Personal Adventures with Trump Derangement Syndrome

This is a long article. Get a cup-of-whatever, sit back and relax. Enjoy the absolute madness it reveals.

In 2016 a student asked if I wanted to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. “It’ll be a game-changer for you, Fred. You better believe it! Can you handle all the attention coming your way?”

I don’t worship celebrities the way the lib-dems do, but I said “Sure. It’ll help my book sales“.

A few minutes later he asked “What’s your view on Trump?

I naively blurted out “Yeah, good guy! He’ll be the next President“. This was almost a year before he got elected. How did I know? That’s a story for another time.
My student disagreed and went on to elaborate.
That was fine. Or so I thought.

At the time I was unaware of a connection between the Oprah question and Trump question.

The strangest thing: Half a year prior, a different student asked me the same question about an Oprah interview. I somehow doubted he was in the position to arrange it, but I agreed.

This student ALSO asked the Trump question but a few weeks later. What are the chances???

I liked Trump because he didn’t censor his speech, he talked like “ones of us”. The worst thing about career politicians is the stilted PC Jargon. They talk as if they had learned “how to sound like a human” in some off-planet boot camp.

Life was easy in early 2016. Back then I did not yet know that just saying “I like Trump” would make me an outcast among colleagues, students, readers and even family and friends. I didn’t’ know that supporting Trump-policies would get me kicked off of Facebook and warned twice on YouTube, on the verge of them deleting an account that had taken 15 years to build.

I considered myself moderately libertarian , often apolitical. Being apolitical was is one my mistakes in life. “Polite guys don’t talk religion or politics” I used to say. Thankfully I’m done being polite.

That Oprah interview never manifested. I never again heard from either student again.

After Trump got elected November 2016, I saw why:

99.9% of “Hollywood” and “New York” celebs were zealous anti-Trumpers in earnest! – even before the guy took office. Wikipedia carries a long list of pro-Hillary and pro-Biden celebs. Any “celebrity” Trump supporters? Nah. Only a couple barely known ones + Clint Eastwood who always plays Hollywood’s token-Republican.

I hadn’t realized just how serious people were taking this whole thing. They were Manic!

Why? Privately I’ve speculated whether it’s a mental illness or demonic affliction, but I didn’t voice such musings publicly.

The fact of mainstream unison scripted anti-Trumpism awakened me to how hive-minded we already were. How? Why? The guy hasn’t even entered office yet and he’s already the most evil man since Hitler?

Mainstream media uniformly predicted a Trump loss by a large margin. How could they have been so wrong? It was my first hint that we are all headed toward a new and strange adventure that is still unfolding today.

The heads at Google and Facebook held conferences that were leaked online. They were saying “we can never let this happen again” – as if they were in charge of who gets elected – creepy! Whoever Trump is, his mere presence revealed corruption and madness beyond anyone’s imagination.

With Trump’s reign came the arrest of the folks in Hillary Clinton’s circle: Epstein, Weinstein, baby-farmer John of God, Bin-Talal and many others that Trump had been attacking for years. That explained the manic panic. The Trump-admin was rounding up powerful people. These same Illuminati henchmen were also in Oprah’s close circle of friends.

Saying “I like Trump” back in 2015, saved my life because it kept me from joining the wrong crowd (someday I’ll talk about my close encounters with that crowd).

During the Trump reign, I lived in New Zealand. Folks I met, assumed I was there to escape Trump’s Nazi Regime. In reality I had moved there for the country’s natural beauty. Their serious anti-Trumpism didn’t bother me. Unlike the “liberals” there, I’m actually quite liberal toward opposing political views. I can’t stand echo-chambers where everyone has the same views (that’s why I don’t use TruthSocial).

I don’t idolize people, so I never became a fanatic Trump fan. I don’t really know the guy, do you? I agree with Trump’s political agenda. You know – like “let’s not send get involved in foreign wars”, “let’s not send taxpayer money to foreign countries for wars”, etc. Very basic, sane stuff.

I enjoyed my pro-Trump stance when everyone around me had been conditioned to be a hater. After I moved back to America it wasn’t that much fun to be pro-Trump because everyone else was too. This taught me that my motives are more about anti-hive-mind than any strong political conviction.

Yes, some Trumpers are just as hive-minded and brainwashed as the other side. Some people think they have to “explain” that to me as if I hadn’t figured that out myself. Guess what: I still support Trump. What are you going to do about it? Sue me?

Recently I have people “explaining” to me that Trump’s stance on the Covid-vaccines don’t mesh with my views of Covid-vaccines, as if I weren’t aware of that and required gentle, patient instruction. Their heads explode🤯when I say I support Trump in spite of that. There is a reason I do, but I quit explaining myself on this many years ago.

From what I can tell, the great majority of Americans are willing to vote for Trump. I have yet to see anyone wear a “Biden cap”. Type “I heart Biden” into Google and you only get one page results. To claim that Biden is “the most voted for President in History” as we can read on Wikipedia, is pretty far out there. How far gone do you have to be to believe that? (not to mention that the guy isn’t even Biden, but that’s a whole different story)

How can we STILL be living with a mass-media who censors, deplatforms and attakcs you for saying the election in 2020 was stolen? Just this fact alone has blown the minds of hundreds of millions. So many people now understand how the game is rigged. That silent revolution has not been televised.

