The Patent Secrecy Act


If you invented something amazing, “the government” can impose a secrecy order and nobody will ever know. The secrecy applies not only to the invention but also the subject matter of the invention.

Currently 6155 inventors have been silenced.

Who are these inventors? Will we ever know? By “law”, they are not even allowed to tell us that they’ve been silenced.

What are the inventions your elected representatives don’t want you to know about?

Are all these secrecy orders really for “national security” or has this excuse been overused?

A 1971 declassified document revealed that secrecy orders were put on fairly innocent categories such as:

* Fuels, Propellants and Propulsion systems
* Photography
* Sensors
* Navigation Systems
* Mapping
* Meteorology
* Computers
* Locating Objects
* Unique Materials
* Vehicles
* Radiology

The secrecy is certinaly justified if it comes to weapons and defense-related gadgets.

But this sure looks like withholding inventions to let closed-circle-elites further their economic advantage. This is why it takes approximately 20-50 years before things the military has been using, to trickle down to general use. They had Internet in 1969, we got it in the 90s.


1. You invent something nice

2. You want to show it to your friends.

3. A stranger comes to your house and tells you “No, you can’t show this to your friends, otherwise I’ll lock you up. In fact, don’t even tell them that we silenced you”.

How much longer are we going to put up with this bullying behavior?

Do other countries have similar laws?

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