Do we live under a Dome?

Do we live under a Dome?

As of now, I don’t believe so, but it’s fun to speculate “What if?”

A picture of Babylonian Cosmology with it’s three-tiered realms (heaven, earth, hell) and the Cosmic Ocean around it.

In the following image, Hebrew Cosmology which is mostly the same as the Christian and Islamic view. There is a Dome called “The Firmament” and above it, there are waters. Above the cosmic Ocean are the Heavens or levels of Heaven. The sun is within the Firmament rather than 9 Million miles away from Earth. The moon is also below the Dome. Above the Heavens is the “Throne of God”. Below the Earth is Sheol, the hazy and dim afterlife state in which souls await the next steps. And below that, according to different traditions, you have various levels of underworld or hell.

I’ve talked to religious people who tell me that nobody can travel to “outer space” because of the Dome. They claim that nothing we say about astronomy and space-travel and none of our high-budget Hollywood sci-fi movies mean anything.

This is an alleged depiction of Navajo Cosmology. I haven’t yet verified it for myself. But I know “native American” Cosmology  well enough and recall stories of a central mountain at the north-pole and even an ocean in the sky.

Below an image that is said to represent Celtic Cosmology. Again, I have not personally vetted this. But I can safely say that every “mythological” cosmos I have studied, contains some knowledge of the upper, middle and lower world. Regardless of the actual shape of the Earth or whether there is a Dome, I do believe in the three basic levels. And I believe that “fictional” accounts like “Lord of the Rings” become popular because we subconsciously know the three-tiered world.

A painting of Mayan Cosmology. The Inca and Aztec (which are really the same people) have similar models:

A depiction of Buddhist Cosmology. I am familiar with this, as written in my book Journeys in Spectral Consciousness.

An interpretation of Ancient Egyptian Cosmology which also shows the Earth below a Domed shape with a central light emanating from above the structure:

A pictorial interpretation of Hindu Cosmology, with Mount Meru in the middle and a gate to higher realms. Some traditions put the “Black Rock”, Mount Meru to the North Pole. I’ve talked about these in my book Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic.

A  representation of the Cosmology found in Norse Mythology:

An example of Occult Cosmology:


There are occultists who share the same Cosmology as Christians, Muslims and Jews, but have reversed the meaning: Instead of being ruled by a kind and loving Creator, it is ruled by one of the evil “Archons” who has trapped souls within the glass ceiling. Some occultists symbolically picture the firmament as an Arch. The ruler of the realm is symbolized as the Keystone of the Arch:




Their aim is to either “become the keystone” (become the “God” of this realm) become the Arch-on or, failing that, to “break the pillars of heaven” and thereby cause the “sky to fall”. I know it sounds wild, but that’s what some people believe even to this day.

Much of the symbolism used by the Freemasons revolves around the old Cosmology. Masons most prominent image is called the “tracing board” (see below). It always shows the sun, the moon and in the center Polaris. Or a blazing star, the all-seeing-eye or the letter G, which stands for “Great Architect of the Universe”. Every masonic lodge follows this layout, reflecting the supposed real nature of our realm.

All that said, here is the familiar Cosmology of NASA:

Doesn’t that feel comforting and reassuring? 🙂

Modern scientific consensus dismisses the spiritual models. They say that, thanks to the exact scientific method we now know that our ancestors were all wrong. Fortunately we can now shoot rockets up into Orbit, into Space and even to the Moon and Mars. From there, we can clearly see what Earth looks like. So many rockets and satellites have been launched and so many high-altitude airplanes have flown the globe, that we know by now for sure. How could all of that have been faked?

Of course ancient Cosmology and a Domed planet, also imply that the surface of the Earth is flat. The Dome is a sphere, but the Earth itself would be flat. For years I have received emails from people asking me why I am not writing about the “flat earth”. The reason is: I don’t have any personal experience at 385 000 feet, so I can’t say what Earth looks like from there. I’m open minded, but if a human being were entirely honest, there is not much they can say with certainty. Who is to say that the Earth is solid at all? What if it’s neither flat nor round, but rather a shapeshifting field of energy? I will never make statements of certainty over things never experienced.

