Berlin radio station broadcasts frequency drug

Image: New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate

This article was written in 2002 by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in a now out-of-print magazine.

Excerpts translated by Fred Dodson

A dangerous precedent is set in the middle of Germany. In Berlin, large unsuspecting groups were exposed to a frequency drug. The radio stations statements on this are contradictory.

The Chronology of the Events

31. December 2001, 6 p.m. Berlin.

At this time the Berlin radio stations 94.3 RS2 begins, submitting a non-audible frequency signal to its music, the so-called happiness frequency .

Thousands of Berliners are preparing for their New Year’s Eve party and have their radio running in the background…

Most of them don’t understand why they start feeling more and more happy.

This day marks the beginning a new era. For the first time, technological mind-control is done publicly.

31. December 2001, 8 pm, Berlin.

At Paris Square in front of the Brandenburger Gate hundreds of thousands of people are slowly gathering for the New Year Eve party. The live bands are taking a break so the RS2 program is broadcast all over the place.

Those well-informed could have known what was being broadcast here because on the day before RS2 published a press release on it:

“The private Berlin radio station 94.3 RS2 will be broadcasting a happiness signal on all FM frequencies across Berlin and Brandenburg from 6 pm to 2 am. There will be a 3 second break of the signal at every traffic announcement. Our program director Stephan Hampe says that with very sensitive speakers you might be able to hear it.

This happiness signal consists of a certain combination of High frequencies. In long-term studies, Americans have discovered that such radio frequencies can create feelings of happiness in people. Motivated by the sounds, the body releases endorphins. The Berlin radio station 94.3. RS2 is making use of this fact”.

But who reads New Year’s press releases, right? It didn’t make headlines in the press of Berlin anyway…

31. December 2001, 10 pm, Berlin.

Paris Square. People’s mood is getting better and better. That’s nothing unusual for New Year’s eve. But hardly anyone suspects a frequency drug is responsible. The signal is being broadcast through homes and throughout public places in the city, such as at a train station, the zoo, at the street Unter den Linden, at the Siegessauele, etc. Also those who watched the New Years Party on TV took part in the frequency drugging.

All over Berlin, people feel exuberant and happy and the press is silent. If the organizers had put Ecstasy into peoples drinks, they would have been outraged, but who cares about frequencies you can’t hear, smell or taste? But you can feel them. It doesn’t matter, as long as people are having a good time, right? Who will notice if people are a little happier than usual?

1 January 2002, 12.05 am, Berlin.

Paris Square. More than one Million people are gathered at the Brandenburg Gate holding glasses of sparkling wine. The fireworks are in full swing…

RS2 program director Stephan Hampe said this in his press release:

“We want all people of Berlin and Brandenburg to be happy and this signal is our contribution for a good start to the New year with the hope of a better 2002. That’s why we invite everyone to come to Berlin and join us in the happiest New Year’s Eve ever celebrated in Germany”.

Nobody seemed to ask how long the happiness will last or what its side effects will be.

The Day After

Afterwards it was not that easy to get more detailed information on this case. Director Stephan Hampe confirmed to us that he instigated the experiment btu referred us to his press secretary Michael Weiland who then told us there is nothing more to say on the subject.

We wished to be fair and let the radio station have an opportunity to share their viewpoint. For days we tried in vain, to receive a comment by phone or email. It took great persistence to get small crumbs of information. The responses didn’t tell us anything about the case itself, but were nonetheless revealing.

We wanted to know just who these American scientists were and where the results of their long-term studies have been published. Our questions and RS2 press officer Weiland’s responses:

We heard this from the USA, from a study that wasn’t published yet and so we just tried it out.

Do you know who did the research in the USA?

No, I don’t know.

Who knows this then?

These are actually internal matters. Our American consultants were able to get a hold of not yet released studies.

So it’s secret?

It’s not yet published, so we just tried it.

Is RS2 still connected with the Americans, as were the RIAS?

No, that has nothing to do with it. This is an American consulting company that provided us with the info.

They have access to this study?


Can I contact this consulting firm?

No. These are internal matters that are not meant for the broad publicity.

