Assange, Pizzagate, Trump, Covid, Elon Musk and the Era of Disclosure

Everything that happened since 2015 – the deranged anti-Trumpism from Democrats and Republicans, Covid, social media censorship, Ukraine-war was to cover-up and divert from the true nature and agenda of the ruling elite of which “pizzagate” is a small part. Julian Assange was neutralized for daring to leak this stuff. Now “Elon Musk” is starting to go there, but it won’t be that easy to just lock him away like they did Assange. #WhiteHats are in a different position than they were in 2015.

If you still don’t believe pizzagate is real, it’s easy to discern otherwise: News-media and mainstream commentary never talked about the specific CONTENTS of the wikileaks emails, they instead labeled it “russian disinformation” and “baseless conspiracy theories”. A proper debunking would have had to involve a taken apart of the CONTENT of the Wikileaks emails around the satanic practices of marina abramovic, john podesta, hillary clinton instead of merely attacking it’s alleged source (“Russia”). It’s in the deceptive and manipulative way they reacted to the news that you could tell it’s legit. This stuff was really leaked by Seth Rich. Both Seth Rich a Democrat who was murdered for his supplying Julian Assange with the emails and Julian Assange were actually leftists, not the “right-wing-extremists” news-media said they were.

If you don’t believe there was an agenda for total-internet-control, ask yourself why a sitting U.S. President was permanently banned across all platforms. That should have awoken people across the world to the unified-agenda across countries and cultures. It also should have alerted people to the fact that “Big Tech”, stationed in northern California, has nothing to do with American free-speech values.

They were going to roll out a much worse pandemic, implement universal contact tracing, microchipping, “social credit”, total internet-control, continued lockdowns but they failed. If you don’t believe they were going to do that, look at what they already attempted to do in several countries and also announced they were going to do in the next years. Some countries are still running the covid hoax, but they are beating a dead horse.

They failed because people were not yet as docile and dumbed down as they had hoped and the backlash, lawsuits and citizen journalism was severe. As explained in my recent book, news-media keeps using the term “anti-semitic” again to divert attention and cover-up the true nature (the reptilian nature) of the adversary. Thus, Elon Musk (who isn’t actually Elon) is suddenly “anti-semitic”. The label is so overused it no longer triggers people, just like the overused word “racist”. Sadly, the abuse of these words through media-propaganda also dulls the perception of real racism. Unfortunately, plenty of people are too far gone to understand what’s going on. After questioning why so many people around me died after a rollout of one of the bad batches of the “vaccine” I was called “paranoid” and “racist” on this very platform. Cleaning up the deep state is one thing, but it doesn’t clean up the stupidity of those who simply parrot what they hear on TV. What exactly does me being concerned about a dozen sudden deaths around me, right after a vaccine rollout in my area (back then I lived in northern New Zealand) have to do with racism? How stupid can you be and still breathe?

If you don’t believe that Elon isn’t Elon (and most of my readers don’t agree with me on this), you need to look at Elon’s talking points a few years ago and his talking points today. Elon was the ultimate deep-state puppet. Now he’s exposing the deep state. #WhiteHats paid 40 Billion to secure Twitter, then proceeded to expose it as a tool of information-control of Government. Free speech was restored. The real Elon was running a transhumanist agenda with Neuralink, boring tunnels that assisted in human trafficking and making cars that can be remotely switched off. Very little in common with the current Elon.

Unfortunately these mysterious #whitehats are not being transparent. Thus, you are lead to believe that Joe Biden is Joe Biden and Musk is Musk. I’ve previously explained how this just isn’t the case in previous articles. If they were transparent, they’d tell you that a military-alliance is currently running the show and once again ridding the planet of the adversary, as has happened several times throughout History. Another thing #whitehats haven’t revealed is that “operation warp speed” was about replacing bad batches of the vaccine with placebos. This succeeded in many places, but in others it didn’t. Hence we saw a lot of “sudden deaths”.

Why is the “good side” not being transparent? Because they have beliefs/fears around society and civilization collapsing if the full truth were to be revealed. This is why they are drip-feeding reality. This feeding in small-bits, they believe, will make it all more digestible. You can see this incrementalism play out every day in that certain ideas are “seeded” into the mainstream news and social media. Just the other day, RFK exposed that Woody Harrleson’s father killed JFK. Just a few years ago, this was considered a thought that only crazy people expressed. A day before that, it was exposed, through some media outlets, that the military uses portals to other Dimensions. News like this was unimaginable just a few years ago. We live in an Era of Disclosure. Because of the defeat of the Deep-State many beautiful things can happen, just one of them being able to freely discuss these topics on social media without being banned or throttled.

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