity and humor to the effort while keeping the ship in the right direction. And it is still a remarkable thing what we are doing. It is a huge privilege to be part of it.

We are problem solving and curiosity driven! Oh yeah? What problems have you solved?

The people are incredible! Yeah? What’s so incredible about them?

We are allowed to express ourselves! Really? Wow! What an achievement.

You can bring humanity and humor to the effort while keeping the ship in the right direction! Oh yeah? What direction would that be?

We are doing something remarkable! Oh yeah? What’s that?

It’s a huge privilege! Is that right?

The entire interview comprises nothing but corporate slogans, without specifics. Or what have you learned so far from the world’s foremost scientist?

Which effect can your work have in society?

We bring togehter people from all over the world and try to solve common problems. We support other enterprises for example recently in the design, installation and building of a medical facility for cancer treatment. On the one hand people come here and are being educated but also we go out and use our expertise around the world in colloborations with other teams. In this sense I think it is a 21st century template of cooperation and pretty unique.

Cancer treatment! Wow. What kind? How does it differ from other cancer treatments. How many have been cured? Oh…wait, I see you’re not actually involved in cancer treatment, you only installed the building. I didn’t know CERN does construction work.

Before writing this article I watched several videos by these CERN folks, just to make sure I’m dealing with goofballs rather than scientists. I wouldn’t want to irresponsibly publish an article maligning a good organization. All the videos I watched are along similar lines of vagueness. A real waste of time. Maybe that’s why their videos on YouTube have such a low view-count despite supposedly being revered by Billions of people. In fact, less people watch CERN videos than watch mine. How is that even possible? CERN has been advertised across all media platforms for decades and has received Budgets in the trillions and yet I with an ad-budget of zero, have more video-views than them?

You see, there is something shady about having a near-unlimited budget and worldwide multi-decade media-attention and still not getting the public to be interested in your science. Sure, I realize science isn’t a popularity contest but CERN has invested a lot of money into their media-presence spanning several decades. Why do they only average half a dozen “likes” per video?

Before writing this article I was going to buy this book. Then I realized I’m so bored by CERN, I don’t want to read a whole book, even if it debunks them. I fully understand the book, just from reading the title.


Am I being unfair? Prejudging? Ignorant?

Maybe. I’m open to the idea that I’m simply an uneducated moron who doesn’t understand these geniuses.

This is one of many videos I have watched trying to figure out just what all this is about. It’s the boss of CERN Fabiola Gianotti, herself a most distinguished particle physicist, speaking in front of the WEF. I’m not recommending the video, it’s tedious.

What makes it tedious? There is nothing in the video that we haven’t all already been told in grade school.

She explains that CERN is the biggest laboratory in the world for particle physics. Particle physics is the study of the behavior of very, very small things. OK, what’s new?

She says the Large Hadron Collider beams two protons in opposite directions to make them collide.Basically, they are taking very small things and shooting them against each other.

Imagine shooting two soccer balls at each other and hoping to learn the “secrets of the universe” that way.

Then she goes into what subatomic particles are. Then something about the Big Bang. Then she again says that the purpose of the LHC is to see what happens when two particles collide. OK – and how many more times do you need to see what happens when two items collide at high speed?

She says “The collision produces thousands of particles and we measure every single particle to give us a picture of the collision event”. Hmmm…OK. I thought I was going to hear more about all the “discoveries”, but then she talks about all the nations that fund to this shoot-fest. She then mentions that the world wide web was invented by CERN, certainly nothing new to that audience. This is a WEF-audience she is speaking to. Those are supposed to be the 1% upper elite of the world. But the presentation is hilariously basic. You’d expect the audience to be school children.

At the 14 minute mark she finally speaks on the Higgs Boson. She says it’s a “very important particle without which atoms would not exist as stable systems”. “Most matter is made of dark energy that we don’t know”. She concludes with:

“Darkness is the focus of our scientific exploration today and tomorrow”. LOL. OK.

The presentation contained no insight that hasn’t already been published ad nauseum across hundreds of documentaries, basic school textbooks or even 8 o’clock news-shows. Fabiola Gianotti is the boss of CERN, the world’s number one expert on particle physics.

A real expert in their field can

a) tell an audience something unknown

b) show something known from a new angle

c) go beyond bare grade school basics

After the presentation, the moderator says “That was terrific!” Then the moderator says “What strikes me, as a reflection, is the fundamental unity of us all”. And, pointing at the screen filled with stars:  “The image here is from the James Webb Telescope!”. It doesn’t get any more trite than this. I turned the video off at this point.

I used to coach people in public speaking. If I were here coach, I’d say: Offer something fascinating. A nugget of gold, not yet known publicly. Add something funny that happened during your research. Offer something practical you’ve learned from your research.

Here’s my problem with this whole “world changing” Higgs Boson discovery:

Before it’s discovery, we said that everything is made up of very small particles, such as atoms. Then we said everything is made up of even smaller particles, protons and neutrons. And then we said everything is made up of even smaller particles called quarks. Now it’s an even smaller one called Higgs Boson.

So what? This is kicking the can down the road.

I was frustrated with the emptiness of the CERN videos that I went looking for any CERN-skeptic. I found not all physicists are enamored with CERN:

“But CERN invented the Internet !” I’ve been told. But they didn’t. The Internet was developed by DARPA. It’s been use by the military since the 1960s.

I am not and never have been interested in “what the future holds” with CERN. I’m interested in applicable knowledge, not theoretical mumbo-jumbo. CERN’s experiments have never been independently reproduced.

Applicable knowledge can be used to improve lives. Whose life has been improved by the hundreds of Billions of Dollars spent on smashing particles against each other?

In many ways these people remind me of NASA who will keep spending Trillions of Dollars on “going to Mars” or “going to the Moon” only to discover pictures of rocks in every decade that passes.


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