Things they’ll never tell you about Jeffrey Epstein


  1. Mainstream News vs. Reality
  2. Spirits of the North and South
  3. Epstein of Atlantis
  4. There are many others like Epstein
  5. The Subterranean and Submarine Cult
  6. Epsteins Names, Numbers and Colors
  7. Mainstream Misdirection


Mainstream News vs. Reality

In the mainstream, the Jeffrey Epstein case was about a rare child-sex-trafficking and blackmail operation on rich people, somehow involving Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner and other Epstein buddies. I chose not to write on it, assuming the occult-spiritual aspects would come to light because so many researchers were combing through the case. Now, 5 years later, I realize the deeper layers never surfaced. The case is forgotten to the mainstream mind, filed away as “some sex-blackmail operation”. But that’s only 10% of the story and as such, False History by omission.

The real story is this: There is a secret religion around energy-harvesting that Epstein and friends follow. Epstein is only one of many. One scapegoat was jailed but what about hundreds of others?

And why does their entire belief-system remain unmentioned? It’s called the old religion, the cabal, the illuminati, the left hand path, luciferians and many other names. In this article I simply refer to them as the cult. The cult is not limited to one country or ethnicity, they operate everywhere.

The real story is these politicians and celebrities are not victims of Epstein’s charm and persuasion, they are themselves cult members who knowingly and willingly participated in “certain activities” knowing they are being filmed. It’s known and accepted that the films are used as “insurance” by the cult.

The real story is that they are obsessed with symbols, numbers, planetary alignments, sun, moon, stars, times, dates, names, spells, sigils, colors, invocations, compass orientation, longitude and latitude. They are desperate to keep their “religion” secret because it would shed light on who we are, where humanity really is, how History is a fabrication and how we can exit the matrix. It would reveal that our “leaders” answer to non-human Beings. Mainstream reports are just narrative-control.


Spirits of the North and South

After Epstein was arrested there were Videos by random people illegally entering the Island. For a short period, the Island was almost unattended. One of the more famous ones can be found here. In this video, the two brave boatsmen wonder why a Billionaire couldn’t afford to have a real door on his Temple, why it’s painted on:

They conclude that it’s “like a movie set”. But that’s the wrong conclusion. There is a real, glass door on the other side of the building and there are also submarine and subterranean entrances. Epstein lived a life of extreme luxury, he wasn’t trying to save money by painting a door.

The door is not for physical beings, it’s for spirits. Painting an open or a closed door on a temple to either invite or ward off spirits is ancient practice that is not well known today, but I know about it because I spent years studying mythology.

For members of “the old religion”, everything has meaning and every detail is accounted for. The design is not just random:

People have speculated that it’s modeled after the Greek Flag because pedophilia is more permissable in ancient Greece, but that’s not it.

You have seven levels of water and air, representing seven levels of Heaven, each separated by a cosmic ocean. It’s also the polarity of electric air and magnetic water (spiritually speaking) and the unity of the two in the keystone topping the arch. The eigth blue stripe is the keystone. That’s the arch-on or god-like status these people are trying to achieve with their misguided rituals and which they display through their arch-itecture.

The door is painted on and it’s shut. The building is aligned on the North-South axis. If you visit Google Maps and input “Little St. James Island” (even that name has meaning to them) you’ll find it’s aligned not with the geographic north pole but with the geomagnetic north pole.

Is it possible that, before the land was purchased, someone drew a line to check whether it aligns?

Here it is on Google Earth:

So the shut door is pointing north. What does it mean? I’m familiar with this from ancient celtic (atlantean) practice. There are tens of thousands of ruins of celtic enclosures strewn across europe. Archaeologists have found that not a single one of them ever had doors to the north. The entrances face to the south. From their mythology we learn that, to them, north represents darkness and evil. Symbolically shutting the door to the North is supposed to keep “the northern spirits” out. The glass door on the other side of Epstein’s Temple does open to the South. Other traditions claim that the North represents the angelic realm and any manifestation travels from the north and crystallizes or manifests in the South. In a reversal of the doctrine just described, they believe that the “Northern Star” is reached via north pole and that this is a bridge to higher realms.

On each side of the north of the temple, stood golden statues of Poseidon and Hades as well as two tall birds on the roof, one looking east, the other west. These guards are not present on the south side. The south side is unguarded.

Care to guess what the red lines around the temple mean? Maybe this helps:

The purpose is to let certain entities pass and keep others out. The lines are orientation for spirits. In the astral-realm it’s difficult to read words in this realm, so they display large symbols that can easily be seen from the air.

