The fake schism between Jews, Christians and Muslims


  1. The Name of Yahuah
  2. Fake “Schisms”
  3. Did the religious wars really happen?
  4. Unexplained Coins
  5. The Cross and Crescent
  6. The Star and Crescent
  7. Response to Jewish, Muslim and Christian Objections


This article explores the idea that the extreme separation between Jews, Christians and Muslims is engineered by hidden hand by people hostile to human development. It is my view and experience that the teachings of these three “Religions” are mostly benevolent and helpful to human development and must be looked at as supporting each other. 


The Name of Yahuah

The ancient Hebrew name for God is YHWH, nowadays pronounced Yahwe. But ancient proto-Hebrew did not have a “w” or a “v” sound. The more ancient “name of God” is  therefore not Yahwe, it’s Yahuah (pronounced Yahoo-ah). That’s why there are many names in the Old Testament with “Yahu”, such as Yahuda and Yasha Yahu but exactly none with the sound Yawh.

Why is this relevant?

Because it’s in alignment with the “name of God” in other cultures. The “secret name of God” of the islamic Sufi-mystics is Yahu (again pronounced Yahoo). According to the Sufis, this word means “he is he”. In correspondence with that, when Moses asked YHWH who  he is, the response was “I am who I am”.

One of the common names given to God by the ancient Christian Coptics of Egypt (Gypt = Copt) and Ethiopia was Yao.

Yahuah is also very close to the original name of Jesus Christ, which is Yahshua or Yahushua. There is only one “s” separating the name of Jesus from that of Yahuah. According to Christians, Jesus is the physical representation or embodiment of God who was sent to show us how we’re meant to live and be on Earth – compassionate healers. He was called “The Son of God”, hence only the “s” is added to Yahua, making his name Yashua.

In my book Extraterrestrial Linguistics, I analyze the “Names of God” from almost every language-family. There we learn that the ancients across the world mostly used the words “Yah” and “Hu” (Hooo) to describe the “name above all names”.

My point? This small example hints at a long forgotten commonality among our ancestors. Today, Christians say “Jesus” and “God”, Muslims say “Allah” and Jews have Yahwe, Elohim and Adonai. A staggering 6970 times the word “YHWH” has been erased from the Bible and replaced with the words “God” or “Lord”.

Notice the felt energetic difference between “Yahoooooa” and the word “God” which is derived from ancient Germanic. In older English usage “Yahoo!” was an exclamation of excitement, joy and ecstasy. One is a wide open sound of vowels only (IAO or EAO), the other isn’t. “Yahooooah” also feels more animated than “Yahwe”. Why didn’t they stick with the original word? Perhaps it’s to make it look like these “three Religions” are radically different.


The Fake Schisms

In my view, the many “schisms” between  “Religions” are socially engineered, not native to the common people.

In my book “Levels of Heaven and Hell” I make a strong case for all of these so-called “Religions” having roughly the same essence, resulting in similar levels of consciousness. In addition to the exoteric, each path also has an esoteric version. I created the image below to show both the “schism” of each path and the esoteric version (in white). It is from the esoteric, inner teachings that we know just how similar these “Religions” are too each other.


As I say in my books, there are many levels of consciousness from which each of these “Religions” have been practiced. It is true that there are extremely negative outgrowths of these movements, but all in all, they have had a positive, civilizing and strengthening effect on people, lifting them out of barbarity. The exaggerated division appears to be created by hidden hand for the purpose of control. Common people are not that divided and don’t wish to be.

Ongoing machinations still divide Jews, Muslims and Christians. They further divide Catholics from Orthodox and Protestants. They split Protestants into hundreds of denominations which all eagerly judge and criticize each other. They separate Muslims into Shia and Sunni. The human mind has a proclivity to divide and delineate and someone is making use of that. If people got together to compare notes, they’d awaken and realize that all these “religions” are puzzle pieces that when fit together, reveal surprising things about our past, present and future.

One glaring example: The holy book of the Muslims – the Quran – praises the Gospels of the Bible, calling them a “guiding light” and “divinely inspired”. Based on such glowing recommendations one would conclude that Muslims eagerly study the Gospels and ally themselves with Christians. But the opposite is true! Reading the Gospels is greatly discouraged across Muslim culture, even forbidden in some parts. Each of these “religions” never tire of warning their followers of looking into the writings of “the enemy”.

