How secret societies exert hidden spiritual mass-influence

With my seminar-group I conducted a strange exercise that revealed something important about hidden influence.
A group of about 10 people stand around 1 blindfolded person (we were 70 people, so there were 7 circles).
I instruct the people in the circle to all lean in one direction, showing them, not saying it out loud, so the blindfolded person doesn’t hear it.
While everyone is leaning their body in the same direction I instruct them to intently focus on the person in the center.
The exercise was conducted in my “Levels of Energy Seminar 2023 in Florida” on the third day.
So what happened?
Synchronization happened.
After a few minutes the person in the center begins swaying in the same direction as everyone in the circle!
After approximately 3 minutes we had 5 of the 7 circles had successfully influenced the person in the center without them knowing they were being influenced.
The blindfolded person doesn’t know which direction we are leaning. The blindfolded person barely even knows what the exercise is about. And yet, the blindfolded person sways in the direction it is “pulled” toward, magnetically, because that’s what everyone else is doing.
Fortunately the entire experiment was recorded on video in case any scientist were ever truly interested in “proof of the paranormal”.
I can’t use this exercise again, because, if you’re aware of the hidden manipulation you can use will to choose differently.
If I did it again with the same group, it wouldn’t succeed. It can only succeed when done in secret to people who aren’t aware or have not developed personal will.
The “supernatural” feat succeeded because I didn’t explain to the group what we were doing, I only gave instructions. Had I explained it beforehand, the skepticism and doubt would have nullified the energy-field.
The knowledge about synchronization (all-go-rhythm) and remote influence has been known for thousands of years. Today it’s practiced by various organizations and secret societies to effect changes in the world without the effected people ever knowing. Yes, folks meet up in secret and perform rituals for specific result – for a politician to change their decision, for a CEO to fall ill, etc.
People believe the greatest “power” is held by military, bankers, royalty, corporations or something. They grossly underestimate cognitive and spiritual warfare which is to do with
actions and reactions,
problem-reaction-solution, etc.
Some hidden influence is done for “bad”, some for “good”, but in my view any hidden influence is bad, even the ones claimed to be “for the greater good”. Anything that undermines individual choice is anti-human.
When I presented the exercise in the seminar, I did not talk about secret societies or how pervasive this kind of thing is. I taught it so that students could know this kind of thing can happen remotely and that it’s easy to stop by an act of conscious will.
Fortunately most people aren’t victims of remote or psychic attack. They’re just not important enough. Even so, most people are a part of “waves” or “synchronizations” they are not consciously aware of. Any rigid “pro” or “anti” position you occupy could be part of a remote-manipulated mass-influence-wave that you think you consciously chose but didn’t.
Retreat to the wilderness for a few weeks: What “strong opinions” are left? See? Many of the beliefs you thought were “yours”, don’t stay with you in the absence of reinforcement programming.
If you were ever psychically attacked, what to do about it? Well, think about the exercise I just described. The person in the center could have opened up to what they really feel and then thought “Well, I feel I am being influenced to sway backward, so I am just going to stand still”.  By mere decision the whole voodoo is dissolved right away. The “black magick” is comparatively weak, gaining its strength only from the unawareness of the potential victim. Once the victim makes a DECISION contrary to the external wave, the spell is broken.
You could voice
“I declare any
external influence,
psychic attack,
bad intention or
any hidden influence on me
other than that of pure love, void and destroyed, in the name of the Most High”.  
– weeks of secret scheming against you, destroyed with a simple word.
I don’t think humanity will survive without learning about influence-from-the-shadows, so eventually I’m going to write a whole book about this, some time in the next five years.
If you’re a seminar or group facilitator, you can serve your fellow humans by teaching them this and similar exercises.
But isn’t dangerous to teach people hidden-influence techniques?
No. It’s dangerous leave this knowledge to only few. “Regular everyday people” are not interested in exerting hidden influence on others. Among healthy people it’s considered creepy.
Once this stuff hits mainstream, it’s game over for spiritual-remote-manipulation. If that sounds good to you, then share this article far and wide.
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