Here, the serpent energy is allowed to pass (or energy in general – any sort of electricity comes in a serpentine wave-form). As I’ve explained elsewhere, the whole purpose of of their ritualistic abuse is to harvest energy or summon entities that assist them in gaining worldly power or travel to other realms. The “workings” done in this temple attract a variety of entities, but not all are welcome. Certain entities are captured inside the boxes, but the serpent is led first to the shut door and then to the side of the house. At the end of its trail it finds a burnt offering:


Epstein of Atlantis

The image below is Epsteins Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. Notice the concentric circle symbol:

From above:

Mainstream journalists claim it’s a landing platform for helicopters. That may be one purpose. But it reminds me of something else.

I used WayBackMachine to find a copy of my old, since deleted website “Ancient Atlantis”. I got this screenshot from it:

Remember when I abruptly deleted the website (I think it was in 2017) saying “it attracts creepy people”? Well, now you know what kind of people it attracted and why.

I chose the symbol because I read somewhere that it’s an ancient logo of Platos’ Atlantis. I didn’t know it also has a special meaning to the cult. I’m still not entirely sure what it means to them.

Considering they align their temples just like the atlantean celts, are they trying to revive Atlantis and it’s “old religion”?

Another guess is that the circles center is a vortex or crossing of ley lines or longitude/latitude lines. The cult are very particular about this kind of stuff.

I drew a straight line from the circle to the Trinity Site in New Mexico (the site of the explosion of the first atomic bomb) and got 111 miles distance. 1+1+1 = Trinity.

Sure, that may be a coincidence, but the idea of “Trinity” and “merging of polarity” is important to these people, as you will see in a later part of this article. You’ll find polarity and trinity in much of Epstein’s personal symbolism. Atop his roof there is one bird looking east and the other looking west and at the center a golden dome. That’s one example.

The detonation of the nuclear bomb was also important to them, they understood it as an opening of portals to other Dimensions.

There are many others like Epstein

The image below was found hanging in Epstein’s NYC mansion. In front of George Bush we see two broken towers while he is holding a paper plane. The symbolism is that the paper couldn’t have the power to bring down the two towers. Or, as many engineers say: The buildings must have been rigged with explosives.

“But George Bush was never affiliated with Epstein!” some say. Well, not publicly. But Bush was close friends with Peter Nygard, another child abusing and trafficking “business magnate” (ever notice how the word magnate and magnet sound the same? Not a coincidence). The finnish-canadian Peter Nygard didn’t make as much news as Epstein, the story was successfully suppressed. Here’s Nygard with the senior Bushes:

Bill Gates insists he had “no idea” what Epstein does, despite his dozens of publicly known visits. I guess he also had “no idea” what his pal Peter Nygard does:

This is Bill Clinton in a blue lady’s dress and red shoes, another picture hanging in Epstein’s NYC mansion. Epstein is showcasing some kind of leverage, perhaps blackmail, over these people.


The Subterranean and Submarine Cult

The statue of Poseidon, in front of the Temple, represents the submarine. The statue of Hades represents the subterranean.

The temple was only the cap of the Pyramid. There is always an underground aspect when it comes to the cult.

This picture, picked off the Internet, is probably not accurate. But the idea of underground layers is correct. Some believe there was a subway leading from the Island to continental U.S. It’s also rumored that all the intercontinental phone and internet cables passing right below the Island.

According to eyewitnesses, Zorro Ranch also had several underground layers, the first layer being a strip club. That’s why the property is built atop a hill. Good luck trying to find any of this in the “meticulously researched” Netflix documentary.

It’s known that Little St. James had a submarine docking station because celebrities in submarines were pictured on their way to the Island, before it fell into disrepute. After it’s purpose became known, to the great surprise of all, celebrities quickly went silent about their visits to it. Here’s the worlds most famous physicist, Stephen Hawking on his way to the island:

It’s probably one of the reasons that Ghislaine Maxwell got her submarine license.

Her “Terramar” project (see logo below) was claimed to be about “saving the oceans” and counteracting climate change. In reality, it was about trafficking children for abuse.

The logo reminded me of the symbol created by “an apparition of the Virgin Mary” from more than a hundred years ago. Mary appeared to a girl and told her to create a medal of this design and that it would bring miracles and healing to anyone who wore it. It’s called “the miraculous medal”:

The Terramar logo is exactly the same, except that the top of the cross, symbolizing God or Heaven, is cut off. Another uncanny coincidence?


Epstein’s Names, Numbers and Colors

Many of the pictures in Epstein’s mansions were blurred or blacked out due to pornographic material, but the images that weren’t censored are strange enough. Can you see the Polarity-Trinity concept? A mirror on the left and on the right and the entity in the center. The chimney shows a spiral to the left and a spiral to the right and a chalice at the center. Nothing is random.