The mystical traditions of Judaism (Kaballah), Islam (Sufism) and Christianity (Christian Mysticism) are in complete agreement on the nature of reality. All three have as their most important factor unity-with-God and a dissolving of Self. All three teach a non-dualistic unity-of-Being. All three teach a simultaneous and paradoxical graduation-of-Being.

They are taught that coming together with the other “Religion” requires them to let go of their values and take on the supposedly corrupt values of “the other”. But unity does not equate with watering down or losing ones own values. I have sat in perfect peace with Atheists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Occultists, Buddhists, Hindus and everything in between without losing my own values. Every human being is innately interested in learning. Why would anyone want to prevent the people from coming together and comparing notes? Jews, Christians and Muslims have been juxtaposed as mortal enemies and also scapegoated as the root of all evil. Real evil remains hidden, sometimes posing as Jew, Christian or Muslim to evade detection. Not only has each of these groups been singled out as “evil” but their schisms are claimed to be “the cause of all war”. Coming together and comparing our beliefs is in our best interest. I’ve read the Torah, the Quran and I’ve read the Gospels many times. These are good books, I learned a lot from them. I don’t require them to match up perfectly. Knowing real History is in our best interest. The points of doctrine that caused the great “schisms” are ridiculous minutiae compared to what unites them.

There was a time in History where Christianity was considered a Jewish movement, a part of Judaism. Jesus Christ and Paul, the two founders of Christianity, were both Jewish. All prophets of Islam (except for Mohammed, possibly) were Jewish. All three promote Monotheism (as opposed to object-worship or entity-worship). All three share nearly identical stories. All three are from the same geographical region. They are three versions of roughly the same narrative.

Did the religious wars really happen?

The 1529 Siege of Vienna is claimed to be an event where the Muslim Ottoman army unsuccessfully attempted to invade Vienna. They were defeated within a week. This battle was part of a larger brutal, century-long conflict between Muslims and Christians. That’s the official story as taught in school, at universities, in the first pages of Google-results, on Wikipedia, etc.

But the official story is fabricated. The “siege of Vienna” was real but re-written to look like something it wasn’t. It was written to make Muslims and Christians look like enemies when they were actually fighting together. On the linked Wikipedia page, we find this image:

The painting is attributed to Nikolaus Meldemann and said to have been completed in 1530. I could no longer find a higher resolution version of the image, but this snippet from the higher-rez version reveals these flags in the upper left corner:

As in some other paintings of the period, we see flags of the cross and the crescent moon fighting in the same army, side by side. The moon-and-star was used by the Ottoman Empire. The cross was used by the Christian Empire. Historians claim that this is a Muslim army fighting “holy war” against Christians. If that were so, why are they carrying the flag of their mortal enemy? Here it appears that Christians and Muslims are fighting together, not against each other.

There’s another problem with the painting. If you look at the Cathedral at the center (Stephansdom, which still stands today), there was a crescent moon at the top of it. So…uh…the Ottoman army was invading a city that had the symbol of the Ottoman army at it’s center? Something about this piece of “History” doesn’t add up.

I’m using only one historical example here (for the sake of brevity in a lengthy article), but it stands for many.

In ancient artwork it’s sometimes unclear whether we are dealing with a Jewish, Muslim or Christian item. The same goes for buildings. And there’s the possibility the buildings had another purpose and other builders altogether.

The image below is called “Adoration of the Magi“. It’s a Christian painting, showing a Christian scene, said to have been painted by Gentile da Fabriano in 1423 in Florence, Italy.

Like so many other images of the time, it shows Arabic writing on the Halo of Virgin Mary:

Why would a Christian-Italian painting showcase the language of “the enemy”?

A painting said to be from 1450 by Antonio Vivarini, showing Christian Bishop Louis of Toulouse.

Here too, the Halo, representing the holy spirit, is written in Arabic.

Were the Arabs really the “mortal enemies” of the Christians? Isn’t it more likely that people who share the same Cosmology, the same prophets and similar stories were allies? Was History re-written to make it look like there were major wars and conflicts between these two “Religions”?

