Covid is a scam – for the sake of your wellness, please wake up!

Covid is a scam and the people responsible for it will be held accountable. But more important than that is for people to wake up. If you’re among the 20% of my readers who criticize me for my views about Covid:  For the sake of your well-being, please wake-up.

I write this for those still on the fence and to respond to the criticism I have received. The most common criticism:

You have no medical degree, so you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

My Response: This logical fallacy is called “appeal to authority”. I may not have a medical degree. But I’ve spent 30 years teaching discernment. If I weren’t able to discern true and false, I could never be a success-coach. False information equals failure. True information equals success.

Everything the covid-cult has told us, turned out to be a lie:

“People dropping dead in the streets”

“The vaccine stops transmission”

“Bodies piling up”

“Virus came from a bat”

“PCR tests are accurate”

“Two weeks to flatten the curve”

“Hospitals at full capacity”

“Social-distancing is effective”

“Lockdowns are effective”

“There will be no mask mandate”

“There will be no vaccine mandate”

“There will be no vaccine passports”

“Kids won’t be jabbed, only the elderly and vulnerable”

“There will be no more lockdowns”

“There will never be vaccination for jobs in this country”

“PCR tests can tell the difference between regular flu and Covid”

So yes, I have no medical knowledge, but I can certainly spot falsehood. Why would you believe anything serial liars tell you? Follow them at your own risk.

Some have said:

“It’s not your job to write about this. You should focus on your job as a success-coach and leave medicine to doctors”. 

As a teacher of success, it is my job to question fear-based thinking. I’ve spent my whole life assisting people in rapid healing – through nothing more than shifting beliefs and releasing fears. Why would I support an ideology that claims vaccines are the main path to safety? It’s not true. Here’s what is true: None of these things are anything to worry about. I haven’t worried about them while traveling across several countries and visiting many crowded spaces, nor need you. I have demonstrated what is true by example and experience, not by propaganda. Had I believed the Governments lie to “stay at home to stay safe” I’d have never ventured as far as I have. I’d still be in lockdown and triple jabbed, but I’m not. I have evaded both.

This is the reality I experience: In the last weeks I have been in a packed stadium of 20 000 to 40 000 people twice (!). There was no social distancing and nobody was wearing masks. Nobody ask for proof of vaccination. I did not get sick and heard of nobody else who got sick. This is why I am currently in Florida. To some of my friends in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East it’s unthinkable. But it’s true. Meanwhile I read foreign news-sites that tell me that the people in Florida are dropping dead in the streets. This is untrue. The programming is so intense, that I’ve seen an uptick in mask-wearers here in the past week. They believe the news more than their own eyes. I witnessed someone wearing a mask while running a treadmill. How could anyone possibly believe that’s healthy?

“You’re selfish Fred. You can’t handle following a few simple rules for the benefit of the community”. 

Social distancing, lockdowns and masks are not mandated because the ruling elite cares so much about our health. We’ve seen that they do not adhere to the rules they impose on us. The camera goes on, they hurriedly put on their masks. It’s a show. The purpose of Covid measures is to divide and dehumanize, for profit, power and control. It has nothing to do with “the greater good”. If it did, I’d happily participate. I do participate in traffic rules, environmental rules, I pay my taxes and do all kinds of things because I respect the community. But I will not be locked down, masked or force medicated.

When I coach a person, I make sure to be as clear as possible. I give yes or no answers, taking extra care not to contradict myself. Clarity is empowering, it’s an act of kindness. The Covid-Cult is daily contradiction. We hear “Omicron is the most gentle variant, as harmless as the normal flu” and on the same day from the same news sources, “If you don’t get vaccinated, Omicron is going to kill you”. So what is it? Both statements can’t be true. Unloving people do not care to be clear, they confuse intentionally. “Vaccines will kill you!” “Not taking vaccines will kill you!” The common denominator in these two contradictory statements is fear. How does one dog control one hundred sheep? Through fear.

A masked person is a faceless person, their unique personality remains unseen. Putting on a mask creates a change of identity, a trance-state of hiding. Masks cut off the nurturing power of oxygen, replacing it with carbon dioxide. Fresh air promotes wellness and intelligence. Cutting off air leads to a decline in cognitive abilities. This is true. It is not true that wearing masks protects you from a virus. A virus that can get past three vaccines, has no problem getting past a mask. The masks are not for health, they are to symbolize submission to the state. A virus is not so intelligent that it won’t spread when you sit down at a restaurant table and take it off. Does anyone really believe this? Please wake up!

“But the risk of falling ill is reduced Fred. You don’t understand the science!”

