Do we live in a Crater?

In my book Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic I asked whether Earth is neither Flat nor a Globe but something else entirely. One of the many theories is that Earth is inside a crater, a rounded wall of very high mountains and part of a much larger realm, an Earth much more vast than we are told. That would make the Earth both flat and a globe in a sense. The surface within the crater is flat, but the vast land outside of it could be a globe.

I’m not saying this is what I believe, I’m offering it as a possibility, in the absence of transparency from “official sources”.

One of several proponents of “Crater Earth” is a Youtuber by the name of godgevlamste. I don’t know this person’s real name or agenda, but his take is interesting.

In my article The mirror moon map and hidden Continents I shared the theory of the moon as a large mirror, but this Youtubers’ idea is that the Earth is also replicated in miniature, inside a moon crater called Sulpicius Gallus M:

See the crater on the bottom right? He says that our world is reflected inside of it. Close-up:

What, you don’t see the Continents of Planet Earth? A skeptic would say you’d have to be suffering from Pareidolia to see anything meaningful here. The Youtuber has a series of Videos on how he arrived at the belief that this particular crater mirrors earth, but I’ll skip all that and cut to the chase.  If you darken the image and turn it into a 3-D rendering, you get this:

You still don’t see our beautiful Earth inside that Crater? According to godgevlamste the left side is a gigantic Antarctica and on the right we find our Continents (America, Europe, Africa, Asia).

In his video he rotates Antarctica, skews it slightly and then shows where each aspect of the interior crater corresponds exactly with a section of Antarctica.

For your own comparison:


It is a little uncanny that the lines and circles align so well. What are the chances that some random crater on the moon reflects Antarctica?

This alone doesn’t constitute “proof” to me, but it warrants a closer look.

Like so many other fringe researchers (pun intended), this anonymous YouTuber says that our Earth is surrounded by a gigantic ice-wall. The dot in the center (image above) represents the North Pole. The south pole doesn’t exist.

Filling the left side of the crater with water, he gets this image:

If I rotate the image you see the Continents:

What are the chances to find crater-interiors with the  outlines of Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas? On the bottom left side you see a very large hidden lake beyond the Antarctic walls.

There are two small differences to the world map as we know it. They become more visible in this model:

The Americas are flipped sideways, North America is reversed and Greenland is a Continent.

The entire crater, with Antarctica much, much bigger than our side:

An angle showing how incredibly high the walls are that surround us:

I wasn’t able to replicate these images for my lack of Photoshop skill. It’s unclear to me how much “water” was filled to arrive at the Continents. I also don’t understand why he reversed the North American Continent. It looks a better match without flipping it. Until I can replicate it, I’m taking the whole thing with a grain of salt.

Even so, the “crater Earth theory” is worth considering. For the past years the Internet has been flooded with “flat earth” claims and vehement denials by mainstream globe-earth proponents. When “two sides” so passionately argue and fight over over long periods of time, without resolution, the reason is usually that both are wrong or that elements of falsehood are involved in both sides. We see the same play out in Creation vs. Evolution, Spirituality vs. Science and many other divided subjects. Truth is often arrived at by combining two polarized opposites.

The crater-earth theory interests me because it aligns with other things I know and have found out over a lifetime of research. In a previous article on this website, we saw that NASA lies a lot, no doubt about it. But it doesn’t make sense to me that all of their rockets, their science, their research is “fake” and “going nowhere”. Why waste money on shooting up rockets almost every week if it’s all “fake”?  If rockets are not going to space (and that’s a big “if”), what makes sense is there’s an element of falsehood or distraction to cover up where rockets are really going. Some people have suggested that NASA is really flying to far distances outside of the crater, not up into space. They have noted the trajectories of rockets going sideways instead of upwards, before losing eyesight of them.

Crater-earth theory doesn’t differ from the ancient view of Earth that was said to be surrounded by high walls or ice:


There is no shortage of ancient world maps that show an Antarctica vastly bigger than what we see on modern maps as well as encircled (as if inside a crater). One example:


Here are two videos that introduce this YouTuber’s thinking and go into more detail on what was said above. Disclaimer: Sharing these videos does not constitute agreement with or endorsement of his other theories and conclusions.

Some of his theories go off the deep end (pun intended). I don’t see any evidence, for example, that Walt Disney is Adolf Hitler. One of the YouTuber’s ideas is that Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida and Maps shown in Disney movies such as “Wizard of Oz” show Models of the Crater-Realm and beyond. These maps and models, according to him, are secret communications to other members of the ruling elite. He speculates that Disneyland means “this new land” and Disney World is “this new world”. The lake you see in the upper left would be our entire Earth with the tip of South America leading to the Bridge across the Antarctic for an escape outside of the crater. The Center of Disneyland that you see below is Jerusalem which used to lie in what it today Antarctica. As, I know it sounds absolutely wild, but it’ll perhaps become more clear in his Videos.