There are so many examples of this kind of “mixing”, that officialdom has come up with the following term:

Pseudo-Arabic or Pseudo-Kufic. According to Wikipedia:

Pseudo-Kufic, or Kufesque, also sometimes Pseudo-Arabic, is a style of decoration used during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, consisting of imitations of the Arabic Kufic script, or sometimes Arabic cursive script, made in a non-Arabic context: “Imitations of Arabic in European art are often described as pseudo-Kufic, borrowing the term for an Arabic script that emphasizes straight and angular strokes, and is most commonly used in Islamic architectural decoration”. Pseudo-Kufic appears especially often in Renaissance art in depictions of people from the Holy Land..

The word “pseudo” means “fake” or “fraudulent”. According to “official History” then, the numerous items showing Jewish, Christian or Arabic symbolism together, are “fake”. This linguistic sleight of hand is meant to dismiss all the mixing. Why? Because history was edited to show these two people as “enemies”. Therefore anything contradicting that view must be “fake”.

If the relation between Christians and Muslims is “fake”, how do you explain that Orthodox Christianity (Coptic, Greek and Russian) still widely uses Arabic as a secondary language in their religious ceremonies and liturgy?

This is what official History says. I quote from the Wikipedia page on the Crusades:

The Crusades were a series of religious wars initiated, supported, and sometimes directed by the Latin Church in the medieval period. The best known of these Crusades are those to the Holy Land in the period between 1095 and 1291 that were intended to recover Jerusalem and its surrounding area from Islamic rule. Concurrent military activities in the Iberian Peninsula against the Moors and in northern Europe against pagan West Slavic, Baltic, and Finnic peoples also became known as crusades. Through the 15th century, other church-sanctioned crusades were fought against heretical Christian sects, against the Ottoman Empire, to combat paganism and heresy, and for political reasons. Unsanctioned by the church, Popular Crusades of ordinary citizens were also frequent. Beginning with the First Crusade which resulted in the recovery of Jerusalem in 1099, dozens of Crusades were fought, providing a focal point of European history for centuries.

The crusades were “sometimes” directed by the Church? And they were directed against Islamic rule but also against Slavic pagans, Baltic and Finnic people? And also against ordinary citizens? And also against Christian sects? There’s your hint that not all is as it seems. It’s saying that the “Crusades” were fighting everyone, including Christians. What a vague definition! Perhaps that explains ancient paintings in which Christians and Muslims fight side by side.

And here’s the Wikipedia page on Muslim Conquests:

The Muslim conquests brought about the collapse of the Sassanid Empire and a great territorial loss for the Byzantine Empire. The reasons for the Muslim success are hard to reconstruct in hindsight, primarily because only fragmentary sources from the period have survived.

That’s an understatement. In reality, there are very few documents from the times between 800 and 1400. We have more documentation about the times before that. Someone made sure that part of History is removed. All that remains are strange paintings and unexplained architectural marvels.

One of the finest pieces of evidence that “the three” perhaps belong together is Jerusalem. There, Jews, Muslims and Christians live side by side. They eat in each others restaurants. They worship within the same square-mile. None of them are giving up their “religion” and their values. They maintain their own identity but respect each other. Yes, I realize there’s a gigantic wall separating Palestinians from Israelis. But that’s a separate, political creation. Within Jerusalem itself we have Muslim Arabs, Jews and Christians living together without problems.


Unexplained Coins

There are countless coins from the middle ages where it’s difficult to identify which culture they belong to. Perhaps things weren’t quite as neatly separated as we think. Coins that show the Star of David with Arabic writing:


A dive into linguistics is revealing: Arabic (the language of Muslims), Hebrew (the language of Jews) and Aramaic (the language of early Christians) are similar. When Jesus was on the cross, a Roman guard claimed he heard him speak the following phrase:

Eli Eli lema sabachthani?” (Oh God, why have you forsaken me?). This Aramaic phrase can easily be understood by Hebrews and Muslims alike. It’s found in the Gospels of Mathew 27:46 and quotes Psalms 22. There are hundreds of other phrases like this that could be understood by all three.

