Hidden Books

I recently visited the estate of one of the richest families in History, to research an article (Biltmore estate).

They had a library 23 000 books from around the world, ranging back to the 15th Century.

I asked if there is a list of books and was told every single book is catalogued.

I asked to SEE the list and was told “it’s not for the public”.

Can you imagine the amount of knowledge this estate is sitting on?

“Why not?” I inquired. “Because the books are very valuable, they’re museum pieces. If they can’t be borrowed or sold, there’s no point in publishing the list”.

I find that odd. What harm could a simple list of books do?

This is similar to the Vatican that also withholds books from public. Maybe they’re afraid their library will be burned down, as has happened so often in the past.

My wish is that all withheld books will be made viewable online one day.

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