But I am interested in what people believe. Some notice that the idea of a Dome seems to be relevant to a lot  of entertainment companies:


Maybe just a coincidence. But once you’re aware of the old Cosmology, you see it’s symbols everywhere. Here, for instance, a strange looking “Church” in Hungary, depicting the sun, the moon and the black mountain at the North Pole. The cross symbolizes Polaris or the Throne of God above the Firmament. If you don’t understand these references, please read my book Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic.

And then there are private rocket launches equipped with cameras that appear to hit a ceiling. This one hits a ceiling after 73 miles of flight. That’s approximately 385 500 feet.

Of course there could be other explanations for a rocket stopping. Before any conclusions can be drawn there would have to be way more people conducting private rocket experiments, way more people sending go pro cameras into orbit on self-made ballooons and also way more people trying to reach the Antarctic. If the ancient Cosmology is true, it shouldn’t be that hard to prove.

Likewise, the powers-that-be could swiftly put an end to conspiracy-theories if they’d finally let normal tourists travel to Antarctica on their own, or to the North Pole.

There are researchers who claim that the stars do not look the way NASA depicts them. Looking through high-quality telescopes, they say that stars actually look more watery or fluid, like lights behind or in front of a cosmic ocean:


I recall visiting an Observatory and using one of the most powerful telescopes in the world. I had the rare chance to look at Saturn. There was a long cue of people but I waited patiently for an hour for my turn. When my turn came, I experienced a mixture of surprise and disappointment. “Saturn” looked nothing like on the many high-res photographs NASA shows us. It was a blurry white dot. I could barely make out a ring. I’d have thought that such a powerful telescope could show more.

That doesn’t prove or disprove anything, it’s an anecdote. Just from looking through a telescope, I do not get a clear idea of what stars or planets really look like or where they are in relation to all else. Using only what I can see with my bare eyes, I have evidence for nothing except a bunch of lights in the night sky that we call stars. I have to rely on the experts to tell me what things are.

Then how do NASA get such clear images of our Universe? With tools such as the Hubble Space Telescope. The linked Wikipedia page is detailed and impressive. Reading it, one is overwhelmed with scientific intricacies. But according to an article in

“The nearly 20-year-old Hubble Space Telescope has taken many iconic images of the cosmos and is even the star of a new 3D IMAX movie that gives viewers a chance to fly through those snapshots. But does Hubble show us what the universe really looks like?

Yes and no, according to NASA.

When Hubble beams down images, astronomers have to make many adjustments, such as adding color and patching multiple photos together, to that raw data before the space observatory’s images are released to the public”.

NASA have even admitted that they create fake-photos “to better understand the real universe”. You can read about that here.

Again, this is no proof of anything, but it is a head-scratcher that makes you wonder how real modern astronomy is.

A brief-history of the firmament cover-up according to conspiracy-theorists:

The alternate-history timeline goes like this: In 1946 the Navy send a fleet to Antarctica and discovered the “Ice Wall” marking the outer borders of the Dome. It had been forgotten since older times. In 1955 Operation Deep Freeze discovered the actual Domed Wall behind the Ice Wall. NASA was founded in 1958 to cover-up the nature of Earth. The Dome was called “Van Allens Belt”, a barrier of “dangerous radiation” that’s supposedly difficult to traverse. In 1959 the Antarctic Treaty was signed, effectively banning anyone from exploring the area. Operation Fishbowl in 1962 was an attempt to nuke the Firmament. The name “Fishbowl” is interesting. And the Apollo Missions were an attempt to create an alternative Cosmology.

Strangely, we’ve never returned to the moon since. And we haven’t populated Mars either. And the airplanes that could travel above Orbit that have been promised to us since the 1960s, haven’t happened yet either. The whole Dome and Firmament would be easy to dismiss if regular tourists could start colonizing Moon, Mars and fly in space. Why has it still not happened yet?


Operation Fishbowl was to detonate several high-altitude nuclear bombs. Conspiracy-theorists claim that this was to attempt to break the Dome. I don’t know about that, but I do know one thing: It’s insane either way. Who in their right mind would want to detonate nuclear bombs in high-altitude? Is there anyone who would vote for that?