The Jewish word for teacher is Rabbi. “A rabbi” is a teacher. “Arabi” simply means “an arab” in arabic. They are the same word. Coincidence? Combine the words Kaaba and Allah and you get Kabbalah. Kaaba is the black cube Muslims walk around. Allah is their word for God. Kaballah is the mystical branch of Judaism. It’s from the word Kaaba we get the English word “Cube”. More Coincidence?

This is a 1286 Greek  coin with the Star of David on it:


Coins showing the Christian cross and Arabic writing:


Coins are popular among alternative-History researchers because of how long they last. Thanks to coins we know that the entire Mediterranean, from Israel to Spain and Morocco, were populated by people who spoke Latin, German, Arabic and Hebrew and a number of other languages. There is evidence that the Jews used Latin and Arabic, even in their writings for rabbinical law. There is evidence that Muslims attended Council Meetings of the Catholic Empire. There is evidence that Sufi mystics visited Christian Bishops throughout Europe for information exchange. The most obvious overlap is probably in Spain where even official-History admits all three existed fluidly.

A coin minted 1216 in Antioch, Turkey, shows the Cross and Crescent:



The Cross and Crescent

The cross below was found in Cork, Ireland. It has the name “Allah” and a few other words in Arabic written at its center.


Source: Cork, Carolingian Amulet

And then there’s the strange fact of structures having been used as either mosques or churches. Interchangeably!

List of Conversions of Mosques into Cathedrals and Churches

List of Conversions of Cathedrals and Churches into Mosques

There have also been synagogues converted to and from either.

The Dome-shaped Russian Orthodox Churches resemble mosques. They may have been one and the same at some point in the distant past.

Old structures showing the cross and crescent moon together used to be very common. Many of these structures are in Russia. 40 000 Cathedrals and Churches were destroyed by the Communists but some remain.

According to official History, this is a symbol of Christians having conquered and subdued Islam. Says Wikipedia in their entry on the Cross over Crescent:

“One variation of the Orthodox Cross is the ‘Cross over Crescent’. “In 1486, Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible) conquered the city of Kazan which had been under the rule of Moslem Tatars, and in remembrance of this, he decreed that from henceforth the Islamic crescent be placed at the bottom of the Crosses to signify the victory of the Cross (Christianity) over the Crescent (Islam).” This ‘Cross over Crescent’ is sometimes accompanied by “Gabriel perched on the top of the Cross blowing his trumpet.”

That could be a good example of fake history, that Wikipedia is so full of. Old Orthodox churches displayed the crescent moon inside their Cathedrals. It’s still found in many Churches, for example in the 1156 “Church of the intercession on the Nerl” and the 1197 “Dimitrievsky Cathedral in Vladimir” and several others. If the “crescent had been conquered” why did it continue to be displayed inside Churches?


In Catholicism, Virgin Mary is frequently seen resting on a Crescent moon:

(Painting: Rene of Anjou, 15th Century)

This too is claimed to have the same meaning of “Islam conquered”, as well as these:


I guess it’s possible that “Islam conquered” is the meaning of it. But in the distant past, the crescent moon wasn’t even an Islamic symbol. And there were also crosses that had the crescent moon on top (shown later).

Because Christians and Muslims lived side by side in peace for centuries in Russia, I highly doubt they’d display an symbol offensive to their neighbors on top of their churches. It doesn’t make sense. More likely, the crescent below or on top of the cross has an esoteric or alchemical meaning that has been lost. It could represent levels of consciousness or levels of heaven and hell. It could mean vertical ascension through the waning moon, with the horizontal firmament in the center and a final stop in Heaven.


The Star and Crescent

And then there’s the symbol of the star and crescent. Because it was used by the Ottoman Empire, it came to be known as a “Muslim” symbol. But it wasn’t Muslim until much later. The symbol was also used by the Sumerians, by Byzantium (ancient Greece), by the Persians, the Romans….worldwide in fact! (see link).

Sumerian Use:

Byzantian Use:


Roman Use:


Persian Use:

The Muslim Ottoman Army:

According to Official History, the Ottoman Army conquered Byzantium. Byzantium was the Eastern part of the fallen Roman Empire and a Christian nation. This famous event was supposed to have happened in 1453 and is known as the “fall of Constantinople” (today’s Istanbul).