One of the Videos shows Walt Disney describing “cities of the future” that are to be built. Many of the things he announces did not actually manifest in Disneyworld which is why godgevlamste speculates that he is talking about construction projects outside of the crater. The small blue area you see at the center top is our earth-realm. It’s in a wider circle which represents our Crater (Earth and Antarctica).

Our small realm at the top of the following photo is a tiny part of a much greater realm:

godgevlamste attempts to compare Disneys map with areas he sees mirrored on the moon:

He speculates that the shuttles starting from Cape Canaveral (very near Disney World) are not going into space but to a 400 000 km distant airport outside of our crater (by contrast, our Earth-Realm is approximately 40 000 km long).

The size of Earth compared to the elites construction projects:

You can view these ideas in more detail here:

My view on this? I’d take it with a grain of salt. I don’t see the moonscape aligning with these objects, but I appreciate this YouTuber’s out-of-the-box thinking. One thing I know for sure though, is that Disney World was funded and developed by the CIA. You can read about that here: How the CIA helped Disney conquer Florida

The Video below, titled “Escape from Flat Earth” is fascinating. It suggests that the ruling elite know how to escape the crater by following “the yellow brick road”, which is a certain path through Antarctica that leads to a point at the 69 degree meridian.

(Note how many modern maps still accurately show Antarctica as spanning the entire world, even though they say this is a distortion).

This escape route is supposedly revealed in coded language and numbers through fantasy movies such as “The Wizard of Oz” and science-fiction movies such as “Escape from New York” and “Escape from L.A.” which feature a one-eyed escapee named Snake Plissken.

Naturally I can’t vouch for any of this, but it’s a whole lot more interesting than the same old, worn-out Antarctica theories around Admiral Byrd and Nazi Submarines.

One thing I know for certain, from writing my book on Antarctica, is that both the Arctic and Antarctic are heavily militarized (despite claims to the contrary). I also showed daily cargo shipments by military planes to the Antarctic, with zero oversight or public data on why so much stuff is being shipped. Finally, the book showed that companies linked to high-security prisons and U.S. Marshalls do Business in Antarctica – two anomalous facts that cast doubt on official narratives about these places being about mere “scientific research” on snow and air quality.

godgevlamste says that the Great Flood (the one all the old stories refer to) was in the year 1250. Not 10 000 years ago and not 6000 years ago but merely a thousand years ago. In my books on Atlantis I say that the great disaster was 12 000 years ago, but today I agree that there must have been a cataclysmic event somewhere in the 1200s. During this event the entire Crater was flooded and a once populated and fertile realm was covered in ice and became the Arctic and Antarctic. Old maps confirm that these were at one time green and populated like any other place. I assume there are many ancient cities and creatures flash frozen within the ice there and should the ice ever melt, we’re in for a big surprise. According to this YouTuber, there were two great disasters, one in 1250 and the other in 1733.

He goes on to say that there are pre-flood maps that show the entire crater, the whole realm that have been misinterpreted because we only know the “Columbus Map”. These pre-flood maps align with Walt Disneys models and with the crater moon map. This, for example, is an ancient Arabic map by Ibn Al Wardi.

At first sight there is nothing in this map indicating our crater Earth model. The maps are mislabeled because people are looking to compare it to our known world, believing this is an extremely crude and inaccurate rendering. They don’t consider that the habitable realm was at one time much bigger, nor do they suspect that we live inside a walled circle.

If we flip it, we get this:

Our known realm as shown on Disney-maps and on the crater-map, juxtaposed beside the left side of the Ibn-Al-Wardi map:

This and many other maps were apparently made before the flood. You see the tip of South America, bottom left going directly into what we today call Antarctica.

Many ancient maps show there was no sea between South America and the Antarctic. One example:

When this many “coincidences” pile up, maybe it’s time to have a closer look.

That completes by basic overview of this YouTuber’s material. You’ll find several more presentations on his Channel if you want more detail.

I’ve grown up with science fiction movies that view Earth as a prison. The idea is familiar, not crazy at all. I grew up with Soylent Green, Logan’s Run, The Matrix, The Island, etc. The theme is so popular because it fascinates us. Why does it fascinate us? Maybe because it’s true and lingers on in our subconscious.

But, as I keep saying, I no longer view this realm as a prison because I don’t feel trapped in life. I believe this realm was lovingly created for us to experience. A Garden of some delightful and some challenging experience for our growth. The ancient narrative we find across “mythology” and “religion” is that evil beings were imprisoned here, so it is they who feel trapped. It’s a matter of perspective. One person’s prison is another’s protection. One person’s domed enclosure is another person’s garden. To one person a walled border feels suffocating, to another it feels safe. Regardless of your perspective, it’s interesting to consider that we live in a crater and there is a vast realm beyond it that most of us have yet to discover.

Ultimately, whether we live on a globe as shown by NASA and National Geographic or on a Flat Disc or in a Crater Earth or on a Torus or something else entirely is secondary. Where we are is secondary to who we are. Life still goes on and the challenges you face roughly stay the same, regardless of the Earth’s shape. Information such as this then, is merely an exercise in intuition and discernment.

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