The hidden Kennedy-Trump connection

In the 2024 Presidential election, Robert Kennedy is running for Democrats, Donald Trump is running for the Republicans. If these two face off against each other, it’ll be the first time two individuals unbeholden to special interests (or at least that’s the public perception) are up for the vote. This may have been the plan all along.

In 1944 Joseph P. Kennedy was killed in a plane crash. In 1948 Kathleen Kennedy was killed in a plane crash. In 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated. In 1968 Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by a hypnotized MK-Ultra slave. In 1969, Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge, only barely surviving. In 1984 David Kennedy died of a drug overdose in Palm Beach, Florida. In 1997 Michael Kennedy died in a skiing accident. In 1999 John F. Kennedy Jr. And Carolyn Bassette Kennedy got killed in a plane crash. In 2011 Kara Kennedy died of a sudden heart attack in Washington D.C. Mary Richardson Kennedy died of suicide in  2012. Christopher Kennedy died of a heart-attack in 2018. Saoirse Kennedy Hill died of a drug overdose in 2019. Maeve Kennedy Towsend McKean disappeared during a canoeing trip in 2020. Source

The uncanny series of prominent Kennedy deaths are attributed to a vague “Kennedy curse”. But in the two famous cases (JFK and RFK) a CIA-involvement has been all but proven. Someone doesn’t like the Kennedys. Call them the Deep State or whatever you like. And they loathe the latest famous one, Robert Kennedy Jr., who they jeeringly call a “conspiracy theorist”, a “disgrace to the Kennedy family” through their news-media.

Why are the Kennedy’s so loved by the public but so disliked by the “deep state”? What’s so special about this family? We find a similar dynamic with Donald Trump, also loved by 70% of Americans but loathed by the “media”.



To an outside observer it seems like we’re missing half the story. There’s something people don’t know about this whole thing. One side is very upset about the other side and we – the unenlightened public – don’t know why.

One of the things not widely publicized or appreciated is the close connection between the two families. Let me first prove that there is a connection and then we can talk about what it means.

At one point Trump appointed Robert Kennedy to be in charge of vaccine policy for his administration. The backlash was so fierce that the plan was soon ditched, at the urging of Trumps advisors.


Why would Trump appoint an anti-vaxxer? Because he’s one himself:

That is, until 2020, when he inexplicably changed his views and started promoting Covid-shots.

Robert Kennedy recently announced his running for the Democratic Party. If he becomes their candidate then the 2024 election will be between two friends. Then, no matter which way the election is rigged, the vote will go to the same circle of people. What an uncanny “coincidence”.

Perhaps this is why, recently, Kennedy has tried to distance himself from Trump:

It’s unlikely that they are that far apart and it’s a bad look for Kennedy to have “political strategists” post stuff like this. Almost everything Robert Kennedy utters publicly has been applauded by Trump supporters. For example, just like Trump supporters, Kennedy claims that Ukraine runs U.S. biolabs for the purpose of chemical warfare.

Donald Trump was also friends with John F Kennedy Jr., son of the assassinated President.  The photo below is Trump and JFK Jr. at a New York Knicks game in March 1999.

And if that still isn’t enough to prove their ties, Trump and the Kennedy Family share investments:

From the article in Forbes :

“…the descendants of Joseph P. Kennedy ended up as partial owners of 1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York and 555 California Street in San Francisco, through a substantial stake they own in a publicly traded real estate investment trust named Vornado Realty Trust. Vornado owns 70% of the two buildings; Donald Trump owns the other 30%”.

You can tell the writer is upset about the Trump-Kennedy connection, calling it “happenstance” (without providing evidence that it’s happenstance) rather than intentional and also referring to it as “disturbing”. Why is a shared investment between two consenting parties so “disturbing”? The article offers no explanation.

And why does Donald Trump own John F Kennedys furniture?

Image Source

Until recently, the Kennedys owned a mansion at the address 1075 Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach, a mere 15 minutes distance from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club and residence. Coincidence? Maybe.

Another “happenstance is that Trump’s ex-wife, Marla Maples is a member of Robert Kennedys anti-vaccine organization Childrens Health Defense.

