Secret subterranean cities of the Elite

Table of Contents

  1. Underground Cities of the Elite
  2. Witness Suppression
  3. They’re not “gray aliens”, they’re ant-people
  4. Submarine Tunnels
  5. Don’t think they could keep cities secret?
  6. Maps of Tunnel Systems
  7. Subterranean Military
  8. Cave Post Offices
  9. I don’t mean underground bunkers
  10. Here’s much better evidence
  11. Ground Penetration



Underground Cities of the Elite

The ruling elite live in luxurious subterranean cities of clean oxygen, beautiful houses and mansions, parks and recreation. They travel the underground realm with high speed transit magnetic levitation trains that operate cross-continent. They fly space-craft that can come and go from Earth without ever touching the surface.

The elite consider Inner Earth “the real world”. The surface is viewed as the living area of slaves. They use us to harvest labor, sex, organs, body parts and life force.

They maintain their extreme luxury through exploiting our work, our ideas, feeding off of us like parasites. They feel no need to inform us of the nature of reality on Earth. Would you inform your pet of your business transactions?

The elite keep the surface world moderately pleasant so the we don’t revolt – but not too pleasant so we don’t forget our place as slaves. 

The slaves are taught the surface world is all there is. Their “science” is deliberately limited.

Their cities can be accessed through many ordinary surface-level houses and buildings. These could look as innocent as a barn, a warehouse, a townhouse or a shop but contain elevators into the deep.

I wrote these ideas when I was a teenager. “Your kid has an overactive imagination” my parents were told. Is that something bad? Why do we shame children for stretching their mental reach?

Even though I know it to be true, I don’t have proof. How do I know it’s true? I’ve been to these places out-of-body.

But the world is full of folks who make stuff up without evidence. As a kid I read ALL books on subterranean worlds I could get a hold of – Editorpha, Richard Shaver, The Smoky God, Jules Verne, the Children of Woolpit, Admiral Byrd and many others. But ALL of this offered no shred of evidence! If truth matters to you, then evidence should matter to you.

Nobody should have to rely on alleged psychic information or hearsay. I’ll do my best to collect even the tiniest threads of tangible evidence.



Witness Suppression

Witnesses have been marginalized, hidden in internet search or they disappear or are “suicided”. That’s the strongest sign we have something worth researching here.

Ally Carter

One example, of many. The woman in this video who so casually talks about underground cities of the elite is Ally Carter, a former prostitute and human trafficking victim. She’s published 3000 videos on her YouTube Channel many of which have zero views and zero likes as if nobody cares and nobody knows.

I did not find the segment where she talks about underground cities, even though it could be the most interesting of all her content. I also didn’t find the account that uploaded this snippet to TikTok. I had to dig through hundreds of garbage-videos on Bitchute to find this gem.

How does someone post 3000 relevant videos and hardly get any audience? Well, the same way I post on Twitter for 14 years without any change in the number of people who comment on my posts. “They” have a way of hiding content they don’t like.

Phil Schneider

The best example of a disappeared witness is Phil Schneider. Schneider claimed to be a Government engineer involved in building vast underground military bases below Dulce, New Mexico. These subterranean cities harbored “gray aliens” who were giving humans technological know-how in exchange for human tissue and blood.

Phil Schneider supposedly “committed suicide” by wrapping a rubber hose around his neck. There is evidence that he was tortured before he was killed.

Photo: Phil Schneider

If you say they made up their stories for attention and fame: None of these people achieved any.

Fletcher Prouty

The highest ranking individual to publicly speak about secret underground cities was a man named Fletcher Prouty. He  served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy. Before that, he was a colonel in the United States Air Force. In his later years he was derided as a “conspiracy theorist” for talk along these lines.

Photo: Fletcher Prouty

Karla Turner

A researcher that often spoke of underground cities was Karla Turner, who died at the early age of 48. According to an interview with her in a 1995 issue of Paranoia Magazine:

“Civilians are involved, obviously. Because there are medical and
scientific personnel. A woman who was working at a university hospital, a
big one in Arkansas, was wanting to move, get a better job. She was in the
office computer end of things, not the medical end. She got an offer;
apparently a real smart woman and good at her job. She got a phone call,
having gone to a “head hunter” for different job possibilities in (various)
areas; got a call back for an interview with an astounding salary base. But
she had to fly to Dallas to be interviewed, and they paid for her flight to
Dallas. She met at a restaurant with representatives of this company. And
they told her almost nothing; very, very little about the details of the work.
(I think it frightened her quite a bit after she thought about it.) But it was
great pay. They said they would pay for her to relocate. The one question
they asked that made it stop for her was: The job, by the way, was
underground. You would have to be underground for two years. You could
not come up for two years – not that you’d work underground, then go
home on the surface. You’d have to stay underground and live and work for
two years if you want the job – pays a lot of money, gives you a lot of
benefits. But you stay underground.”