But the signal is broadcast to the broad public.


In this respect, it’s of public interest. So, these frequencies release endorphins?

That was what we have been told. It stimulates the Endorphin production.

So the same happiness-hormones that are released with Marathon runners for example?

I’m not a doctor, but if you say so.

Do you know more about long-term effects of these frequencies?

No. We accepted the theory published it, and technically implemented it.

You don’t know anyone who can give us more details about this study?

It was a story brought to us from our American consultants and we simply tried it.

Do you know whether this has been tried in America?

No, I don’t know.

Millions of people have been targeted with a happy-holiday frequency-drug that changes their brains chemical reactions but more information on this “is not meant for the broader public”…

The Program Director responds

In this situation Grazyna Fosar contacted Stephan Hampe directly. The conversation proved fruitful. Mr. Hampe responded in a friendly manner and willingly provided information that was available to him. Prior to the broadcast he had asked two psychology professors who didn’t know the American study. The went on to claim that the effect of frequencies couldn’t be more than a placebo effect. Hampe was amazed they dismissed the possibility of a real effect because both knew about the effects of low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) on the brain.

After we shared with Mr. Hampe some of our knowledge on mind-manipulation through frequencies (including the EU’s decisions on HAARP) he became thoughtful on the matter and admitted not to have taken things seriously enough. He promised to share with us the exact parameters of the frequency, which he did in writing without sharing the exact modulation frequency of the wobble-signal. He was also willing to share the name of the American consulting firm but later said he couldn’t find out who they were…

A signal vanishes

At the same time, Franz Bludorf talked to Mr. Altman, head of technology at RS2. Excerpts from the first phone call:

What frequency was broadcast on New Year’s Eve?

It was between 13.5 and 14.5 kHz. … What we did technically, we placed a sound below the modulation, below the music.

It wasn’t a clean sine wave?

A Wobble frequency, that always went up and down, varying between 13.5 and 14.5 kHz.

What was the rhythm, the frequency of the modulation?

I’m not sure, I’ll have to look. I’ll call back.

It sounded like he was going to grab a folder and have look to call back after a few minutes. But the call back occurred two weeks later, after Mr. Hampe already told us that they couldn’t get any information from the Americans.

In this second call, Mr. Altman corrected his initial statements. He was mistaken about the Wobble-Signal, it was a pure sine frequency of 14.5 kHz that had been broadcast. The request of the Americans was to broadcast something in the range of 13.5 to 14.5 kHz and for the sake of simplicity, they chose a sine frequency. Stefan Hampe also now confirmed the same, which was a clear contradiction to the statements he had made two weeks prior in writing.

Their statements became less and less precise over time. Their statements also became less credible for several reasons:

As pure sine waves don’t exist in nature, it’s unclear whether the brain would even react to them. The investigations we know of indicate that modulation was crucial in influencing the brain. With today’s digital technology it’s no more difficult to generate a wobble signal than a sinus tone with a few easy mouse clicks.
In the late December press release of RS2 it was claimed that the happiness signal was achieved through a combination of various high frequencies.

All these changes of opinion occurred after RS2 apparently tried to contact the “american consultants”. Now suddenly, a wobble-signal had never been aired and ambiguity over what happened on New Year’s eve had been created…

They had no idea what they’re doing

None of the RS2 employees we talked to seemed to understand much about what they were doing. According to the radio station, nobody had read the study and no one could provide information about possible side effects. And nobody seemed to care about their lack of knowledge…

Translators Commentary

This article appeared in an out-of-print magazine in 2002. The original is much longer and goes into the effect of frequencies on the mind.

I translated and republished parts of it here because it’s of interest to people studying the influence of frequencies. When consciously chosen, it’s a good thing. When broadcast secretly, it’s a bad thing (regardless of the intention).

This event, that has no doubt been repeated elsewhere many times, raises a whole host of questions that have yet to be discussed in public.

If I don’t resonate with it, can I still be manipulated?

Does it wear off?

Are there side effects?

Should we create laws around this?

Let’s stop making a secret of everything and start talking.

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