The Faking of Historical Timelines

Over a series of books, Russian historian Anatoly Fomenko points out the similaries between the reign of kings in different countries, as if they were a copy-paste fabrications.

Here’s a comparsion of the Kings of Navarre, in Spain and the swedish Kings and the number of years they ruled. The number of years in brackets, indicated by the green line.


A comparison of the Habsburg Empire and the Russian Empire. They might as well be the exactly same kings. Which one is the “real”, which the copy?


Is only one of these fabricated or both?

Were the scribes too lazy to make up a new narrative so they copied a story, changing only a few names, places and details?

Without the Habsburg dynasty, which ruled in central Europe, there really is no “European History”.

And without the Russian Empire, there is no “Russian History”.

A list of Popes from different centuries, and their reign over “the Holy Roman Empire”:

There are only small variations, as if the histories were lazily copied, then slightly altered.

Fomenko’s comparison of England and the Byzantine Empire:

Fomenko provides many more examples, along with evidence that documents, narratives and even statues were also forged to support fake Histories.

I have not yet had the time to dive into Fomenko’s research so please take this with a grain of salt.

If true there must have been a point where a group of people met to write stories that have little to do with what actually happened. But why?

Maybe our entire world is one gigantic game or IQ-test, a puzzle waiting to be solved.

What does Wicked-pedia say about all this?

Fomenko’s historical ideas have been universally rejected by mainstream scientists, historians, and scholars, who brand them as pseudohistory, pseudoarchaeology, and pseudoscience,  but were popularized by former world chess champion Garry Kasparov.

Pseudohistory, pseudoarchaeology and pseudoscience? That’s quite a mouthful.

I’ll park this topic for now and move on to something I’ve noticed, regarding timelines:

The time between the late 1775 and 1850 is when the old world was erased and reset. One period of human history ended, a new period began. There were wars and revolutions around the world. There were floods and mudfloods. In some places, this time is called “interregnum”, meaning “the time in between rulers”. Before that, the world was divided into Kingdoms.

We’ve seen this on old maps where there were no countries but regnums – also in America, Africa, Asia and Antarctica, not just in Europe and Russia.

In some places, such as Asia, there are mysterious gaps during this time.

An example of the gap in the historical timeline of Kyoto, Japan:



We see a “great fire” in 1788. Then nothing until 1854. Was there no japanese history for 66 years?

This is the historical timeline of Shanghai:


According to this Dictionary, no notable event happened between 1789 and 1842 in Shanghai.

Here’s Seoul, South Korea:


Mind the gap between 1796 and 1867.

Here’s Tokyo:


Tokyo has a lot happening before 1721 and after 1853. But what happened in the 132 hundred years in between?

Europe and Russia didn’t have this gap. They had wars and also an interregnum during this period.

According to Wikipedia: (bolding mine)

  • French and British interregnum in the Dutch East Indies between 1806 and 1815 was a period of French and then British rule on the Dutch East Indies after the collapse of the Dutch East India Company. The First French Empire ruled between 1806 and 1811. The British Empire took over for 1811 to 1815, and transferred control back to the Dutch in 1815.
  • The brief Russian interregnum of 1825, caused by uncertainty over who succeeded the deceased Emperor Alexander I, only lasted between 1 December and 26 December 1825, but was used to stage the highly resonant Decembrist revolt. It ended when Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich renounced his claim to throne, allowing Nicholas I to declare himself Tsar.

During this time we have a worldwide occurence of “revolutionary wars” and “wars for independence”. The much maligned monarchies were replaced by “democracies”.

The French Revolutionary war lasted from 1792 to 1802.

The American Revolutionary war went from 1755 to 1783.

The Irish Rebellion progressed from 1798 to 1803

The Napoleonic wars took place between 1803 and 1805

The Haitin Revolutionary war went from 1791 to 1804

The Dominican war of indepdendence in 1844

Mexican War of Independence 1810–21

Texas Revolution 1835–36

The Serbian Revolution 1804-1835

The German War of Liberation 1813

The Greek War of Independence 1821

Swedish-Norwegian War 1814

Spanish-American war 1808-1833

Italian Wars of Independence 1848-1866

These wars were more than just “revolutionary”. They kept people fearful and preoccupied while the old world was being removed for “the great reset”. This is why alt-history researchers can show us so many completely empty cities in the 1860s.

Strange things happened. The 1816 unexplained “year without summer” is just one of them.

In 1812 and 1813 we had the “Madrid Earthquakes”. I quote from an article titled “1812 was a very strange year“:

I decided to look further into the events surrounding New Madrid, what is often not discussed, and this is what I found.

Lightning and crackling sparks were reported across the ground. One witness near New Madrid reported sparks of fire spewing from the earth. In the sky, more flashing lights and fires. Metal objects clung to walls. Many reported a strange tingling all over their bodies, while others described being electrocuted. Even stranger were those who said they had no idea an earthquake were rocking the joint due to the electric shock they were receiving.

Keep in mind that the earthquakes happened over several weeks. Throughout this entire ordeal, and even starting two or three years prior, mysterious booms were heard from just beyond the horizon—rumbling thunder—and what many described as large guns or artillery explosions. Others heard extremely large hissing sounds, as though the earth were seething its teeth and gas was escaping forth. Descriptions included that of metal scraping together and the sizzle of a hot iron after being dropped into a bath of water. Windows shattered. Others felt strangely disoriented.