“My first exposure to this was when my husband was kidnapped by
“military” before I was ever into research … In November 1988, my
husband was taken to an underground facility; completely military,
completely human. He had been in the military nine years prior (to our
marriage). This was very clearly, to him, a military installation and a
massive storage installation. We thought (it may have been) the FEMA
center in town, where we lived. Because it’s the Continuity of Government
FEMA facility, for one thing. And there are many generators/dynamos, all
sorts of supplies. He saw this storage (type) area when being taken from the
holding area. There were a number of other people in a very dazed, zombielike
state, as he was.

These are four examples. I could probably dig up a few dozen if I were writing a book on this, but not more. The topic is rare.



They’re not “gray aliens” they’re Ant-People

When talk of subterranean civilizations comes up, the topic of “gray aliens” usually comes with it. Phil Schneider thought “aliens” were working with the military. But what if there were subterranean settlers before the bases were built?
When shown pictures of “grey aliens”, shamans among the Hopi Native Americans see what they call the ant people. There are ancient cave paintings of these creatures.
In Hopi folklore, these are no outer space ET’s but the near-extinct race of people who live in underground caverns. They’ve long known the ant-people are dying out. They grays try to prolong survival of their species by illegally extracting genetic material from surface-dwelling humans. The Hopi say they were relegated to the underground as punishment. They are not allowed to surface, so when they do come to the surface it is done in utmost secrecy.
The Hopi idea is consistent with abductee reports who say that they extract skin and blood samples. It is consistent with reports that military personnel have been spotted with them.


Is any of this true? I don’t know. I trust the ancients more than modern pop culture that tells us the grays are our space-brothers from another planet. The story rings true because I’ve found similar across other cultures in the world. For example the Aborigines of Australia speak of the Wandjina (Wand Jinn) – big eyed, big-headed dwarves who live below earth and abduct humans.





Submarine Tunnels

What 99.99% don’t know: There’s a vast network of inland submarine tunnels. When we say “submarine” people think “open ocean”. They never consider submarines could be inland because they were taught that inner earth is solid. In reality it’s made of hollow cavities, caverns, rivers and lakes. I have no direct evidence of submarine tunnels. But a little bit of digging brings up facts that strongly point toward their existence.

This linked article asks “Why is there a Navy base in Idaho?”.

People are confused because the Navy’s work is all about water.

“The US Navy’s submarine bases are some of the most high-security installations in the world, but one of their most important and shadowy submarine outposts is not located along the ocean, but rather in a lake in landlocked Idaho.’

The truth of the matter is that this small base has supported every major submarine design development of the last 65 years”.

Even though the article doesn’t admit it, it’s reasonable to assume tunnels stretching for hundreds of miles from Bayview, Idaho to the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise it would make little sense for Idaho to be the main hub of submarine production. The base is only “landlocked” to people unaware of subterranean tunnels.

The other major Navy base is also inland, at China Lake, California. Even though it’s kept under wraps, eyewitnesses have seen submarines emerge there. Officials deny that there are waterways for submarines, speaking instead of submarine “testing facilities”. What merit is there to test water-vehicles in the desert? None, unless there is plenty of water underground.

There is another inland submarine base below Hawthorne, Nevada. Another remote desert town that is home to a Naval base.

According to John Lear, son of the inventor of the Learjet, there are submarine tunnels stretching for hundreds of miles below Hawthorne.

Would these major navy submarine bases be stationed inland if there were no waterway to them? I doubt it.

The three major Navy bases on a map:

John Lear has also been quoted as saying this on public radio:

There are tunnels and base complexes that connect China Lake,
California City, Norton AFB, Edwards AFB, Tonopah, Groom Lake,
Nevada Test Site, Los Alamos, Dulce, Norad, Oklahoma and to the East.” –
John Lear, from a 2003 interview with Art Bell on the Coast to Coast radio

In any case, ancient maps show that California was once an Island and the seashores were what we today know as Nevada and Idaho.

A Forbes article titled “Chinese Navy Submarines are protected by underground Tunnels” admits to inland submarines, but in China.The article lists six different known submarine Tunnels.

“…some of it bases go further, offering underground tunnels to protect key warships and submarines”.

Here’s another one, titled “Satellite photos appear to show Chinese submarine using underground base“.

The photos below show an old submarine tunnel in Montenegro. The defunct tunnels are today visited by tourists.

Unfortunately it appears to have been walled off with concrete (image below). Who knows how much further the tunnel went.

