The more real you get, the more fake the world looks

A part of spiritual awakening is learning that the world is an illusion. To be in the world, but not of it. A path to higher consciousness (frequencies, vibrations) is in renouncing the illusory world. This process is explained in my 2010 book Levels of Energy.

As you ascend, the world becomes more unreal. You notice that the news  on TV is fabricated and that real news comes from the experiences of people you know and trust. You see how movies and video-games are counterfeits of real experience. We have created a society that has mostly substituted real adventure for adventure-on-screen. It’s fun, but not a much fun as reality. Real adventure requires courage and stamina. Watching porn can’t create real intimacy. Real intimacy requires vulnerability, attentiveness and respect and many other things that remain undeveloped in porn. For the same reason I’m not fond of porn, I don’t like using navigation-apps all the time. I’d like to develop my sense of orientation instead. And I much prefer playing tennis to watching tennis, doing seminars live to doing them on Zoom, etc. I want REAL. Am I condemning or judging people who spend most of their time in a fake reality? No. But I am saying that, if you wish to ascend on the scale of consciousness, go more for the real than the copy.

As awareness deepens you accept that every external object is non-genuine, unsubstantial, playing no part in increasing your energy or ability. 

You see that brand names provide fake status or merit. Real merit is achieved through your work or contribution. Celebrities are fake idols of admiration. Our schooling system teaches much fake knowledge. Fake knowledge is to teach children that our ancestors were primitive and stupid and evolved over time. Real knowledge is to know that we were more advanced than today, several times in our History. A pharma company gives you fake medicine. Real medicine heals you. The “beauty industry” doesn’t provide beauty, it provides the illusion of beauty. Real beauty comes from your inner state. But many are convinced beauty can be bought with products. In reality, a deeply relaxed person quickly becomes more attractive. Make-up is supposed to enhance already existing beauty, not be a substitute for it. Pharma products are supposed to enhance already existing health, not substitute it. Schooling is meant to supplement experiential learning, not replace it.

Alcohol provides fake confidence so that you don’t have to go through the discomfort of vulnerability. I smoked for twenty years so that I would never have to face moments of boredom and social awkwardness. Smoking “helped me” avoid any sort of emotional growth. Once I quit smoking, I had to deal with being-ness itself. You see, every time an opportunity arose to just be, I lit a cigarette instead. Great way to avoid existence.

Credit cards provide fake purchases. Real purchases are paid with money you actually have.

Seen on a poster: “Beauty is a $532 Billion Dollar industry that won’t make you pretty. Education is a $1350 Billion Dollar industry that won’t make you smart. Diet is a 72 Billion Dollar Industry that won’t make you lean. Pharma is a $1500 Dollar Industry that won’t make you healthy“. I loved that poster, it exposed the fraudulent nature of “the world” in one simple image.

How deep does the fake-ness go? In my view, EVERYTHING on earth is, to some extent, tainted. And the sooner you are disillusioned, the better. And what is real?

Spirit is real.

Your fellow human beings are real.

Your body, mind and soul are real.

Your kindness is very real.

Your power is real.

And the whole point of the charade of fake-ness is to make you forget your power. It’s a game, a training, an amazing experience. This has been the way on Earth for as long as this game-board exists. Once you master the game, you exit the game. So it’s good that everything is more or less fake. Otherwise the game of life couldn’t be played.  The goal of the game is to awaken to what’s real. One of the requirements for ascending is discerning truth vs. falsehood.

Every time I post something dedicated to disillusionment, I receive a few “unsubscribes” with people complaining that I am “focusing on the negative”. I can tell these people haven’t read my books. They think I teach this new-age “positive thinking” nonsense, which isn’t positive at all. There is nothing positive, life-affirming or success-oriented about denial. As I say in Levels of Energy, life is meant to be a balance of negative and positive. When we welcome the “negative” without resistance, in appreciation of it’s purpose, it’s much easier to pivot to the positive. Then the positive becomes genuine and profound, not like the shallow and indeed fake “positive thinking” so popular these days.

Disillusionment may seem scary and negative, but it is very positive. You quit wasting your time with or investing heart in things  unreal, such as brand-names, politics and alcohol and get on with the process of spiritual and physical refinement.

Strolling through a supermarket the other day. There were several rows of chocolate-bars, strawberry-bars, vanilla-bars, caramel-bars that had words like “Keto” “Diet”, “Weight Loss” and “Protein” on them. To know that all these sweets have absolutely nothing to do with any “Keto” or “Weight Loss”, all you have to do is look at the body shape of the average customer who buys them. If you want the real thing around weight loss, observe what slim people are eating. That’s all that’s required. I don’t know many slim people who use these “weight loss” chocolate bars or “weight loss gummies” that stick to ones digestion tract for hours. Simple discernment would tell you that “not eating gummies” is more conducive to weight-loss than “eating weight loss gummies”. I wonder how much of what people believe these days, was dreamed up by a marketer or PR agent.

A crazily successful PR-campaign was medical masks. Before the PR-campaign started, all the usual suspects invested in companies that produced the masks (shown previously). But is it really healthy, or have marketers convinced you that it is? When you exhale, your body is getting rid of toxins and unhealthy bacteria. By wearing a mask, toxins are trapped on the fabric and you inhale it back in. This is why we’ve had an increase in bacterial pneumonia in recent years. I don’t wear masks because they are unhealthy. Oxygen is healthy. But try telling that to all the people that have been bamboozled by the marketers.

Some people worry, asking me “I don’t understand, has the world gone crazy recently?” But mass psychosis is nothing recent. If you are only just now noticing it, you are only just now awakening to a new level. Almost everything is fake and that’s good. It helps you awaken to what’s real. Shakespeare said all the world is a stage and everyone plays their part. So enjoy the show, but don’t become so identified with it that you suffer 🙂

The mass-psychosis was already there in the 1980s, the 1500s or 2000 B.C. In the 1980s we went into a mass-psychosis in which pharmacies sprung up on every corner and hundreds of millions of people went on one medication or another. Also in the 1980s, they started eating foods that won’t digest, causing mass-obesity. The mass-epidemic of obesity caused very little change in the industry or peoples habits. Not changing self-harming habits, is psychotic.

If you can accept that planet earth currently isn’t all that advanced, you can enjoy yourself here. You can be abundant. You can be high-consciousness. But if you demand that the world is too, you set yourself up for failure. Don’t try to control others choices, take charge of your own. They don’t really care about us. If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the…change.

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