No it’s not. Cutting off oxygen and breathing in through cloth is one of the most unhealthy things one can do. Shutting down Businesses that are not adhering to these arbitrary and undemocratic rules is as unhealthy as it gets.

As for “the science”. We’ve heard “trust the science” so often. The phrase is completely unscientific. Real science is about questioning and proving things, nothing to do with trusting. Even the covid-tests themselves are fraudulent:


Source: CDC Website

The CDC withdrew PCR-tests and will no longer be using them in 2022. They will replace PCR tests with “a method that can facilitate…differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza”. In other words, Covid-testing could not differentiate between Covid and the Flu! After two years you tell us!

But people who are awake already knew that. Many people, including myself, have experienced false positive and negative test results. We were wondering why cases of the “regular” Flu had dropped to almost zero in so many countries. It’s because any case of Flu was counted as Covid. Not only that, but people being admitted to the hospital for other things than Covid, were also counted as Covid!



Covid cases experienced a sharp rise after people started getting vaccinated. Most “Omicron” cases in the U.S. were among the vaccinated. But why? By now, some people have taken 3 shots and are gearing up for a fourth shot within only a year and they are still falling sick. Instead of admitting that these “vaccines” are ineffective at best, people line up for the next “booster”.

There are so many red flags around Covid, that a lot of people who work in the field of law are covid-skeptics such as myself. I have a friend who works at the Department of Justice who told me a year ago: “There won’t be any vaccine mandates Fred. It’s against the law. Don’t worry about it”. When then mandates came he was shocked. He refused to believe it at first! And what did he do about it? Nothing. He stayed quiet. He wants to keep his job, so he stays quiet. Just like in 20th Century dictatorships.

The piece of the puzzle that most people are missing, that I’ve been politely pointing towards for the last 35 years, is that those who govern us are not reliable (as not to say criminally insane). Why do you think I teach people reality creation? It’s so that they don’t have to rely on the system and can manifest whatever they like.

If you awaken you stop believing these people and stop supporting them with money and your compliance. You then support yourself and the ones you love and their ability to create their reality. You will spread health, healing and abundance thinking.

“But Fred, they can’t all be liars. Too many people would have to be in on it. Don’t be paranoid.” you say.

That’s true…if you ignore History, which is littered with stories of deluded masses supporting tyranny. Billions of people are “in on” the Covid scam through their ignorance. Just like Billions of people tell their children that Santa exists. They are all “in on it”. But the truth is that Santa doesn’t exist.

Have you noticed how quickly “Delta variant” disappeared from the news once “Omicron” appeared on the scene? Is that natural? Is there anything normal about that? Reality doesn’t work that way. If this weren’t media-generated, you’d have a slow transition from Delta to Omicron, instead of an abrupt switch in narrative. And have you asked yourself whether your PCR-test can differentiate between Omicron, Delta and the common Flu? For the sake of your wellness, can you dare question these negative realities?

And what of the people who lecture us on “Democracy” and “Human Rights” who have not denounced the human rights abuses taking place in Australia? I wonder why. Perhaps it’s because they have the same plans for us and their “Democracy” charade is over. Plans they themselves are exempt from. Or why else would Congress, Pharma Employees, CDC employees, White House staff, USPS employees, NIAD eemployees, Pfizer employees, Moderna employees be exempt from vaccination? If the ruling elite does not adhere to Covid-rules, you know Covid is a scam.

I’m told

“Your articles are irresponsible Fred. People are dying”. 

Recently “The Economist” reported that Sweden had the least amount of “excess deaths” in 2021. Yes, that’s no-lockdown Sweden. If there were really a pandemic, then Sweden would have to have the highest rate of excess deaths, not the lowest.



What is your vision of the world? Is it that people be locked down, afraid others breathing will make them sick? That human beings are walking spreaders of disease? That all will be well if we just stop getting together, singing, dancing and hugging? That community equals sickness? Do you really think spreading these cruel and false beliefs is “for the greater good”?

In 2019, Bill gates recommended to his friends that they start investing in vaccines.

I took the above screenshot myself, directly from Bill Gates twitter account. The reason I took it myself is so that no online-troll can say “the tweet doesn’t exist” or “the tweet is photoshopped”. As of today, the tweet is still there. It is no secret that in 2019, Gates invested heavily in vaccines. On August 30, 2019, for example, Gates invested in BionTech in Germany, among others. How much money do you think he got out of promoting vaccines? Where are the journalists and politicians pointing out the conflict of interest?

Are you telling me that Bill Gates is a responsible person that cares about your health?

Or perhaps your health is neither my responsibility nor Bill Gates. Caring about your health is your responsibility. 