A Swedish submarine tunnel:

Musko Naval Base, Sweden:

I found more than a dozen known submarine tunnels with a brief search and can only imagine how many more secret ones there are.

Alleged maps of the Submarine Tunnel System in North America have been circulating online.

Is there any validity to this map? Who knows.

This poster claims that “Ops” and “Explosions” were in progress in the five finger lakes area. It’s part of the idea that there is a secret war against the “deep state cabal” who are said to use submarine tunnels for human trafficking. Is it true? I don’t know. But if the military is waging war against the deep state inside tunnels, then the military is waging war against itself because many of these tunnels are military-run.



Don’t think they could keep entire cities secret?

They can even keep above-ground cities secret. One such example is Krasnoyarsk, which was featured on CBS “60 Minutes”.


I quote:

Krasnoyarsk-26 is a secret city, with a secret population. It’s not on any map and the 100,000 people who live there don’t exist in any census and don’t have any contact with the outside world. Until the last few years, even the name of the city was a secret.

And there you have it, all in the first paragraph:

  • 100 000 people
  • The people are not on any census and have nothing to do with the outside world
  • Until it was discovered, the very existence of it was denied.

Incidentally, many of these secret city dwellers were working underground, inside a mountain.

If they can keep a city that is primarily above ground a secret, they can certainly do it with cities below ground.




Maps of Tunnel Systems

If there are luxurious underground cities of the elite, connected by an advanced transit system, then there must be maps of that.

And there are several, but they remain speculative. The various maps don’t align with each other. What these maps prove is that there is certainly a cultural belief about this worldwide transit network. Where did that belief come from?


On this map I noticed a station in Greenland. When looking at that exact spot on Google Maps, I found an anomaly:

What’s that black spot with straight lines? This is supposed to be a satellite image but it looks artificial.

Unfortunately an online search did not reveal the origin of any of these maps.


Conspiracists websites are among the most unprofessional. Would it be too much asked to upload a high-definition map of such a vital topic so that we can find out where the train-stations to inner Earth are?



I believe the map above is made up. It’s author simply connected the dots of every internet rumor he’s ever heard – Los Alamos, Dulce, Carlsbad, Mount Shasta – and then connected the dots.


My hunch is that people intuitively understand that there is a worldwide tunnel system that the elites travel on but they don’t know any more than that, so they make stuff up. Imagination readily fills any gaps in knowledge.

Here’s a 1665 volcanic and tunnel map by Anasthasius Kircher that implies a worldwide tunnel system inside Earth.

And another 1600s map of inner Earth.

If Inner Earth weren’t a thing, would maps of it exist? And would we have had trade deals with subterranean people in the middle ages?

And then there are the vast tunnel systems that are confirmed, such as those in Vietnam, used by Vietnamese military.

The Vietnamese say that the tunnels were created by an ancient civilization before them and that the military makes generous use of the work of the ancients.

Or those built by the Nazis all over Germany (and possibly making use of already known ancient tunnels).



And how mind-blowing is this: We used to have a network of underground railroads in the U.S.


1830-1865. If we had subterranean transit back then, what do we have today?

I have a hunch that the subterranean world is often disguised as “mines”. If you say “this is the entrance to a mine”, the public won’t bother inspecting. That’s how easy it is to keep things hidden in plain sight. One perception-filtering word is enough.

The following is a map of supposed mines in the U.S. We see just how common subterranean activity is:

Napoleon planned his invasion of England by air, sea and…by subterranean tunnel! That could mean when the “Eurotunnel” was built between France and England in the 1990s, they were using an already existing system.



Subterranean Military

The military using expensive boring machines and a lot of “black budget” to carve out underground bases is a well-known fact, documented in books such as this one:

Large projects leave a paper trail and the author Richard Sauder, was able to uncover more about military underground facilities than anyone else before him.


There is hard proof of this.

This link leads to a Center for Land Use and Interpretation (CLUI) page titled “Hollowed Earth”. You’ll see a vehicle driving through tunnels for 7 minutes. I don’t expect you to watch it all, I’m just making a point. This is what they are capable of building and what humans have been building for thousands of years.

Some of the known underground cities of the Military:

Iron Mountain.

Raven Rock.

Cheyenne Mountain,

Mount Weather.

These installations come very close to secret underground cities because they also harbor residential spaces and store food.

There is an alleged underground city stretching for a hundred squaure miles below Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Here’s an article from titled Ukraine’s Subterranean Fighters.

And here’s another one titled The Army is training soldiers to fight underground. Why? Because that’s where a lot of the action is, unbeknownst to the surface folk.




Cave Post Offices

Strange but true: There is an entire book titled “Cave Post Offices”. I’m not recommending the book here, it’s very boring. It presents an old network of U.S. Post Offices that are located adjacent to or even inside caves.