In the last five years, youtube, tiktok, twitter and similar, have been flooded with flat-earth or domed-earth information. I wonder: If information is so “highly censored” as conspiracy-theorists keep saying, then why is it so easy to find all this stuff? Not much of a “secret”, is it. Unfortunately, memes and cartoons don’t constitute “proof” for me. I need to research and verify things for myself, before I believe them. I have to have experience. So I decided to take a 1-hour drive to Cape Canaveral, where rockets of NASA, SpaceX and BlueOrigins are launched. I decided to witness a rocket launch on May 19, 2022, one of many launched each year.

Visiting a NASA site was exciting to me. Either I was visiting an area where brilliant scientists worked tirelessly to help humankind to reach the stars or I was visiting the site of one of the greatest hoaxes ever to be played on humanity. Either way – exciting! I didn’t visit the launch platform directly, instead I viewed it from a distance at a beach. As interesting as it was, I learned nothing definitive from it. The rocket did not fly straight up but made a curve, like all other rockets, eventually disappearing out of sight. Again – going just by what I see with my eyes – it’s hard to say what happens. I have to rely on filmed footage of a rocket leaving orbit, because I can’t see it with my eyes. If you were wondering why I became skeptical of NASA, this is explained in my book Extraterrestrial Linguistics.

I looked at the issue from a linguistic perspective. We get the word “firm” from firmament which means “to hold or firmly support” and “sky in it’s fixed form”, according to the Etymology Dictionary. Looking at it with ones eyes, the sky doesn’t look solid. Unless it’s made of a transparent material. There’s a Bible verse that implies that it’s made of some kind of glass or solid liquid:

Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?

Job 38:17

The Hebrew word for firmament is raqia which means “vault of the sky” and “floor of the earth”. The similar word raqa means “expanse” or “spread out”. In Syriacic the word raqa means “to make solid”. It is possibly the origin of the word “rock”. A related “Indo European” word is “dher” which is said to be the root of the words firm, firmament, fixed, affirm, confirm, dharma, terra firma, farm, infirm and also the word throne. I don’t see the connection between some of these words, but that’s what the Etymology Dictionary says. “Farm” interesting in this context. I’ve wondered if it would even be possible to grow plants, trees and animals if they weren’t in some kind of enclosure. If the dome is real it may very well serve as a greenhouse in which the Creator cultivates lifeforms. Or perhaps we were put here as gardeners to look after the enclosure. The 1970s shamanic author Carlos Castaneda said that when we die, our souls are harvested and eaten by the horrible beings who rule this realm. The horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft had a similar view. That’s the occult or gnostic view mentioned above. But I don’t believe it. I have a positive outlook about afterlife and believe we came here voluntarily and return home after we leave our body.

The word “dom” is also tucked into king-dom. The king is the ruler of the dome, just like the word “domain” refers to an area governed by a ruler. The word free-dom is interesting to. Humans are free, but only within the confines of the dome.

A dome is defined as a round, vaulted roof or a hemispherical covering of a building. In old France a Dome was also a town-house and the Greek word doma and the Russian Dom simply mean “house”. The German “dom” and the italian “dumomo” mean “Gods house” and are the words used for Cathedral. In Sanskrit the word for house is “damah”. In Avestan it’s demana.

Related words are domestic, dominate, domicile and dominion. To have dominion means to own sovereignty or control. All of this is fairly interesting. Normally a dome is just a roof. But language tells us that the ancients linked it to control, rulership and even a throne.

According to my Dictionary of Ancient German, the ancient German word “himil” has the following meanings: Heaven, Kingdom of God, Arch, Roof, Ceiling, Ether. From this we see the ancients thought these to be synonymous.

Of course this is again, no proof of anything, accept that it confirms what the ancients believed about our Universe.

If it were true that we live inside a Dome, many fields of science would be wiped out in an instant. Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautics, Space Technology and hundreds of other studies that millions of people are seriously invested in. Hundreds of space agencies around the world would shut down. Many billion-dollar industries would cease to exist. Another strange aspect is that many believers of their Religions have accepted the modern NASA-Model of outer space. But if they were truly believers of their Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or Muslim systems, they’d dismiss it all.

Do we live under a Dome?

After looking into it for a few weeks, I still don’t know. But I’m happy I looked into it, because I learned a lot about the different belief-systems. I’ll keep this theory as my back-up program in case the NASA-narrative ever falls apart.



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