The image below is from Epstein’s NYC mansion. The framed eyes in the upper corner of the room are reportedly real human eyeballs. This is common practice among practitioners of “the old religion”. It’s supposed to give you psychic surveillance of your property. Notice also that there’s not just one statue below the painting, but two, again for polarity, just like each lamp comes in pairs.

They communicate through codes, colors and symbols. They like chequered floors, red-white stripes and blue-white stripes all of which have meaning in their cosmology.

Blood-vein aesthetic is common and used in their fashion, art and furniture:

Of course there is not just one lamp, there are two lamps flanking the center sofa. The lamps themselves show an upward and downward spiral.  Just like there are two star-pillows there and four blood-vessel pillows on the outside. The exact symmetry of everything points toward control-freak mentality.

Notice the medicine cabinet here. One vortex to the right, one to the left. A shiny object at the top, flanked by two lights. Three beings on each side. These are choices that Epstein made for purposes to do with their religious beliefs.

Notice anything out of the ordinary in Epsteins office room below?

No? Then I guess anyone has two equidistant crystal scrying balls flanking animal horns on their desk. And why am I not surprised that the pillars in the walls come in pairs?

The island is full of small demon statues, placed at specific places for entities to occupy:


Both Epsteins Palm Beach mansion (photo below) and his Virgin Islands Temple had a dentist’s chair.

I used to see images of the dentist’s chair in the Temple, but they’ve been scraped from the Internet. Why would Epstein have dentist chairs as a centerpiece of his temple? Is dentistry a hobby of his? I don’t know. But I’m familiar with 18th and 19th Century accounts of “hypnotists” and “occultists” using them for mkultra-style drugging and torture.

In the background of the image we see a statue with an erect penis. In the foreground we see an airplane with the sigil JE on it, for Jeffrey Epstein.

There is also a large version of this plane:

What is a Sigil? It’s letters or words strung together so that the conscious mind can no longer discern the word or letters. The purpose of this is to imprint the message into the subconscious whilst “bypassing the censor” (the conscious mind). It’s somewhat common among occultists.



It’s also common for them to have miniature versions or “graven images” of objects and people in their possession. It enables them to practice sympathetic magic (quantum entanglement, voodoo). They believe that what they do with the mock-up version also happens to the real version. This is why Epstein reportedly had chess pieces of each of his staffers (see image below, from Epsteins NYC mansion).

Also, again, do you see the Trinity concept on the table in the image above? I have yet to read any article mainstream or alternative or any “conspiracy” article that points out this blatant fact. There’s also a bull, but talking about that would overstretch the scope of this article.

I checked the Sotheby’s sales price of the Zorro ranch today (which still isn’t sold) and noticed that whoever is selling the house wants people to know that it’s 33,339 square feet.

I doubt that it’s actually 33,339 sq ft. I think this is just more symbolic communication between numbers-crazed cultists.

Want to take any guesses what the solar dome atop the temple means and what it’s function is? I know it, but I don’t want to say everything because it deprives you of the opportunity to think for yourself.

And why would you need a large “solar clock” on your property? Is it just “eccentric art” as mainstream journalists say?

Or maybe it’s because they believe that certain dimensional doorways are the most easily accessible at specific times?

A closer look reveals benches for sitting and rocks at specific places. What compass direction is this pointing toward? Which planets are symbolized? What do the people who participate there, do with this? It’s not just art. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out.

We even find the pyramidal “trinity” line on Epsteins New Mexico property:

I’ll also leave this one, from Epstein Island, for decoding to you:


Mainstream Misdirection


It’s Ghislaine Maxwell on the left. But who is that beside her?

Any guesses? Take a close look before you read on. A very close look.

If I don’t tell you what mainstream news claims, you probably guessed that this is Maxwell’s daughter. They have the exactly same teeth, the same lips, nearly the same eyes and the same nose.

Mainstream media called her Sarah Kellen and turned her into another one of many Maxwell victims. Does she look like a victim to you?

The purpose of this subterfuge is obvious: Since mommy is in jail, someone is needed to continue the family Business.

Many genuine victims have come forward, but I don’t believe Kellen is one of them. I also have my doubts about Sarah Ransome:


What she’s saying is true, many were used and abused. But honestly: Have you ever heard of someone named Ransome?

That’s almost like coded language to someone, saying they want money in exchange for the release of Ghislaine or Jeffrey. Or maybe it’s about the daughter “Sarah Kellen”. Sarah means princess and Kellen is ancient German for slender. “Slender Princess”. Maybe it’s indicating that a ransom needs to be paid for Sarah to be free. It appears that the ransom wasn’t paid because mainstream media later changed their story from “Sarah Kellen was a victim” to “Sarah Kellen was a co-conspirator”.

It’s almost like one faction of the cult is fighting another faction.

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