Why would anyone write such a book?

Who needs such a book?

Who could possibly care?

Unless of course there is a subterranean system of correspondence and trade, as in medieval times. In my article on subterranean trade in medieval times we learned that trade with the underground was forbidden in the old days, so it would have had to been done in secret.


I don’t mean Underground Bunkers

We often hear of “Billionaires building underground bunkers” to evade disaster. When I lived in New Zealand I heard about some “rich American” building an underground bunker somewhere  or other on a regular basis.

This, for example, is a place called VivoX point which is an entire “Community” of below-ground dwellers.

But this isn’t what I mean by subterranean cities. The access points are visible, the location and price are known.

I also don’t mean something like this:

Every major city in the world has an emergency preparedness area below the ground. Most people just don’t know about it. Here we see hospital beds, a sports hall and shops deep below Earth.

The underground cities I’m talking about are deeper and they are populated.

This is a short report on how the Playboy Mansion was connected to the houses of several celebrities through a tunnel network.

We’re getting closer.

Here’s a Video of a Trucker who is about to enter an alleged tunnel system that goes for hundreds of miles.The tunnels are said to be stocked with food, water, electricity etc. The person making the video claims “it’s an underground city”.

If it were true, it would be much closer to what we’re looking for.

But it isn’t. Unfortunately this fake video comes up across all platforms when you research the topic. The video makes no mention of where this entrance is – not even which state it’s in. It might as well just be a parking garage for trucks and the two fellas in the video just made the whole thing up.

A little bit of digging uncovered that this is actually Springfield Underground, which is said to be a 3.2. Million square foot warehouse below Springfield, Missouri. I could tell because of the “North Entrance” sign in the Video.

Is it possible that this warehouse runs further than we’re told? Sure. But if that were the case, the video-maker could have said so, instead of pretending that the location of this warehouse is secret.

After this grainy video was published, dozens more were uploaded by conspiracists, making similar claims. None of them ever mentioned Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield Underground IS a subterranean facility, and it is impressive, but it’s not secret.

Are easily debunkable videos like this put out to discredit ideas about underground cities?




Here’s much better evidence

There’s much better evidence that we have underground cities:

1. Consider the amount of Tunnel Boring Machine companies and their Budgets. There are hundreds in the U.S., in China, in Japan and Germany.

2. Consider the size of modern Tunnel Boring Machines. This is a tunnel boring machine called “Bertha”:

3. Consider what such a boring machine can accomplish:

4. Consider the size of the machines we’re using. This is an excavator:

We have the technology to build underground cities. And if you knew anything about humankind, you know that if they can do it, they’ve done it already.

With this in mind, let’s listen to the words of Phil Schneider:

None of what I’ve presented so far constitutes proof. I’d consider as proof:

1. Construction plans of residential housing below Earth (not just military bases)

2. Photos of residential housing below Earth (not just military facilities)

3. Videos of the claimed high speed magnetic levitation trains below Earth

4. Geophysical evidence of below-ground cities


Ground Penetration

There are different methods of “seeing” what’s in the deep without having to dig. Ground penetrating radar, for example. But radar can only see 100 ft (30 meters) deep.

There are magnetometers that can detect materials below ground by recording changes in the magnetic field. Magnetometers have been used by archaeologists to find buried treasure and, yes, buried cities such as Troy.

There is the seismic survey method which is used by oil companies to find new oil fields underground.

There’s a method called gravity survey which measures gravitational fields at a location of interest.

So – problem solved, right? All you need is some ground penetrating surveying equipment and you can go ahead and find deep underground cities.

Right? Wrong.

In the U.S. and elsewhere, you need Government permits to do deep penetration surveying. In some cases you even need a “security clearance”.

In other words, the Government and carefully selected Contractors may know what’s below our feet, but all this is not for you to know.

“Since the early 1960’s, the American citizenry have been the
unwitting victims of government fraud, perpetrated on a scale so vast that it
staggers the imagination … The total amount exceeds 40 trillion dollars …
The government has built an entirely new underground civilization … In
this new society, there is no poverty, no crime or illicit drug use. In this new
society, healthcare is affordable, energy is free, public transport is efficient.
And you, the American tax payer have paid for it all.” –Dr. Steven J. Smith.
Excerpt from the paper Underground Infrastructure – The missing forty trillion
dollars .



This is what we know for sure:

  1. We have witness accounts from everyday people
  2. We have a vast network of underground military bases
  3. We have inland submarine bases
  4. We have secret cities
  5. We have enormous tunnel boring and excavation machines

Connect these five dots and the claim that of secret underground cities is no longer that fantastic.

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