Viruses exist. But everything around this virus is a scam. Lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports, contact-tracing apps, swabs do not work, they are the scam. A scam supported daily by “the media” that just makes stuff up as they go along.


Some said the following:

Well, that’s your truth, Fred. Other people experience their truth. Isn’t it possible that both sides are right, as seen from different perspectives?”

That’s something one might say when admiring a piece of art. But it’s an odd thing to say when witnessing a crime. If someone stole your money and I say “It’s only your truth that this is a bad thing. From another perspective it’s good”. Yes, it’s certainly good from the viewpoint of the thief. And good can come from it, in that next time you protect your wallet. But this doesn’t mean that theft as such should be supported. The largest wealth transfer in History from middle to upper class (which happened during Covid) may be good for the ruling elite, but it is not good for anyone else.

I’ve also heard this one, several times:

“You are being negative. Why do you want people to focus on the negative?”

My response: I’m not the one wearing masks, face-shields and getting triple jabbed while still locking down and still getting Covid, am I? How does it feel to be triple-jabbed and still be in lockdown? A buddy of mine, who lives in an unfree country said “If I get the vaccine, I won’t have to be in lockdown anymore”. Well, that was a lie, my friend, wasn’t it? And what did he say after being lied to? “Well, they know what they’re doing. They’ve studied this kinda thing”. Seriously? Didn’t you take the jab so that you could be free?

But that’s the trick: If you think you have to do XYZ in order to be free, you’re already enslaved. Doing XYZ will just further enslave you.

My life is as good as it gets precisely because I do not follow what they tell me. Telling the truth is not “negative”, it’s an act of compassion. It helps you to stop living in denial and start creating the reality you prefer. It helps you make informed choices for a more successful life. Would you prefer if I lie to you and say “you will get sick unless you give up your rights!”.

Fortunately, we live in a world that is perfectly just and the approximately 3000 people who are behind Covid, will be held accountable. People who view this whole thing from the viewpoint of doom will disagree with this point. The conspiracy-theorists are right about most things, but they are not right about doom and gloom. Throughout History, rotten fruit always falls by itself, sooner or later and truth wins in the end. If truth hasn’t won, it’s not the end. That’s why truth-thinking is success-oriented thinking and following lies is bound for failure.

The Good News

Remember when George Bush introduced the “patriot act” that enabled the Government to spy on everyone? And remember that people were outraged? And to appease their outrage, Bush said that it’s only “temporary”? Well, here we are, 20 years later and the patriot-act is still in place. The same can be said of many other laws that outraged the public of which they then told us “it’s only temporary”, such as federal income tax. They are using the same approach with lockdowns, vaccine passports, etc. “It’s the new normal” they kept repeating. Then, when people got upset, they retreated and said “it’s only temporary!” But in countries where the backlash was intense, Government removed all restrictions and let people live freely. What…you haven’t heard of these places? That’s because mainstream news doesn’t report on them.

The rotten fruit is already falling. I can tell because their behavior is so erratic. The newly elected Government in Germany got elected because they promised “no lockdowns with us!”. Right after they got into power, their first act of office was to impose a nationwide lockdown. In Australia the police are beating mask-less citizens in broad daylight. In some “democratic” European countries, Covid-protests are now outlawed. If things were going as planned, they wouldn’t be behaving this crazily. The ruling elite is in a state of fear. The predictable outcome of fear is failure. Covid-politicians are no longer being voted into office, Covid-supporting-Businesses are failing and their documentaries are failing at the box office. The streets around the world are filled with protestors and parliament buildings are burning. Everyone is noticing that these things are not being covered by the news. They are noticing because citizens have phones and internet. Lawsuits are piling up, the results of which will manifest over several years.

There is evidence that, this time around, the ruling elite have overplayed their hand. The pandemic-narrative will collapse sooner or later, because it’s not real and too many people are adversely affected. And then, the same people that created this nonsense, will create the next circus for people to get drawn into. And so, History repeats itself over and over, until you awaken and take charge of your reality.

Currently it appears as if around 30% not only approve of covid-measures but demand them. Another 20% are on the fence. And 50% oppose some or all Covid measures. That’s just my own sense, opinion, from talking to people on the street.

I was on the fence for all of 2020, as you can see in my writings. Being on the fence is good for some time. It’s wise to wait until more information and experience is available before passing judgment. But now, after two years, enough is available to see what is really happening.

Finally, the last criticism I heard is that I do not respond to criticism. Well, I have responded. This article is my response. And I intend this to be my last response on the topic. I heard someone say “I love all of your teachings, but I disagree with your stance on Covid”. Honestly…if you support this fascist-communist-fusion new world order, you don’t understand my teachings on reality creation or levels of energy.




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