In the hours after December 16, a dark mist haunted the hills surrounding New Madrid’s epicenter. It smelled of sulfur. Many succumbed to nausea and unreasonable coughing. Not only did it eclipse the sun, but the darkness hung like a curtain. Multiple witnesses indicated the sulfurous vapor was so thick that lanterns went out and fires could not be lit. Similar reports were related by those who had been struck by the disease during the bubonic plague.

The earthquake was felt as far east as South Carolina. In North Carolina multiple witnesses reported large extraordinary fires in the air lasting several hours. Fires as large as blazing houses, suspended in place. But what really nabbed their attention was the fact that no sparks accompanied the blazes. Today we would probably call them orbs. 

Following the “interregnum”, ancient cities such as Chicago and San Francisco were claimed to have just been built. They mysteriously sprang up in the 1850s. Cities were dug out of the mud and presented in “world fairs”. I’ve detailed these events in other articles.

We used to live in a society where royals ruled by “divine right”. Their right to rule was decreed from Heaven. Modernists claim that the revolutions served the purpose of “giving power back to we-the-people”, making the whole world more “democratic” and “free”.

For a long time I believed this. My view has meanwhile matured to acknowledge that the “democracy” and “rule by the people” was a deceptive ploy to win our hearts and never suspect foul play by our new overlords.

In reality, nobody democratically chose the most important events of the 19th and 20th Cenutry. Did your grandparents have a say in nuclear bomb testing? Did you have any say in forced vaccination? Was your vote taken over sending hundreds of Billions to the Ukraine? Of course not. You’re not living in a “democracy” and never have – at least not in the things that matter. Our “social media” runs the same scheme: It’s made to look like a “democratic” and “organic” sharing of ideas between “regular folk”. In reality, non-conforming views are throttled and shadowbanned while pre-selected “influencers” are given millions of “followers” to make it look like they are “popular”.

The formerly open absolute rule was replaced by a hidden absolute rule, a hidden kingdom that pretended to benefit us commoners (formerly: peasants). This has become more clear to more people in the last years. We are so “free” and “democratic” we lock away inconvenient journalists (Assange), use military to enforce lockdowns (Australia) and apply forced vaccination to people as if they were farm animals, close the bank accounts of protesting Truckers (Canada), etc. The countries labeled the most “democratic” and “least authoritiarian” do this.

World War I and II and were the final nails in the coffin of the old world. The Nazis and Communists are responsible for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of buildings, monuments, statues, churches and temples across Europe. Some alt-history researchers  claim that Stalin or Hitler were fighting on the side of we-the-people against the hidden rulers, but the fruits of their “work” speak a different language: Europe and Russia became a junkyard of debris, and left us with a traumatized and starving public who had zero interest in their history. It’s only from a place of relative comfort one begins to ask questions and examine things neutrally.

The drawing above is of Augsburg, Germany, from the year 1777. Augsburg can be found on maps ranging back one thousand years. Historians say it’s two-thousand years old.  It’s one of many examples of what a city or town looked like prior to the “revolution” and “interregnum”. Not just European cities that looked like this. Looking at old maps, we see these fortified cities full of grand architecture, these spires, cathedrals, pyramids, star forts etc. in Africa, America, Asia, the middle East, Antarctica, Russia (as previously shown).

We’ve been told our ancestors were primitive. We were told they were so filthy they didn’t use toilets or wash. They oppressed common people. I doubt all of these claims.

I’ve devised this formula on how any amateur can prove fabricated History:

1. Take an awe-inspiring place “built” sometime between 1860 and 1899.

2. Compare to maps, stories, paintings and reports prior to 1860.

3. Note the discrepancy.

Done! I’ve used this formula many times on this website.

Just one example:

1. Neuschwanstein Castle. A spectacular building claimed to be built in 1869.

2. A map of the region from 1619. It shows a castle exactly where Neuschwanstein (new-swan-stone) is. Back then it was called “Neu Hohen Schwangau (new-high-swan-land”).

3. Subsequently I learn that

a) the “construction photos” show the castle already-complete.

b) I learn that the new castle was built on the “ruins” of a previous one (the tour-guide never mentioned that).

c) I learn that there are plenty of old photos drawings, postcards of the nearby castle “Hohenschwangau” but NONE of the second castle that was supposed to have preceded the current one and stood there for hundreds of years.

Why no images of the previous castle? Because they don’t want you to know that it looked just like the “new” one.

Long story short, the beautiful castle is a thousand years old.

This formula works because History-Fakery started in the late 1800s, at the end of the Millenium.

Why is all of this coming to light now? Alt-history researcher @TartariaLives believes it started with the era of Donald Trump (thread linked).

All this coming to light is a sign that the era of this “series” of hidden rulers is coming to an end. What will it be replaced by? Find out on the next episode of “Planet Earth”.

Yet another piece of timeline fakery appears to have been the adding of 1000 years to our timeline. Here’s another post by @TartariaLives (linked) which goes into detail on the topic.

In summary, the letter I or J was re-framed to mean the number 1. Thus, the year 1435 is actually the year J435 or I435. I saw an example of this on a recent walk through the old Biltmore Estate in North Carolina:

Historians call this the year 1528, but it’s really J528 and I528. Once you know it, you see it everywhere in old paintings, sculptures, maps, etc.

The “J” stands for Jesus, the I stands for Issa or Iesus (other names for Jesus). So 1528 is really the year 528 of Jesus. After the “interregnum” the J turned into a 1.

This then, is the reason there seems to be another “gap” in history and also so-called “dark ages”. It’s not clear what happened between the year 1 and 999 because these were the thousand years added to our chronology. This is the “phantom time hypothesis” in case you wish to look it up.

That’s plenty to digest for now. If this write-up expanded your awareness, please share it.


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