Celebrities and Politicians replaced with actors in silicone masks

Most people agree that “something strange is happening”. I submit that things are even stranger than that. I’ve posted most of these on my twitter account over the last years. Many reacted with disbelief (but less with every passing year), so I’m going to put things into context here.

Vladimir Putin

The new Putin appears to have arrived on the scene around 2013. By 2010 he was looking ready to retire but in 2013 he gained renwed vigor, smooth skin and that strange tight smile only a silicone mask can offer. Either that or the advancements of plastic surgery have reached sci-fi levels.

When I posted this someone commented that this is his “double”. That’s possible. But then there has been no trace of the original for a long time. The only Putin on the world stage is the new one. The guy he’s at war against – Zelensky – is a “former” actor and comedian, in case you didn’t know.

The new Anthony Fauci does not look like the same one who developed the AIDS virus in the 1980s or funded gain-of-function “research” in Wuhan in the 2010s. These are the ears and nose of another person. He’s quietly “stepped down” from his job before too many notice he’s not around anymore.

One of the most obvious examples is Madonna:

What worries me more than all these “stars” being silently replaced is the obliviousness of the crowds. People have gotten upset with me for pointing out the obvious. They tell me “So what? Madonna had a beauty operation” and “Tinfoil hat alert! Fauci has simply aged!”. But does aging change earlobes? Do beauty operations make you look 50 years younger? And beyond looks, there is also the “presence” or “aura” to a person. You can tell that this girl posing as Madonna has a different “feel” to her, much less life experience than the real Madonna.

When “Elon Musk” appears publicly you can see that he’s wearing a silicone mask. And if he really wanted to hide it, he’d wear a shirt with a collar.

When I posted the following, someone replied with another video about Elon Musk’s “neck surgery” and that this would explain the incision on his neck. But my concern is not the incision on his neck but the mask border below it! In this video it’s easy to see at the back of his neck:

This is not Elon Musk, it’s Elon Mask.

But even if we didn’t go by looks, his radical change in politcal views and personality should give food for thought. The person tweeting as Elon Musk doesn’t feel, sound or act like the old Elon Musk. I should know, I’ve been reading and listening to Musk since the early 2000s. The real Elon Musk wouldn’t have exposed Government manipulation of Twitter, just to cite one example of hundreds. And the heroic act wouldn’t have been ignored by mainstream media if this were really Musk.

I’ve shared Videos as the one below, to show that the use of silicone masks (and CGI trickery) is nothing new in “intelligence” circles:


Celebrities secretly working for the Government is also more common than most people think. Many celebrities and media companies are “Government assets”:


Notice the body height of the new Hillary Clinton vs. the old one, as well as Bill’s shoe size:

I received criticism for this one too, but there’s no shortage of Hillary Clinton videos and photos proving her to be several different people in fact. The real Hillary hasn’t been seen since 2018.

I took this from Mark Zuckerberg’s instagram page. Notice the bottom of the neck.


Next image: Would you even know who this is if I didn’t tell you?

Well, it’s Tom Hanks of course! Or is it?

I remember him differently:

Not the same ears, forehead, chin or neck. It’s a lookalike. The “aura” is different. The new Tom Hanks has very little life experience compared to the old one.

The prime minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida. Notice the silicone mask:


The press has also been noticing. For anyone who cares to notice there are hundreds of articles like this one out there:

With many celebrities it’s claimed they disappeared for a while and then reappared “looking different”. This is supposed to be Jack Nicholson. LOL.

This is the real Jack Nicholson:


In gossip-press it’s been a common pattern for celebrities to say they’ll take a “break from acting”  and then reemerge as a different person.

This is the real Mike Pompeo, prior to the “inauguration” of “Joe Biden”:


Post inauguration, this is the Mike Pompeo we saw. It was claimed he had been on a diet and lost weight:

One more, just to be clear that these are not the same people:

Original version:

New version:

Debunkers keep saying “he lost weight” but weight loss does not account for the shape of the forehead, the lips and the eyes.

Newsweek magazine was so kind to show us the old and new Kathy Griffin side by side:

They even posted a video of the new Griffin speaking. After her cancer surgery she seems to have become 30 years younger.

This is “Lady Gaga” at the Oscars in 2023, with and without makeup:

Except it isn’t.

This is Lady Gaga:

The new Lady Gaga looks kind and naive compared to the original one.

These are only a few examples of hundreds. Feel free to go discover for yourself. You’ll find that many (not all) celebrities haven’t been themselves lately.

Despite the evidence, the most people are still in denial about this. But seen in the context of everything else that’s been happening, it’s not that difficult to understand.

In 2022 the numbers in the stats above were claimed to be “due to Covid”. It’s 2023 and many inner cities are still empty ghost towns. San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and NYC are not what they were years ago as anyone who gets around can attest to. Something has radically changed. “Covid” was only cover for the change.

We’ve not only see pretend-celebrities but also thousands of CEO resignations as well as a constant influx of “sexual misconduct” charges on celebrities, especially prior to 2020.

People have explained the masks in different ways. Some say that using “doubles” is for their safety in this “new and uncertain world”. That”s not the correct explanation because doubles don’t appear for the main job (the movie role or studio singing) but for public appearances in which there could be danger.

I’ve also heard it said that “reptilian aliens” have taken over and are now running the world. While I don’t doubt that’s possible, it’s not the case here. If it were a reptilian conspiracy they’d do a more intelligent and secretive job of it. The acts are so amateurish and ridiculous and the masks so obvious, that even somne of the most dense people have been seeing it.

Another theory says that all these elites have been arrested and executed in places like Guantanamo Bay and Guam. Until their crimes are exposed they are replaced by actors. To me that’s a more likely explanation because it fits in the context of everything else that’s happening around the secret war against the “Deep State”. What, you don’t know we’re in a war since seven years? Then you should stop reading fake news and quit following “celebs” and start talking to real people.




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