In 2017 I committed the

unforgivable hate-crime

of wearing a MAGA-Hat

to a Tennis Club.

I had only been a member for a couple of weeks. Maybe I should have waited until I made friends. I had forgotten my other cap and the sun was beating down relentlessly so I just grabbed the MAGA cap I had on the backseat of my Jeep Wrangler. Judgemental stares. This wasn’t the U.S. it was New Zealand. Before the match even started, I was taken aside and lectured that “we try to keep politics away from tennis” (I had heard plenty of politics on the court, but when it came to this kind of politics they suddenly “try to keep politics away”. The hypocrisy is miles high with some people). I could see the old lady was sick with worry, so I removed the cap and asked if I could borrow one from her. I just feel compassion with these people, no ill-will. How can you be so conditioned by your TV that you get sick with fear at mere baseball cap?

I wasn’t kicked out of the club, but henceforth excluded from certain activities – which eventually led to me leaving the club. All these do-gooder anti-Nazis sure have a lot in common with Nazis – something I’d experience at a much greater scale during “Covid” (which was supposed to have been called Covfefe until Trump told us that’s what they’re going to call it years earlier then they had to change the name).

I signed up for a new club and vowed not to talk any politics – ever.

“Hey Fred, what’s your view on Trump?”

– “I’m not interested in politics”.

I played dumb for years.

I learned to stay under the radar. I did not lift my jeep, did not spray a Punisher symbol on its back, did not paint a Q on its front. The constant threat of cancellation looming in some form or another – for Trump supporters worldwide – was more than enough evidence that we were already living in a global thought-controlled dictatorship.

The core lesson in all this:

In 1990 communism was declared defeated. In reality it was only just getting started. “The smartest thing the devil ever did was to convince you he doesn’t exist”.

None of this is about Trump. Trump was merely a heaven-sent spotlight on what the world had already become. Whether he gets reelected doesn’t even matter – his mission of being the flashlight is long accomplished. Some people got the message, others didn’t.

I moved to Florida in 2021, escaping two years of snap-lockdowns and forced vaccination by the so very “liberal” Government. I chose Florida because it was being run by the “fascist dictator” Ron DeSantis who did not require vaccines or enforce year-long lockdowns.

I landed in Florida and – not at all surprised – saw they had lied about people dropping dead in Florida due to DeSantis “lax” Covid rules. They lie all the time. That’s why I quit debating them. It’s healthy to debate people of opposite political views, but it’s not healthy to debate the ill-intended. Don’t waste your precious life-energy.

A signed up to a new Tennis club in Florida and made friends with a German guy. One day he offered: “I feel sorry for Americans. They’re dealing with a literal Nazi. A mafia Don. A loooooonatic! Ze reason people like Trump get into power is because they are angry. It’s old angry white men how are losers in life. They don’t have jobs and they take it out on immigrants”. I had heard it many times. Yawn. I had traveled to the Middle East, to Germany, to France and kept hearing the same tired TV-hypnotized talking points.

Just another “opinion” formed by what he saw on his screen, not by actual life experience. What could possibly make a person think that 800 Million Americans who voted for Trump – people from all walks of life and of every creed, color, gender and age, are all “literal Nazis” and “angry white men”?

I responded: “I don’t follow politics”. I just wanted to play tennis. I never heard a pro-Trump rant at the Tennis court. Trumpers are easy going people who just want to be left alone and play. That’s a fact.

I stayed friends with the guy because it was great tennis. He never knew that he is playing tennis with “a literal Nazi”. He never knew because I don’t sound, look or act like a Nazi. He confided his Trump-hatred to me because he couldn’t imagine that “someone like me”, soft-spoken, eloquent, fair-minded – could be “a literal Nazi”. LOL.

I’ve coached and worked with thousands of people who would consider themselves anti-Trumpers without ever sharing with them my Trump support. They never knew that “the enemy is in their midst”. 😄

Well now you know. I was in your midst. The enemy. “A literal Nazi”. I mean…isn’t the fact that I am a white male already evidence that I’m “a literal Nazi”? That’s another thing I kept hearing: “White supremacist”. Every time I hear it I feel a little gleeful, because it’s such an idiotic concept. I was going to say “retarded” concept until I realized that that word is only used by Trump and LITERAL Nazis. 😂

What is a Nazi anyway? I keep hearing this about Trump supporters, everywhere I travel.

It’s reverse psychology. It drives the constantly accused people to think that being a Nazi is a good thing. In fact, if the Nazis were to return from their Antarctic UFO-Base to conquer the world, the first thing they would do, is to falsely accuse everyone of being a Nazi.

