Television as black magic mass-reality-creation

People believe what they SEE.

People emulate what they SEE.

People BE-COME what they see and emulate. Television then, is the greatest mass-reality-creation tool ever devised.

I returned to the U.S. in 2021, after living abroad for twenty years. I noticed how everyone was talking more quickly than I was accustomed to. They also were using different intonation, many of them raising their voice at the end of a sentence, as if asking a question. It’s not how I talked. I was still in slow 1990s mode.

How did this change come about? Through TV-shows. This is how Americans were taught to talk. People emulate what’s on TV.  They want to be like the stars on TV. Since I don’t talk that way, do I alienate younger people? Maybe. I’ve been told “I don’t watch your videos because you talk too slow”.

There are a lot of phrases, mannerisms and words that I’ve seen arise on TV,  then spill over into real life. In old ads on hypnotism it was common to say the hypnotist could use any TV set to put you into a state of trance.

A lot of people would agree that there’s brainwashing on TV, that TV is hypnotic etc. But have you ever considered that this is the reason TV was invented?

Have you ever considered that it was never meant to be a vehicle of entertainment, information and convenience but was specifcally planned as a mass-indoctrination tool and is still being used as such, today?

The entire NASA-scam, one of the biggest of our time, relies on you believing what you SEE on TV. If you go by what you see with your naked eye, there is little proof that NASAs “space program” is anything other than a hoax.

The following Video is half an hour long but well worth it if you still believe – through decades of TV brainwashing – that NASA is a legitimate company. The Video contains three very strong pieces of evidence that cast doubt on the reality of the International Space Station (ISS).

1. One person adhering to time delay on a call with earth while the other person is reacting in real time.

2. Astronauts being supplied with jerseys of the superbowl winner without a rocket having gone up during that time.

3. Evidence of astronauts wearing harnesses and operating on greenscreen.

NASA owns one of the largest film studios. The people that work there should be thought of not as scientists but professional actors. Without TV, their magic falls apart.

Most people think of “black magic” as something to do with pentagrams and spells in dimly lit caverns. I think of black magic foremost as clandestine mass-reality-creation through colors, sounds and words. Media (Mediums) are not only casting spells, they are broad-casting them.

And I’m the person who would know how reality-creation works, having taught the same for 35 years.

When ancient sages referred to our world as “an Illusion”, they meant it. Everything you see on screen is potentially illusory. What you see in your environment around you, is comparitvely more real.  And if most of your beliefs and behaviors are rooted in what you saw on a screen, then your life has been created by someone else.

The video below is another very long one, an entire documentary in fact. I don’t expect you to watch it, so I summarize its contents.

It’s about how the biggest southern European “pop star” of the 1980s couldn’t sing. He was just lip syncing. The guy who really sang the songs and the guy who lip-synced them (but did all the live touring) are now publically arguing over who deserves the credit.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know from firsthand experience that

a) it’s still being done,

b) it’s more common than you’re told and

c) the music industry is another illusion that awaits replacement by something more authentic.


By now we’ve seen that NASAs “space program” is an illusion and the music industry is also an illusion. How is it possible to deceive so many people?

It’s so easy: People believe what they SEE.

The singer couldn’t even speak English properly. His American-English was fluent while he sang but broken in interviews. His producers always cut interviews short and said “he’s a shy person who doesn’t like to give interviews”. But most people did not notice and did not question. In most people SEEING is more strongly developed than LISTENING. They pulled off the scam for an entire decade.

This is real magic. People are made to believe that these are “musicians” but they are actors. Just a handful of people influence millions. I’m in awe of their power, but it’s also evil, that’s why I call it “black magic”. It’s evil because it blankets the whole world in inauthenticity. Phil Farnsworth, the alleged inventor of Television was said to have forbidden his own children to watch TV.

Thanks to the mass-media-magicians, we can’t be sure of anything except our own direct experience. George Orwell said in his book 1984 that we live “in an age of universal deceit”. He wasn’t joking.

Talking heads on TV like to begin their sentences with “We know that…”. People who talk with that kind of self-assuredness are usually morons. We don’t really “know” all that much. We assume. We guess. But anything you see on your screen should be taken with a grain of salt – even the stuff you enthusastically agree with.

The first nuclear test carried out by the U.S. on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in July 1946 was called Able:

The second nuclear test was called Baker, detonated 24 days later:
The problem? The palm trees, hut and deck on both photos look exactly the same. They might as well be the same photos with different explosions superimposed.

And even IF these photos were real, the palm trees, hut and deck just a few miles from the explosion, should have been destroyed, buried, flooded or disappeared by the tsunami caused by any explosion of that magnitude.

The sailors in image 3 are shown a few miles away from the detonation of banker. They’re not wearing goggles or radiation suits.

(I took these images from an article on but they are also available elsewhere).

Again, we are “told” that this is what happened. We “see” on TV that this is what happened. But were you actually there to witness these nuclear explosions? Do you know anyone who was there to witness? Do you know the person who dropped the bombs? No? Then you’ll just have to trust that the TV is telling you the truth.

Is it too much asked to have some things be genuine? What’s wrong with having a good-looking and entertaining singer who can really sing? Such a person does exist. It’s like these magicians behind the curtains have elevated deception to an artform, like the goal was never science, music or film but simply deceiving as many people as possible.

You could argue that stuff on screen is supposed to be entertainment. That “reality is boring” and we should be grateful to have some distraction. I’m not denying that. I’ve watched hundreds of good shows on screen or that I’ve learned a lot on YouTube. Internet democratized the brainwashing.

But the Internet is not as free and democratic as many thought. The “programming” is still tightly controlled. Netflix, for example, only allows a certain narrow spectrum of ideas. So-called “reality TV” isn’t. It’s all scripted. Even political dramas are scripted. Or did you really believe someone as transparently unlikable and crooked as Klaus Schwab is anything but an actor? “Eat ze bugs”? “You will own nothing and be happy”? “You are useless eaters”? Really? That’s how a scripted caricture, a cartoon villain talks, not a real person.

What would total freedom of information look like? We don’t know. We’ve been under a cloud of oblivion ever since the invention of mass-media.

The real challenge of the future is to de-illusionize our world, to experience something more authentic.

What’s more authentic? Go live in a cabin in the woods? I’m not going that far. Maybe I’ll start by asking my congressperson why my tax money is being used to fund NASA.

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