The connections run deeper still: Kennedy and Trump bloodlines can both be traced back to a place in Scotland, the Isle of Skye, which I discussed in my book “The Secret History of Ancient Polynesia” (yeah, I know, the title doesn’t sound like it would discuss Scotland). To quote from an article on Kennedy ancestry:

The origin of the Highland Kennedys is uncertain. According to clan legend, Ulric Kennedy had fled Ayrshire in the 15th century to seek refuge in the Highlands. From this Highland branch, Kennedys are thought to have settled around Aberdeen and on the Isle of Skye.

Donald Trump’s mother Mary Ann Macleod was born on the Isle of Lewis, across from the Isle of Skye. Her ancestors were spread across both isles. The Castle of the Macleod clan, called Dunvegan Castle, is on the Isle of Skye.

Having shared the same remote Island, it’s more than probable that there’s some crossover between the two bloodlines.

It was JFK Jr. that suggested Trump run for President:

A summary of the facts: Donald Trump was friends with JFK Jr. and sought work with RFK Jr. He shares Business investments with the Kennedy family. He owns the private rocking chair of JFK. His ancestors come from the same small Island as the Kennedy clan. Both Trump and Kennedy are hated by the shadow Government for reasons unknown.

Trump is also friends with a (now former) supreme court justice who bears the name of both clans: Anthony McLeod Kennedy. It’s unknown whether this man is related to either of the clans, but it sure is another uncanny coincidence.  It is known that Trump’s children played with MacLeod Kennedys children and that his son, Justin Kennedy apparently lent Trump 1 Billion Dollars. 

Once we realize that these two clans have ties possibly going back further than we know, the next question is: Why are the establishment so anxious about them? It has nothing to do with their policies, which are moderate by any standards (the Kennedy’s run as moderate Democrats, Trump runs as a moderate Republican).

Could it have something to do with an ancient bloodline feud? Some Historians have said that if the U.S. has anything close to legitimate royal family, it would be the Kennedys. I’ve heard the theory that the current British Monarchy are imposters and the Kennedy’s are the real royal family “in exile”. I’ve also heard the claim that the Kennedy’s are “Jesus Bloodline”. I haven’t found anything to back up these claims, so there is no point in detailing them here.

While researching this article I found a Town and Country magazine article with several shirtless photos of JFK Jr. I couldn’t help but notice the tattoo on his arm:

The article shows no curiosity about the tattoo. It’s a dagger with the letter Z.

The current war of Russia against Ukraine is symbolized with a Z, as shown on this Russian tank:


But wait…what? What does that have to do with JFK?  Why do I assume these Zs are related?

It is because, for years, the Deep State’s news-media have been trying to link Donald Trump – a friend of the Kennedy’s – to Russia. They had the Russia investigation, the impeachment over a phone call to the Ukraine and more. The Durham report revealed that they were desperate to link Trump to Russia, to the point of producing fraudulent documents. But why?

Trump’s adversaries are even willing to photoshop a Z onto his car:

Even though the Z here is doctored, the unfolding events show us that there is in fact something world-changing going on in Russia. Trump’s foes – Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, etc. have gone on and on about Russia. It is claimed that Russias entered the Ukraine to get rid of the U.S. biolabs being run there. It is also said that the ties of U.S. politicians to the Ukraine, especially the Biden family, Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi, are manyfold. Oddly enough, no country donated more to the Clinton Foundation than Ukraine. But when Clinton failed to get elected President in 2016, donations dried up. Judging by the very little information the public can see, there seem to be two factions here. Is the U.S. Deep State waging a war against a faction made up of Russia and the Trump-Kennedy clan? It appears so. And is it a coincidence that a 2013 movie about the end of the world, starring Brad Pitt, was called “World War Z”?

The Kennedys wanted to bring down the octupus. John F. Kennedy publicly said he would break the CIA into a thousand pieces. After that, he got shot. Even so, the plan of the Kennedy’s may be coming true in 2024 and beyond.

In this context it’s interesting to note that former Twitter boss “Jack” recently tweeted a video promoting Robert F. Kennedy, along with the claim that the account “is not run by him anymore”.


I took these screenshots directly from his replies-section:



I’m not sure the real jack would endorse a “conspiracy theorist” considering he spent more than a decade suppressing such people. Just like the real Elon Musk would probably have not released the infamous Twitter files, thereby singlehandedly exposing the Deep State agenda.

My best guess (considering there is zero transparency around anything the Government does) is that Twitter was taken over by the same in-the-shadow-people that propped up Trump and Robert Kennedy for an anti-establishment showdown in 2024.





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