People throw around these words with little awareness of what they mean. I feel compassion – our education system has failed them. Our universities have failed them. I hope we can start teaching children stuff that matters. Of course all this throwing around of buzzwords “white supremacist” “right wing extremist”, “Nazi” takes away from the real thing. The real thing is no longer recognized. The real thing has already taken over and is calling its enemies “Nazis”.

A “Nazi” in their worldview, walks around with a baseball bat, beating up blacks and jews. A Nazi is someone eager to drag millions into concentration camps where they starve to death.

While writing this I noticed that spelling jews with small j is autocorrected but spelling blacks with small b is not autocorrected. Does noticing this make me “a literal Nazi”? 😅

Is that what people think Trump is? Is that what happened during Trump’s administration? Is that who I am? Is that what 800 Million Americans are? Here’s what Trump supporters want: We want to take back our Government to serve the people. All this stuff about Joooos and Nazis and whatnot has nothing to do with anything. It’s a diversion.

The first time I publicly voiced support of Trump on my Social Media accounts was in 2019. Until then I’d kept quiet, out of respect. The majority of folks in the “self improvement” field – teachers and readers – are very much on the anti-Trump train, just like their counterparts in music industry and Hollywood.

What happened next I didn’t expect. I’d figured that by 2019 people were going to be fed up with all the fake drama and anxiety around “Trump”.

A soon-to-be publisher of my books in France was doing damage control, telling people:

“That’s not Fred posting on his social media. He has a team writing these articles for him. They obviously have no idea what Fred wants”.

But in the background she was sending me emails, begging for me to remove the article because it would disturb the book launch.I discontinued our fairly young cooperation.

Can people really be this fragile? I’ve spent my entire life talking to people whose views I passionately disagree with. But I will still talk to them. Still work with them. Still befriend them. What kind of people can’t handle difference of opinion? I don’t know who these people are but they’re not really “liberal” by any stretch of the imagination (Just like conservative House Speaker Mike Johnson, who loves supporting the Ukraine war, isn’t “conservative” by any stretch of the imagination).

It’s surreal. Nothing like this has happened during my lifetime. Trump brought it all to light.

A German company I did seminars for had hailed me as

“a genius”,
“most approachable teacher this company has ever had”,
“a real humanitarian”.

I don’t put much credence to hyped up praise for good reason: Once word got around about my views of Trump, all future classes were cancelled. This was a radical breach of contract, but I didn’t legally pursue it.

The people who hailed what a genius humanitarian I am, simply said that my article was “incompatible with their values”.

Hmmm…so much for all the praise. I thought I had some credit with these fellas. 😅

You see – support of Trump automatically equates




in certain places, especially outside of the U.S.

Trump is a “sexist” because he “wants to grab women by their pussy”. And he is a racist because “he wants to stop immigration for all Muslims”.

These are media-fabrications. Trump never banned Muslims and Trump was never a sexist. But I’m no longer interested in explaining it. I used to provide point by point rebuttals and documentation in online discussion forums. I’ve debated these things for years, it gets tiring. I have nothing to prove, believe whatever you want.

But it all helped me to be more choosy about who I work with. I run a coaching-school, not an insane asylum.

Much more weirdness around Trump has happened to me personally. I haven’t even shared those stories yet. I intend to someday.

I can’t share them now. In order to share story D, you would first have to know ABC. If you don’t know ABC, then D doesn’t make sense.

We’re far away from knowing ABC, we’re still at the sandbox level.

“Hey Fred! I didn’t know you’re a republican! That’s great!”

Who said I’m a Republican???? Like Democrats, Republicans are the enemy. Yes, in principle I prefer Republicanism (public-representation) to democracy, but these parties went corrupt long ago – beyond repair. Trump revealed that too.

“Hey Fred! That’s so cool! I support Trump too! I too celebrate the fact he’s going to deport all the filthy scum”

You may think we’re on the same page, but we’re not.
The media creates Trumpers as “literal Nazis” and some people actually adapt to the mold. But that’s not me and never will be. Unlike “liberals” I actually enjoy working with a wide variety and diversity of people.

“Hey Fred! I support Trump too! I know JFK, Michael Jackson and Lady Di are still alive and working with Trump!”

I don’t think so. It’s fine to imagine and speculate, but to save our country, Americans need to become more practical, more personal-action oriented.

Can you see why people are not ready for D? Layers and Layers of Propaganda surround this Trump thing. I guess something really important must be going on if there’s such a mass mania.

“Hey Fred, Trump is one of them, he’s just controlled opposition”.

That’s not how controlled opposition works. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

“Hey Fred, Trump is the Anti-Christ”

Already considered and discarded.

I don’t know who or what Trump is but I hope that someday there’s enough knowledge on earth so that we can talk about what comes after ABC.

I don’t follow the Trump circus these days, I’m busy with work. There’s a lot of noise from all sides, but at the end of the day, when things quiet down, we are left with the realization that we never should have let the hive-mind develop this far, never should have let lies take over to this extent, never should have let the Government get out of control to the point that Congresspeople are scared of the CIA. Regardless of who Trump actually is, to me he represents taking back our country from the deep state and he’ inspired me to contribute to that grand endeavor.

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