The star-and-crescent symbol was used in Byzantium long before the Ottoman army came.

Again: Why would they use the symbol of their enemy?  

Are we to believe that an army using the star and crescent, invaded a country using the star and crescent? Symbols have meaning and had even greater meaning to the ancients. Most often they represent membership to a belief-system or culture. The folks who write fake-History don’t even bother checking the basics.

The star and crescent seems to have been used by an ancient global civilization we have forgotten about. I knew that if I spent enough time looking, I’d even find it in pre-Columbian America. I decided not to publish this article until I found it!

This article sat unpublished for one year, until I finally found the piece of evidence I was looking for, below.

The image below belongs to the Chokitapia natives of Northwestern Canada. I screenshot it from my copy of a book called “Ancient Man” by researcher William Corliss.


If the star and crescent was used worldwide, it must have been a symbol of a worldwide empire, not specific to one people or religion. The Wikipedia link above shows ancient usage of the Star and Crescent in Macedonia, Ancient Greece, Anatolia, England, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia, Croatia, Sweden, India and more.

The cross has also been found worldwide, including places where you’d least expect it, such as in India:

Or in Ancient Egypt:

Or in prehistoric cave paintings:

Where do you reckon the crosses below were found?


These “out of place artifacts” are owned by the Arizona Historical Society and were found 6.5. Northwest of Tucson, Arizona. They are made of led and were dug up in 1924 by Charles E. Manier at a place called Nine Mile Waterhole.

The peculiarity of these objects only increased when researchers found both Latin and Hebrew inscriptions on them! The artefacts were kept by the land owner Thomas Bent until his death in 1971. They have been missing since (the fate of many anomalous artefacts, it seems).

The crosses caught my attention because we see the crescent moon positioned above the cross. (I’ve seen other crosses with the crescent moon on top, but I didn’t find others at the time of this writing).

You may object that they “must be forgeries” because “Romans didn’t reach America, Columbus discovered America”. But that’s again, fake History. A little research reveals numerous objects and coins have been dug up in America with Latin, German and Hebrew inscriptions on them. Most of U.S. History lies buried under desert sand, yet to be discovered.

This article only scratches the surface of the fake-history and mysterious crossovers of these “religions”. One might be tempted to say that “we don’t know what’s really true, so it doesn’t really matter”. But just because a thing is difficult to understand, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Truth vs. Falsehood matters, even if we don’t have the full picture yet.

Speaking purely from human psychology, the conflict between these three seems awfully contrived and shallow:

  1. Jewish Objections. The problem Jews have with Christians and Muslims is that Jews don’t believe further prophets appeared – even though their own teachings predict the appearance of further prophets. The appearance of additional prophets is not really a problem. We have many tools to discern truth and falsehood of various prophets, most importantly the fruits of their teachings.
  2. Muslim Objections. The problem Muslims have with Christians is that there is “only one God, not three” as they say. This problem is easily solved by explaining that God is indeed ONE for Christians but can manifest as either Transcendent (Source, Father) or Immanent (Human, Incarnate, Son) or as Consciousness (Holy Spirit, Field of Consciousness). It’s no big deal.
  3. Christian Objections. The problem Christians have with Muslims is that Muslims don’t appear to ascribe special status to Jesus as compared to other prophets. This however, is an artificial construct, as the Quran itself supports the Gospels.  If we stick to the books of the Jews, Muslims and Christians, without using peoples “interpretations”, they are easily compatible.


There you go, I solved “thousands of years of religious war” in one paragraph.

I’m aware of many other little differences between these teachings, but the higher consciousness-level is not argumentative. A person who lives from the heart is not argumentative but seeks to understand and learn.

Many would say that it’s a “bad thing” that there are contradictions, but having a variety of viewpoints on life is not such a bad thing. Every viewpoint allows for new experience and any confusion seeks clarity. The only way confusion can turn into clarity is by learning more and taking on a more expansive viewpoint. Thus, con-fusion calls for a rearrangement of the contents of consciousness so that there can once again be a fusion, without the con.



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